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#16 por migui.mateu el 08/01/2014
Mikolópez escribió:

Excelente !!! =D>

Destacaría el acertado comentario de Belkin:
"There are people who consider orchestration simply as the art of selecting instruments and tone qualities, believing that if an orchestral score does not sound well, it is entirely due to the choice of instruments and timbres. But unsatisfactory resonance is often solely the outcome of faulty handling of parts, and such a composition will continue to sound badly whatever choice of instruments is made. So, on the other hand, it often happens that a passage in which the chords are properly distributed, and the progression of parts correctly handled, will sound equally well if played by strings, wood-wind or brass"
#17 por Blitxea el 08/01/2014
Completamente de acuerdo con Belkin y... con migui.mateu ;)

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