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#61 por trovadorhelm el 22/09/2005
En otro hilo, LUNATIC puso el enlace de Ta-ta_Poum.

Por si alguno no lo visitó, lo repito

Gracias a LUNATIC.

Lo he probado, y es magnífico.
Semejante a microtonic, pero de SAMPLES.Dicen que muy parecido al RDRUM DE REASON.
#62 por Manuelerman el 29/09/2005
Clone ensemble:

What is Clone Ensemble?
Clone Ensemble is a Windows platform plug-in for making solo instruments and voices sound like an ensemble in unison and/or octaves. DirectX and VST versions are available.

How does it work?
Up to 32 clones of the original sound are generated, each with its own unique vibrato and a small delay. The parameters of each clone are carefully chosen to work together.
In addition to that, groups of clones can be transposed up or down an octave, and the vocal characteristics (formants) shifted. Together this can change the sex of the affected clones.

What sort of performance does it get?
Clone Ensemble is quite CPU-hungry. When generating 32 clones with a 3-way Sex Machine split, it will utilize around 30% of a 2GHz Pentium 4. It also requires quite a bit of memory. You won't want to have more than one instance running at once.

What do I get for free?
The unregistered version is hardwired to a single preset - you can't twiddle the dials. The preset is 16 clones, with vibrato and timing optimised for vocals, and multitimbre set on. As a special dispensation, you can adjust the Sex Machine knob, to audition the sex transpose feature.

Will Clone Ensemble work with sample rates higher than 44100?
The code is written to work with any sample rate, but I've only tested it at 44100. Remember that at higher rates the CPU usage will go up, and the plug-in has to do more work for each second of audio. 32 clones at 96KHz might challenge most computers available today.

I'm blind, my screen reader has trouble with the knobs and buttons.
In the standard versions on this plugin, the knobs and buttons are all graphical controls. If you prefer, I also have DirectX and VST versions available with plain, focusable controls. Please contact me and I will email them to you directly.

Vamos, que hace coros :wink:

Bass chorus:

Have you ever used a stereo chorus on a bass sound and ended up with a muddy bottom end swimming all over the place?

Bass Chorus can avoid that problem by separating the bass and treble frequencies, where you set the cutoff frequency. The effect is only applied to the treble portion, which is then mixed back with the bass for output.


Y water glass, un noise reduction:

I wrote this to learn about FFT-based processing, and as a tool to use in sound design. I was more interested in the "burbling" artifacts that happen when "too much" noise reduction is applied. However, this plugin also does a pretty decent job of "clean" noise reduction when the depth control is lower. When you consider that commercial noise reduction plugins can cost between $250 and $800, this one is pretty good value!

En la misma página hay algunas otras cosas free, pero no tengo ni idea de los que son..

p.d: se me olvidaba, creo que nadie los había puesto, pero por si... :D
#63 por answer el 29/09/2005
graxias!! :D

bajando! ,tengo una pedazo de colección gracias a este post...
#64 por 3oheme el 29/09/2005
He posteado poco en este hilo, y es uno de los que más visito. Simplemente daros las gracias a todos por esos magníficos sintes gratuitos, para compositores como yo, a dos velas :-D

Muchísimas gracias.
#65 por Manuelerman el 02/10/2005
T-sledge, un compresor multibanda.Creo que es un poco viejo, pero no suena mal y tiene un montón de presets.

With T-SLEDGE, you can get even better results than any other
multi-band compressor for mastering or some else.
It is equipped with peak limiter, level maximizer and
4 compressors/expanders/limiters. And it is equipped with
2 kinds of dividing filter IIR/FIR. So, it also operates as a dynamics EQ.
(Needless to say, internal 64bit process & all samplerate support)
The core-compressor is just a mastering quality makes clear and
hi-quality sound for all dynamics process. Certainly T-SLEDGE has
many parameters and the operation of it is not easy,
but don't worry to use it, there are many useful presets
for many situations it will surely help your works!


Volcano, un limitador...cutrecillo, no es para tirar cohetes.

With Volcano, you get an easy to use for mastering or some else.
It combines peak limiter and level maximizer.
You need not to control many parameters, only 4 parameters there.


En la página hay algunas cosas más que todavía no he probado y no se que son, no aparece información de ellos, se bajan de primeras.
#66 por trovadorhelm el 02/10/2005
[url= ... highlight=[/url]

SAHUL informa en este hilo de la nueva versión de SYNTH 1 -
#69 por texvo el 04/10/2005
creo que Karma tiene una nueva version es la 14, por si os interesa este sinte vst modular.
#70 por texvo el 04/10/2005
hay una version free.

the free version of LSR has only 2 bars instead of 8 bars , and no autonumber of exported wave
#71 por texvo el 04/10/2005

When you just have to have four filters being modulated by a total of twelve LFOs, you need Minion!
#72 por texvo el 04/10/2005

aqui podeis bajaros vst midi, vst, vsti y algun tutorial de synthedit.... XoXos es uno de los gurus de synthedit, merece una visita. seguro ;)


please check the main page for links to free vsti in other categories

models -
b brass · synger · xotica

composition tools -
box · qbrass · qbreath · qchanter · qcussion · qeuro · qpluck · scribe · shoggoth · x_chanter

percussion synthesizers -
bitch · blaster · block · clanger · kick · utopia

synthesizers -
cantrip · chrome · freex · legacy · regula versions · whoosh · xompler

samplers -
breaks · o · revos · steps · xsampler

effects -
atomic · choral · comb bank · discipline2 · gate_one · gate_2 · gum · murder · resonator · servo · smoky joe · spinner2 · syng · vintage

utilities -

#73 por texvo el 04/10/2005
estos vst estan diseñados para host modulares o sec tipo traction, para cubase o sonar por ejemplo se podrian utilizar con vst modular.

SwitcherPack v01
TransientSwitcher0.3 routes incoming audio to a randomly selected output, selecting a new output each time a transient is detected in the incoming audio.

1-4 Switcher is a MIDI note controlled audio switchbox. It has one input and four outputs.

4-1 Switcher is a four-in, one-out version of 1-4 Switcher.

TransientGate V0.1
The main difference between this and a regular noise gate is that here the threshold can have be set to behave dynamically. This makes it possible for the gate to let through transients at a range of volumes.

This 'transient gate' system works particularly well with percussive input audio with a fairly large dynamic range.

Ducker V0.1
This unit takes one audio input and attenuates its volume based on the current level of the second input, then the attenuated signal from the first input is passed to the output. The louder the second input is, the more the volume of the first input is reduced. When loud signals are fed to the second input (sidechain or SC) this creates the 'ducking' effect, a noticeable dip in volume.

Randomnotes V0.1
This plug accepts a monophonic MIDI input and 'randomises' the note number (0-127) before passing the data to its output (velocity information is passed through unchanged).

You can specify which MIDI channel the device will 'listen' to, and a second choice to determine which channel it will output on.
#74 por texvo el 04/10/2005
Stereo modifier
Pitch shifter
Pedales suite
#75 por texvo el 04/10/2005

RichMan Updated
Designed to generate Electronic & Electric piano like tones, but capable of a whole lot more.
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