Beatmaker 3 va a ser genial

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#16 por Iernesto el 18/08/2017
Bienvenidos esos grupos:-) También hay un Starter Pack 2 en la Store :birras:
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#17 por Iernesto el 19/08/2017
Tras la ultima actualizacion esto ha mejorado mucho. Cada vez me gusta mas.
#18 por Iernesto el 15/09/2017
Beatmaker 3.0.3
Added a keyboard shortcut in the global navigation bar for quick access of the currently selected instrument, from any screen.
Double keyboard mode is now available in the full-screen keyboard screen.
It is now possible to adjust the master tuning of a session (Settings > GENERAL).
Max undo/redo history is now 64.
Visual improvements on the sample editor markers, selection and tools.
Visual improvements on the audio export panel.
Improved the GENERAL settings, cleaner CPU/RAM meters and options.
Preview volume setting now applies to the sample editor and audio recorder previews.
Added copy & paste in pattern editor.
Added two new slice snapping (left/right) tools in the full-screen sample editor. The default behavior can also be set in the settings screen.
6-band EQ graph now shows frequencies up to 20kHz.
It is now possible to draw the note length by long-pressing a new note on the pattern editor.
When a track is muted (or excluded from the solo group), no MIDI data will be sent on output.
It is now possible to set the current chord/scale from the full-screen keyboard.
It is now possible to scroll piano roll vertically using left keyboard.
Peak meters cosmetic improvements.
It is now possible to set SCENE trigger quantize value In the perform screen in SCENE mode.
Chords/Scales screens are now available along with the velocity, roll and wheels zone.
Added “Fade In” parameter in sampler SLICE mode. Note that this is a shortcut to the amplitude envelope Attack parameter.
Full-screen step modulator improvements: display the value tooltip and the small keyboard.
Fixed multiple crashes that would occur while editing and managing samples and layers in the editor.
Fixed various sample start/end and loop start/end related issues.
Fixed a crash that would happen while exporting, with samples in disk streaming mode.
Fixed reading of samples that have more than 2 channels.
Fixed a visual glitch in the library browser category filters and results, that would bogusly get stuck, showing no items.
Fixed a visual glitch in the audio export panel that would make it impossible to export multiple tracks in WAV format.
Fixed an issue where loading a preset on an existing bank would change the current bank and bank group.
Fixed an issue with the MIDI OMNI settings button.
Fixed an issue where AIFF samples were not tagged properly.
Fixed an issue with MIDI device listing in the settings screen.
Fixed auto-scale crash on audio clips on the sequencer.
Fixed trigger of audio pattern in SCENE mode.
Fixed MIDI transposition selection.
Fixed pads / solo bug where bank would stay in solo after disabling solo on last pad.
Fixed file size labels for files smaller than 1kB, which would bogusly display “0 byte”.
Fixed a crash that could happen while displaying a delete modulator.
Fixed support of Bluetooth speakers (through A2DP / iOS10+ only).
Fixed effects preset listing glitch.
Fixed an issue where the sample selection would not reset upon sample, pad, bank or session change.
Fixed a crash that would happen while changing the default audio preview volume after creating a new session.
Fixed peak meter highest value indicators that wouldn't decay down completely.
Fixed an crash that could happen while loading a session from the welcome screen while an iOS pop-up appeared.
Fixed missing elapsed time label on the audio recorder.
Fixed an issue with layers folders in the editor SAMPLES tab.
Minor visual improvements around the app.
#19 por calardelasanta el 15/09/2017

Iernesto escribió....Beatmaker 3 va ser genial

Compañero.... cada nueva actualización de Beatmaker 3 confirma tus predicciones...subiendo el listo muy muy alto ....marcando tendencia y aportando nuevas funciones muy interesantes..por ejemplo:

Actualmente en iOS ya existe la capacidad de los Hosts para registrar las automatizaciones de los parámetros AU, sin embargo, ninguna aplicación de Host ha implementado la característica. ** Actualización- BM3 ha implementado la automatización de parámetros AU :plasplas:

Sin duda alguna Beatmaker 3 quiere estar preparado para el nuevo/próximo iOS 11...que por cierto creo que será el mas amplio en funciones/novedades/avances etc, en el campo de las AppMusicMobiles:

AUAudioUnit - Configuración de vista preferida
AU Salida MIDI
Modo de audio entre dispositivos+MIDI
Aplicación de archivos-Files
Arrastrar y soltar
Cambio de aplicación
Pantalla dividida
Centro de control
Tienda de aplicaciones
Grabación de pantalla
Formatos de archivos de audio
AVAudioEngine - Rendimiento manual
Soporte de AirPlay 2
Servicio de caché e Internet compartido

Iernesto...un placer saludarte compañero;-),


P.D: IDAM..iOS device to your macOS computer with the lightning-to-USB cable= Logic X iOS Mobile :secreto: :susto: :desdentado:
#20 por Iernesto el 16/09/2017
:plasplas: Y Beatmaker 3 va a hacer buen uso de arrastrar y soltar tal y como se ve en el video que ha publicado Intua en twitter
#21 por Iernesto hace 3 semanas
BeatMaker 3.0.4 update notes
Support of iOS11 drag’n’drop: you can drop sessions, banks, samples and ZIP files.
Double tapping a bank track header in the sequencer and track helper will automatically select the track and jump to the Perform screen.
Double tapping an audio track, output track or FX track header in the sequencer and track helper will automatically select the track and jump to the Mixer screen.
Browser layout improvement: it is now possible toaccess the left global navigation bar while browsing.
It is now possible to access the left global navigation bar from full screen keyboards, giving access to effects and macros panels.
Added a “PLUGINS” tab in the browser for loading AUv3/IAAs/Audiobus plugins easily.
Added Pre/Post Fader Sends option in the Mixer: just select a track and toggle the option.
After a successful audio export, offer to share the audio or zipped content (in case of multi-track export).
Native iPad Pro 10.5” resolution on iOS11+ (1112x834).
Mute/Solo volume drop is now quicker.
Improve the “Save Session” feature. It is now possible to save each bank separately as a copy, within the session folder.
Added “Quick Save” for saving sessions rapidly.
Double-tapping on Bank selector buttons in the Perform screen will not auto-open the Browser anymore. This was problematic in MUTE and SOLO modes.
Dropbox file listing is now sorted alphabetically.
In the mixer, pad channel strips now show the pad number below the track name.
In the editor, added two handles around the preview keyboard at the bottom to scroll up and down.
The editor sample preview button on the top toolbar will now play the currently displayed sample using layer settings.
Added a “preview” button on the full-screen sample editor for previewing/auditioning selection without any layer/effects applied.
BeatMaker 3 supports iOS11 Inter-device Audio and MIDI (iDAM). This lets you send audio and send/receive MIDI to/from your Mac computer, using a lightning cable.
Mixer track muting behavior is now available as an option. It is now possible to select between muting just the audio, or audio + MIDI.
Perform pad muting behavior is now available as an option. It is now possible to select between muting just the MIDI/events, or audio + MIDI.
Support of BeatMaker 2 projects.
Browser ‘Files’ mode will now auto-refresh directories when going back or saving a session, bank or sample.
When favoriting an item in the browser, the list won’t jump back to the top.
Track SOLO will now override MUTE state.
The MVerb “Pre-Delay” parameter is now displayed in milliseconds.
New touch handling for Pattern editor.
Temporary focus in Pattern editor (long press without moving will zoom momentarily).
Long press in pad/piano roll and timeline will enable row/column selection.
Long-pressing a scene cell will display a panel. This is useful to switch a pattern of a scene that is not playing.
New Quantize panel with swing options in pattern editor.
It is now possible to edit the tempo value with the keyboard in the sample time-stretch panel.
It is now possible to set the pattern duration in the pattern editor, using the zone at the top.
It is now possible to tap the tempo from the focus action “Tempo”, when it is assigned to a key/note.
It is now possible to jump in the song timeline while keeping quantization.
When replacing a sample on a pad, keep MIDI input/output port & channel settings.
Properly create pattern using original sample tempo and bar length when exporting slices to pads or layers.
Complete settings screen redesign.
Large texts will now auto-scroll.
Do not list the “BeatMaker 3” virtual MIDI output portport in the settings device list.
Fixed multiple MIDI routing issues on banks when OMNI mode was OFF.
Fixed sampling-rate mismatch with AUv3 instruments, which would cause them to be out-of tune and/or out-of-sync.
Fixed fullscreen Step Modulator mode where transport controls wouldn’t react.
Fixed a bug where some elements of the UI wouldn’t reflect the current bank color.
Fixed an issue in pattern editing that would cause notes to be released.
Fixed individual pads audio export and fixed pad number listing in the panel; additionally, filename format is cleaner too.
Fixed an issue that would cause patterns to stop playing when editing notes.
Fixed double-tap on tempo parameters (transport, sample editor) that would bogusly reset to 90.
Fixed double-tap on big plugin icon in the Editor > PLUGIN tab, that would bogusly create multiple full-screen keyboard.
Fixed library search result list that would not reset properly after selecting a pack, category or subcategory.
Fixed an issue where the “Tempo” focus action, when assigned to a key, would use the velocity to set the tempo.
Fixed a crash that would happen when loading a new bank with patterns on the pattern editor.
Fixed a crash that would happen on audio tracks when setting start marker on top of end marker.
Fixed a critical memory leak.
Updated Audiobus SDK to 3.0.2.
Stability improvements.
Minor visual improvements around the app.
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