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Navegando por la red me he encontrado con este monstruo que a parte de tener unas especificaciones que nada tienen que envidiar a las tope de linea, se posiciona en un rango de precios en el cual definitivamente no existe rival. Dejo a continuación el detalle de la interfaz (que fácilmente podría presentarla en el subforo de estudio profesional por el nivel de aparato que es, pero por la cantidad de entradas y salidas y el precio creo que es bueno darla a conocer también en el foro de home studio).

Alguien escribió:
The UH-7000 is a pro-level microphone preamp and audio interface designed with a strong focus on low noise and high audio quality. Not only can this unit be used as a 4-in/4-out audio interface in a DAW production environment, but as a standalone microphone preamp and A/D / D/A converter. The built-in HDIA (High Definition Instrumentation Architecture) microphone preamps are newly designed and perform at ?128 dBu equivalent input noise, a signal-to-noise ratio of 117 dB and distortion of 0.0009 % or less.

The grand nature of the UH-7000’s sound is partially due to the careful attention spent on selecting parts. In addition to Burr-Brown converters and metal thin-film resistors, installed is a powerful TCXO clock generator with a precision of ±1 ppm.

The unit’s half-rack size makes it easy to install at a studio console or work desk. The thick aluminum panels used on the front and sides of the full-metal body help increase stability. Highly important but easily forgotten about are the smooth-tension aluminum input level knobs for precise level adjustments.

The UH-7000 microphone preamp and audio interface enables composers, musicians and recording engineers to produce music in their private quarters at a level generally reached only in professional studios.

Main Features
Top-of-the-line two-channel USB audio interface for Windows and Macintosh computers
Can be used as a stand-alone high-end AD converter for monitoring or recording to stand-alone recorders
High-performance mic preamp newly designed for this model reduces influence of impedance mismatch with high accuracy resulting in most accurate audio reproduction at the input stage
Superb audio quality with samling rates up to 192 kHz at 24-bit resolution
Ultra-high dynamic range of 123 dB (A/D) and 128 dB (D/A)
Professional-grade PCM4220 A/D and D/A converters from Texas Instruments
Selected components like metal film resistors and film capacitors for outstanding sound quality with noise and distortion minimized to a minimum
High-precision clock synchronization with sample-accuracy at both recording and playback
On-board DSP mixer and effects like EQ, compressor, noise suppressor, de-esser, exciter and reverb (effects up to 96 kHz only)
Two selectable mixer modes:
Multi Track mode for DAW recording and composing: Create a monitor mix independent of the actual recording levels
Stereo Mix mode for internet broadcasting and video editing: Create a stereo mix of two different sources plus loop-back signal from the computer
Mixer panel for intuitive mixing and effects handling on the computer screen
Dedicated button for opening/closing the mixer panel on the computer
Two large TRIM knobs for precise level adjustment
XLR and TRS balanced analogue inputs
Switchable 48-V phantom power on XLR inputs
XLR balanced line outputs
Line output level can optionally be adjusted with the headphones level control
Output selector allows a source to be output via the unit's mixer or via a computer connected by USB
Powerful headphones output with dedicated level control
AES/EBU digital I/O
Low-latency monitoring
Easy-to-read 20-dot LED level meter
Aluminum front and side panels for long durability even under tour conditions
Half-rack size



Pues siempre hay que considerar que en el papel aguanta mucho, esperemos pronto tener alguna review que demuestre lo bien que se le pinta a esta interfaz que reitero, por el precio (US$599.99) vs prestaciones no tiene rival.
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A nadie le interesó????????

Ok :triston:
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Que raro que no llame la atencion por que las especificaciones parecen muy buenas
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