Studio One 4 (Novedades)

#1 por Foto35 el 22/05/2018
En este enlace podeis ver las novedades de la versión 4

#2 por Klitter el 13/07/2018
4.01 disponible... y la version Prime ya lista.
Para ser la .01, da gusto...

[Impact XT] Keep MIDI note assignment when using "Clear Pad" or "Clear Bank".
[Impact XT] "Show in Finder/Explorer" option in pad context menu.
[Sample One XT] Improved backwards compatibility.
[Pattern Editor] Improved Variation selection (clickable area).
[Pattern Editor] Added tool tips for columns.
[Drum Editor] Note color by pitch reflects pad colors when Impact XT is used.
Improved editors scrolling, zoom and focus behavior.
Ripple Edit now also working in Audio Editor.
Default color for chords.
Light Theme adjustments.
The editors have a minimum size now.
Various user interface design corrections.
Various localization fixes.

The following issues have been fixed:

[Arranger] Song Offset Causes Time Ruler Numbers to Disappear on Zoom.
[Arranger] Transform does not work for Pattern.
[Arranger] Crash in track navigation with shift+arrow key.
[Arranger] Crash on creating an audio track when no input device is selected.
[Arranger] Unable to use up/down arrows to scroll tracks w/ collapsed folders.
[Arranger] Can't drag .musicloop with pattern to audio track.
[Arranger Track] "Don't follow Track" setting causes errors.
[Arranger Track] Events don't follow correctly on tracks with different time.
[Chord Track] Auto-scroll not working when Chord Track is last or only header.
[Chord Track] Duplicating chord blocks doesn't retain original color.
[Chord Track] Follow Mode not visible in minimum screen resolution.
[Chord Track] Inconsistent behavior when editing chords (Resize adjacent).
[Drum Editor] "Duplicate" inserts notes at wrong position.
[Impact XT + Sample One XT] Automation orphaned from v3 to v4.
[Impact XT] Follow Tempo produces clicks.
[Impact XT] V3 mono outs 1-8 change to stereo out 9-16 in V4.
[Low Latency Monitoring] Bounce renders empty if Monitor on w/ Ampire.
[Macros] Moving groups sometimes deletes the selected page.
[Macros] Note Length not applied correctly to last chord in a part.
[Macros] Note selection not accurate.
[Melodyne] Detached window opens in wrong size, and sometimes freezes.
[Mixer] Input insert bin - only half of the vertical space is used.
[Mixer] VCA channel is muted after reload song.
[Music Editor] No consecutive X:Y drag actions possible after note insert with.
arrow tool (double click+hold).
[Music Editor] No NoteOff generated on first loop cycle for overlapping notes.
[Pattern Editor] Automation Lane Changes on Loop.
[Pattern Editor] Drum Mode automation lane not changing to related pitch on.
touch input.
[Pattern Editor] VST2 Automation in Pattern shows current value for every note.
[Preferences] "Copy external files when saving song" option ignored on samples.
dropped on Impact XT & Sample One XT.
[Presence XT] Editor icon picker has no contrast.
[Sample One XT] Free LFO works the other way around.
[Sample One XT] Freezes on exchanging 96K samples while song is playing.
[Sample One XT] issues with S1 v3 presets.
[Sample One XT] Pitch not responding on LFO, Env or pitch-bend when "Follow.
Song Tempo" is enabled.
[Sample One XT] Wrong Filter parameter states when loading v3 song.
[Scratch Pad] Bar offset is ignored.
[Scratch Pad] Wrong part size when using negative numerical start value.
[Scratch Pad] Possible to extend Part start beyond Scratch Pad causing.
unexpected length of the Part.
[Scratch Pad] Offset event w/ Melodyne edits not copying to new Scratch Pad.
[Slate Raven] Applying touch automation selects the track instead of writing.
[Slate Raven] Crash when removing inserts from the channel editor.
[Slate Raven] Display ID Index Shift.
AAF Audio on single track with automation not imported.
AAF import of certain Samplitude files not working.
Beat offset and Start/End Markers in Song Templates.
Bounces are cut by latency reported by plug-in.
Certain legacy songs won't save.
Context menu latches focus item on mouse down.
Crash on switching presets inside u-he Diva AU.
Crash when switching patterns with different control lane parameters.
Cue Mix section of FX channels cropped.
Duplicate complete omits an automation envelope.
Event Inspector cannot have arbitrary size anymore.
Extension dialog uses multiple font baselines.
Inverted color of fader bar-graph.
Multi instrument size issue.
Qwerty keyboard issue with Record Offset.
Scroll handle disappearing on lists with horizontal and vertical scrollbar.
Shift Root (Alt + Scroll) causes focus on Menu.
Time signature markers can't be deleted.
Transport bar elements hidden (language dependent).
VST support plugin not connected to Artist flavor.
XML import doesn't work with Cubase 8 demo song.
#3 por Dogbert el 13/07/2018
Qué tiene de nuevo Studio One Prime 4?

#4 por Klitter el 13/07/2018
Que está disponible.
#5 por Klitter el 13/07/2018
Cuando salió Studio One 4 la versión Prime no se podía descargar, había que seguir usando la v3.6.
Ahora ya está descargable.

Aunque yo soy de los que se descuelgan con Studio One v1.6... Lo mismo algún día me subo al 2.6...
#6 por Dogbert el 13/07/2018
Klitter escribió:
Que está disponible.

No me digas...

Parece que la novedad es un compresor multibanda. De todos modos la cantidad de efectos en Studio One Prime sigue siendo limitadísima.

#7 por Klitter el 13/07/2018
#6 :D Los olmos no dan peras.
Y ese compresor multibanda?
wikter @ TheSickbeat
#8 por wikter @ TheSickbeat el 13/07/2018
Habrá que probar el Prime con aquello de ajustar el path VST en el registro... Lo mismo está vez cuela.
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