The New Wusik Group-Buy Bonanza - 98% Discount

#1 por franz75 el 12/06/2007
Acabo de recibir un email de alucine: una compra en grupo de Wusikstation3 en que puede salir por 2 dólares!
Vale, tienen que llegar a los 150.000 miembros, que es como impensable, pero nunca se sabe...
Pego el texto a continuación:

Dear Wusikstation User,

We just released our Wusikstation Combo Group-Buy Bonanza !

Wusikstation V3 Full with up to 98% Discount, as little as $ 1.95 USD !
This is probably the most extreme group-buy ever done. So we will need all the help we can get on spreading the word around. We plan to reach up to 150,000 users, with a price down to $ 1.95 USD. You can read the FAQ bellow for more information.

What's included:

- Full copy of Wusikstation V3 VSTi (Windows version only)
- Two Gig Collection set of sounds
- 3 Past Issues of the Wusik Sound Magazine (of your choice)

GB Information: Everything will be delivery via a Torrent system, (download) to avoid bandwidth problems with our server. Mind you that no physical product will be sent. To enter this Group-Buy, you need to pay a non refundable $ 1.95 USD fee. If we reach over 149,999 users, you don't need to pay anything else. If we don't reach this amount, you can opt to purchase a regular version using this $ 1.95 as credit. We will not refund any payments if we don't reach the max amount. We will only start the delivery of the software once we reach over 150,000 users. So be sure that you understand how this works before joining up. You will also have the option to download only the Wusikstation Engine without sounds, avoiding a large download, if you want.


Duration of this Group-Buy: Until December 10th 2007

Discount Break Down:

0-149,999 users - $ 99.95 USD (no discount)
150,000 > users - $ 1.95 USD (98% discount)

Group-Buy Entry Fee: $ 1.95 USD (non refundable)

GB Link and current stage display:



Q: "Why 150,000 users? Isn't that a very high amount?"
A: Not really, Steinberg claims that they sold over a million Cubase 4 copies. Other companies sold over 100,000 copies of their sequencers. All in all, there must be over 10 million VST users around the globe. If we could reach only 1.5% of those users, we will be in good shape. Also, we already get over 30,000 unique visitors every month. In the past 5 months we got over 130,000 unique visitors. Over the year of 2006 it was around 280,000 unique visitors. So that's already over 500,000 users since 2005, that visited our site. Another thing, our special Computer Musician UK Magazine version had over 10,000 registeres. And we know that not everybody reads and install software from this particular magazine. All that can give you an idea of how large the market is.

Q: "How do you expect to reach this amount of people?"
A: We will need help from all users. Spreading the word around. Even at local stores, leaving printed material about us and this GB over. We can only hope that users will help us with this job.

Q: "I'm a Wusik users since the start. What's there for me?"
A: Try to understand, this is to help keep Wusik alive and running. So we can go on larger projects without having to run PreOrders and other cross-promotions. So by helping us with this, you are also ensuring that your Wusikstation copy will always be updated at very low costs.

Q: "Aren't you been a bit greedy with this?"
A: Not at all, we all have dreams and things we need. Right now we need to get our act together. We want Wusik future to be rock-solid. We want to settle down on our own office and ensure a good financial future for us.

Q: "If I join this GB today, how long it will take for me to receive the product?"
A: We will only deliver the product links once we reach over 149,999 users. So we can't really put a time-frame for this. It can take 2 months or 12 months.

Q: "What happens if after July 2008 you don't reach over 150,000 users?"
A: We will send a new email to all those who joined the GB and paid the $ 1.95 fee, offering a discount towards the full version. Keep in mind that will not refund any GB entry fee for users that decide not to purchase anything from us.

Q: "Why such low price?"
A: We are relying in quantity, not quality of sales. We know how many users are using our software without paying for it, illegally. So why not offer something that everyone can afford, and maybe even help some people to be legit? Not to mention that at some point people will need to upgrade the software. You could think on this as a full demonstration version for a very low amount.

Q: "Won't you charge a high price for upgrades and add-ons?"
A: Not at all. If we reach over 150,000 users, what will happen is that all our future prices will drop, including upgrades and add-ons. With a larger user base, we will be able to keep prices lower for a very long time. Note that our current V4 upgrade price will remain un-touched, its already very low. We will also not change anything on our magazine subscriptions, those are already low too.

Q: "How can I help?"
A: Spread the word around, search the Internet for places where you can talk about Wusikstation and this GB. Check if your own town doesn't have some musical shops where you could leave some printed material about this. Maybe print out this page and leave at some places?

Q: "I never used Wusikstation, what can I expect?"
A: You can check our Lite Demo version, but it doesn't have all the sounds and its a bit limited. Maybe ask on our forum to get some feedback from real users? We can say that we already got over 1,600 happy users using Wusikstation often. You can see several reviews on the following link:

Q: "Is Wusikstation a program? Does it run in Stand-Alone mode?"
A: Wusikstation is a VST pluging, that requires a VST host/sequencer to run on. But there are free alternatives to open and run Wusikstation as a Stand-Alone program. One is SAVIhost, that is very easy to setup. You just download it and renamed to Wusikstation.exe and run where the Wusikstation.dll file is stored at. That's all you need to do, it will open up and show the Wusikstation interface. After that you can use it as any regular program. Here's the link for SAVIhost that can be used along our LITE Demo version.

Q: "Isn't this a really bold move? Aren't you guys a bit crazy?"
A: Not at all. We are just trying to give the market something affordable, reducing piracy and also funding our company along.


For detailed info about Wusikstation, visit:

Several new skins to chose from. Extra features since V3.x.x

For a complete list of releases, visit:

Don't forget, Wusikstation is not a Rompler, is a full Synthesizer with Wavesequencing capabilities.
#2 por franz75 el 12/06/2007
Huelga decir que no tengo nada que ver con ellos ni con esta compra...
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