Nuevas características que tendrá la v. 2.47

#1 por Gadd23 el 05/09/2008

mirando un poquito en la web de cockos, encontré esto. Son algunas de las nuevas características que tendra la próxima version 2.47 aún en fase alpha.

+ Render stem actions now render pre-fader signal, new actions for old post-fader stems behavior
+ Prefs/Keyboard is back, has link to actions window
+ Option to disable alt key opening menus in main, midi editor, mixer windows
+ Added actions to set/adjust arrange view grid
+ Screenset window now updates shortcuts when using alternate recording section
+ Fixed touch automation on track mutes
+ Super-preliminary track grouping
+ Recording volume/pan automation with ganged/grouped tracks is now supported
+ Dynamic Split interactive beat slicing and quantization
+ REX2 file support, imported slices keep beat location if tempo changes
+ Action: create chromatic MIDI notes from selected items
+ Action: move cursor to next/prior zero crossing (Z, shift+Z by default)
+ Action: split item at prior zero crossing (alt+Z by default)
+ MCP: multiple track selection follows MCP track order and visibility
+ New mute and solo button context menu with toggle/exclusive/clear options
+ Add-FX dialog: remembers recent searches in dropdown list
+ MIDI editor: rename current MIDI item from MIDI editor menu
+ JS: utility/volume_pan with parameter smoothing (for use with param modulation)
+ Shift+Click for time selection behaves better with snap and other options
+ Shift+Click for loop selection in ruler now works correctly when time+loop selections locked
+ Better automatic track naming, updating of UI on autoname
+ Better pooling of pitch shifter resoucres (track-pooled to avoid excess reinitializations)
+ Better pooling of media file resources for better RAM use (especially with lots of splits)
+ Undo system: reduced memory use
+ WavPack: updated to 4.50, fixed bug in metadata reading, BWF tag read/write

Como para ir pensando...

#2 por --64668-- el 05/09/2008
vaya, vaya... gracias
#3 por matriz el 08/09/2008
Formato rex por fin Genial. Undo system: reduced memory use y esto uhmmmmmmmmm jaja
pero que guay Ole Mary jajaja
#4 por Fernan486 el 08/09/2008

Qué grande! Que ganas había.

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