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Estec Dynatwo – compressor & gate

Por Russell Illsley hace 4 semanas en Málaga
Expiración: 06/04/2023 | Visto 190 veces
Estec Dynatwo – compressor & gate
  • Estec Dynatwo – compressor & gate
ESTEC Dynatwo RMS-Compressor / Limiter / Gate

ESTEC is a German boutique manufacturer based in Munich, comparable to ADT & Zaehl in that it started building custom mixing consoles and subsequently moved into offering small series of outboard versions of its desk circuits. The brainchild of Peter Schneid, ESTEC built custom consoles & gear for the likes of Michael Cretu (Enigma) and Frank Farian (Boney M).


dual RMS compressor – detection circuit triggered by: RMS-level (instead of peaks)
because it is not triggered by peaks but by median loudness, it only features three controls: threshold, ratio & out level
provides musically pleasant dynamics control to a diverse range of signals such as vocals, solo instruments or dense material – but not ideal for controlling sharp transients
"fast" mode shifts the unit's reaction curve
switchable pre / post gate mode
separate side chain inserts for comp & gate (trigger with anything!)

Ratio is continuously variable from 1:1 to 1:50 (zero compression to brickwall)

Very flexible gate with hold phase and "soft" control for rounding the envelope and avoiding harshness when using very short attack or release settings. Estec built some of the best gates money can buy.

Fun detail: the potentiometer caps are the same ones Zaehl use on their AM1 desk.

Handmade in Germany, 1990s
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