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Dos bajas más, bueno, 4.


La página de descarga de Ers ha desaparecido de la tierra...
kamikase ♕ ♫
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Aqui aparece uno gratis...

Solo por poco tiempo!!
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Habíamos visto ya Clipmax?
Un maximizador/limitador con un par de funciones de maximizado que pueden ayudar a conseguir apretar más aún la mezcla.
Nada nuevo, pero con bastante mejor aspecto que otros...
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Bueno, y repasando algunos blogs externos he encontrado algunas cosas más que creía que se habían comentado... pero no las veo.
Me parece que hemos estado algo dormidos... Ahí va:

Alguien escribió:

CFA-Sound is celebrating its 7th anniversary with the release of SUPER-7, a free supersaw synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

Get the infamous Supersaw sound with this special gift to the 7th years anniversary of CFA-Sound – the free SUPER-7 VST synthesizer!
Everyone who produces electronic music knows the infamous Supersaw of the Roland JP8000/8080, and even it`s a relatively old synthesizer this specific waveform or better sayed oscillator mode is still heavy in use and wanted.

- polyphonic virtual-analog modelled synthesizer
- 32 voices polyphony
- one emulated supersaw oscillator
- 4-pole lowpass filter
- shape-able envelopes
- 20 presets included

VST 2.3 (32-bit) for Windows.

Alguien escribió:

VACS is the contraction for virtual analog club synth. It‘s a modern softsynth, based on subtractive synthesis for EDM, House, Dance, Trance, Dub, Trap and other styles of electronic music. VACS is split up in to various sections on two different pages.
VACS is a 32-Bit VST-plug-in only available for PC/Windows systems (Windows XP (SP2 or later), Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.) It‘s recommended to use a modern PC with 4GB RAM or more with a fast CPU speed and a dual/quad core processor or higher).

You also need a VST-compatible host sequencer/DAW like Cubase, Nuendo, FL Studio, Orion, Ableton Live, Samplitude, MusicMaker etc…

Alguien escribió:
4 Tune is a modern software synthesizer with a bunch of presets, much of them are similar to hit-sounds from famous artists. 4 Tune is based on subtractive synthesis for EDM, House, Dance, Trance, Dub, Trap and other styles of electronic music.
Featurelist of 4 Tune:

- 4 equal oscillators with 58 waveforms each, inclusive PWM, FM and RM
- 2 Multimode-Filter
- 1 Noisegenerator (White Noise/ Pink Noise)
- 1 Modulatiosmatrix
- 2 Envelopes (1 Amp-, and two Modulationsenvelopes)
- 4 tempo-synced LFOs
- 1 Chorus
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Y otro, éste bastante complejo...

Alguien escribió:
- 2 Oscillators that use 2 wavetables that allow you to load and design shapes, this oscillators use phase modelation (what people call FM in most plugins) wich means you can create very strange sounds, and bizzare sounds with it, with normal shapes, but the sonics possibilities increase to infinit by the fact you can design any shape... Each wavetable has an Envelope, wich you can acess when you click in the typical envelope symbol in the top right corner of the wavetable.

- A multi-staged envelope unit, that allow you to create simple attack and release shapes, but also more complex sequences and peaks by adding more points, this can be usefull to create riffs type of sounds...

- An arpeggiator... where you can create pretty unique types of sequence and also chourds!

- 8 envelope modulators... This uses graphical lines exacly like the wavetables, you can imagine this as an LFO unit
that allow you to draw shapes attached into a specific sequence of tempo, it can scale the envelope from very fast times like 1/2, till a 32 bar sequence.

- A matrix where you can assign pretty much every parameter.

- 8 post-fx modules that can be chained in different positions in order to archieve certain outputs and concepts
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El Tracker Radium tiene la version 3.0...
Una bestia del tracking por incorporar elementos de programación (PureData), permitir usar plugins de terceros en diferentes formatos... bueno, dejo las FEATURES y ya veréis...

Alguien escribió:
Open source. Radium will never disappear.
LADSPA and VST + several built-in plugins:
20 Physical modelling instruments
2 Soundfont instruments
1 Sampler instrument
High quality multiband compressor, reverb and limiter.
More than 100 LADSPA effect plugins are included. (OSX and Windows)

All Sound Objects have built-in high quality filters and equalizers.
Modular mixer. Notes, velocities and audio signals can be routed to any other audio object.

Pure Data is embedded. Pure Data (or "Pd") is a " Real-time graphical dataflow programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing" which lets you make your own sound effect or musical data. (Linux only)
Notes, tempo, and effects can be placed anywhere on a line. (unlimited precision)
Line-split. Easily split lines for sub-line note editing.
Sub-note pitch settings and glide between notes.
Effects automation
Tempo automation
Velocity automation
Polyphonic tracks
No limitation on the number of:
Zoom in/out. Press Keypad Plus / Keypad Minus, or F5/F6, to zoom in / out.
Blazingly snappy graphics.
Import standard MIDI files and MMD2/MMD3 modules
Note sequence effects such as transpose, quantitize, glizzando, invert and reverse.
Configurable key bindings, menues, fonts, and colors.
Extension language support. Write programs that generates music or modifies your songs.
Western style scores can be generated from radium songs with Common Music Notation (CMN).

Y más cositas aún...
Sigo buscando.
Éste ya estaba?? Bueno, se actualizó en enero. Es bastante pretencioso, pero viniendo de Xfer Records probablemente trabaje bien...

Alguien escribió:
Changes in OTT v1.2

- Upward/Downward comp controls at the bottom let you select depth (ratio scaling, 0% = 1:1 = bypassed)
- Output Level trims for Low Mid High bands
- Command-Click (Ctrl-Click Windows) on Bands in meter area to bypass individual up/down compressors
- Drag left-right in meter area to adjust the thresholds
OTT is a re-creation of a popular aggressive multiband upwards / downwards compressor setting used by many dubstep and electro producers.
OTT is free.

DelaMancha sigue con su promo de liberar plugins si consigue que la gente done 1000 Libras UK a favor de la lucha contra el Cáncer... ya ha liberado un par... o 3?

Alguien escribió:
basic 65 is a monophonic synth, inspired by the classic 80s home computer, the Commodore 64 and its legendary SID chip. Building on the waveforms and signal path of this famous chip, basic 65 adds further features and options to take things a step further.

The double arpeggiator allows complex versions of that retro 8-bit game sound and the modulation options inspire experimentation via the mod envelope and 2 comprehensive LFOs. Pulse width modulation, ring modulation and oscillator detune/sync are key ingredients in the signature sound. Throw in some pitch drift, bit drift, a sprinkle of dirt and randomisation and you have a wide range of lofi, chiptune, retro-tastic sounds at your disposal.

This version is the update to the popular basic 64, redesigned from scratch, with many improvements, new features and all new presets. basic 65 was co-developed with sink, who also made the amazing presets.

Lo mejor es que han ido saliendo emuladores de ChipTunes por todos lados en los últimos meses.
Aquí otro más a parte del que ya comenté en Diciembre:

Alguien escribió:
8 bit music maker YM2612 v0.9 VST plugin synth free.

This is a VST that uses code which emulates the sound chip found inside of the Sega Genesis/Megadrive systems. It’s the closest you can get to the real thing currently without actually circuit bending a Genesis. If you don’t know/care what a Genesis is, this VST is basically a 4 operator FM synth.
You can load it up in any music editor that supports VST instrument plugins, and use it to compose chip tunes, create FM sound effects, etc. If you want to do old school arcade style chip tunes this is your plugin right here.

Un impresionante EQ de 10 bandas... originalmente de pago, pero por temas de impuestos ahora gratuito.

Alguien escribió:
TENQ is a 10 band equalizer.
Intuitive EQ with a choice of 11 node types, TENQ is a general purpose tracking plugin with a swanky hardware accelerated zoomable GUI, Spectrum Analyser and True, Split & M/S modes

Sólo descargable desde:

Y otro sintetizador Rompler/VA de ArtVera... con ese extraño barroco gusto para los GUI

Alguien escribió:
ArtVera has released ART Pyrite (free version), a powerful atmospheric software synthesizer for Windows.
Powerfull atmospheric 32 bit software synthesizer. It creates unique variable Atmospheres, Soundscapes, Pads, Textures, Ambient, Sound Effects & Rhythmic and Melodic Sequences.
Running ART Pyrite 32 bit plugin in a 64 bit host might require a bridge-adapter/wrapper like JBridge. This is not necessary if you use a 64 bit OS (Vista or Windows 7/8) and a 32 bit host.
This software synthesizer offers a wide spectrum of miscellaneous sounds, suitable for all music styles including NewAge and Movie Music.

Bueno... ya tenéis trabajo para un par de semanas...
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Bueno, y el Bombazo de la semana, que nadie parece haber recordado...
No digo más...
kamikase ♕ ♫
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Y ese bombazo se puede bajar?
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Claro que se puede bajar, hombre... fíjate en el interfaz: MLVST PG8X... Es un viejo conocido.
Busca en la sección de Freeware de hispasonic, o pregúntale a tu buscador favorito...

Otra cosa interesante más:

Una herramienta gratuita ONLINE para secuenciar loops de percusión acústica grabados y troceados y descargárselos.
No está mal, muy útil para hacer indiadas...
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Y ésteee?? Ya tiene su tiempo y creo que alguien lo posteó como link.
Muy poco que explicar, sólo tenéis que ver su interfaz. Lo reconocéis, no???
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El super 7 lo he usado alguna vez y suena un poco apagado, bajo de agudos...
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Pues mirad... lo plugins de Noizefield deben ser hechos con Synthmaker. No estan mal, sobretodo el 4... que lleva algunos sonidos de EDM bastante resultones con solo ajustar un poco.
El OTT es un compresor-expansor multibanda... bueno, nou exactamente expansor, pq funciona al reves que un expansor, sube volumen en vez de bajar.
TENQ da fallos en el gui y no se ven los ajustes, solo los controles, y no suena fabuloso.
los dos plugins que puse que eran un EQ de 7 bandas y un limitador master necesitan registro y llave hardware para los permisos.
El maximizador va bastante suave aunque tiene un par de funciones algo esotericas.
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Actualización de Anubis y Charlatan:
#7349 por bufoperiglenis el 06/05/2015

Bonitos recursos online y gratis ... me gusto Seaquence, sigo explorandola.
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Buenas tardes, estaba buscando una batería gratuita con interfaz parecida a la que adjunto:


-¿Qué tal es Venom? Tengo ganas de trastear con él.
-El YM2612 no me funciona en el secuenciador, lástima.
-Y No sabía que habían cerrado los de ERS (el Ersdrums me gusta bastante).

Hace tiempo que no me paso por aquí, supongo que ya habréis puesto la Clap Machine de 99 Sounds y el Drum Pro de Studio Linked.
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