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#76 por texvo el 04/10/2005
un editor de audio free

CD Player built-in
Prerecording sound volume testing capabilities
Fully multithreaded operation
VisualSound technology
Extendable via Encounter Extensions add-on modules...
MP3 and AVI-sound decoding support
very easy to use - office-like operation, intuitive interface
award-winning SoundEdit inplace-copy function allows you to copy and paste different sound formats (8/16 bit, 22/44kHz, MONO/STEREO, etc..) without the need of external conversion - just drag and drop!
#77 por sapristico el 04/10/2005
Texvo is Back to kick your asssss!!
#78 por texvo el 04/10/2005
The EyesWeb research project aims at exploring and developing models of interaction by extending music language toward gesture and visual languages, with a particular focus on the understanding of affect and expressive content in gesture. For example, in EyesWeb we aim at developing methods able to distinguish the different expressive content from two instances of the same movement pattern, e.g., two performances of the same dance fragment. Our research addresses the fields of KANSEI Information Processing and of analysis and synthesis of expressiveness in movement
#79 por texvo el 04/10/2005
This simple program converts bitmap images to sounds, and vice versa. Every line of loaded image is assumed to be a spectrum of sound, and it is converted to sound signal by means of inverse Fourie transform, or ...

Additional features, like image filtering and picture morphing, having sound morphing in mind, are available.
#81 por texvo el 04/10/2005

aqui podeis encontrar pequeños programas para audio como un gestor de plugs DX, esencial.. ;)

#82 por texvo el 04/10/2005

The program warps images, which are known to be closely related to sounds, so wave files could be loaded and converted to images, then warped and saved as sounds.
#83 por texvo el 04/10/2005

The general concept is the following. There are six key 'frames' which can be edited manually. It is possible to generate intermediate sounds by interpolation between the frames.
#84 por 3oheme el 04/10/2005
texvo, hombre, no vayas tan rápido, que apenas me da tiempo de ir instalandolos!

¿De dónde sacas tantos sintes?
#85 por sapristico el 04/10/2005
que alguien le detenga!!!
#87 por texvo el 05/10/2005

tapeworm is a mellotron-like synthesizer based on remastered versions of j.p. hovercraft's original mellotron multisamples. tapeworm includes five voice types, tuning, attack, release, and midi automation.
#88 por texvo el 05/10/2005

breakdown is a filter effect with an internal variable length step sequencer
#90 por texvo el 05/10/2005

Memory is an effect which allows you to sample and remix your beats or other material on the fly. It works by allowing you to loop the input it recieves and also change the length of the loop. To use the Memory, it's best to set it up as an inline effect (or as a 100% wet send). Just start playing some input into it and click on the pad. The pad allows you to control the length of the loop and also the cutoff of a filter on the loop. Pad motions are sent as automated parameters, so you can record those parameters in your track as you would record knob tweaks on any synth. Memory can also be triggered via MIDI notes if your host supports sending notes to effects. The usable MIDI range starts around C2 or C3. Each semitone above that represents a different loop value.
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