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Novation Bass Station MK1

Por P/W el 17/09/2017 en Barcelona
Expiración: 10/09/2018 | Visto 1066 veces
200 €
Este anuncio ha expirado.
Novation Bass Station MK1
  • Novation Bass Station MK1
  • Novation Bass Station MK1
  • Novation Bass Station MK1
En perfecto estado, con manual y alimentador originales.

"This synthesizer uses digitally synchronized analog oscillators (DCO's) to reproduce the sounds of a monophonic dual-osc analog synthesizer with simple and intuitive controls via 17 knobs, 10 switches and 2 Moog-style pitch/mod wheels. Think EDP Wasp and ARP Odyssey.

The Bass Station can faithfully reproduce analog bass sounds similar to a TB-303, Micromoog or Pro One synthesizer. The small keyboard and monophonic architecture set this keyboard up for strict bassline, lead synth lines, and synth fx. It also transmits MIDI continuous controller data from its pitch/mod wheels, frequency cutoff, resonance, filter modulation depth, env1 attack, decay and env2 attack and decay."

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