Curso gratuito sobre tecnología musical (en inglés)

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El lunes 26 de agosto comenzó en la plataforma Coursera un curso gratuito online sobre tecnología musical de seis semanas de duración:
Survey of Music Technology:

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This 6-week course provides a hands-on introduction to the field of music technology as both a creative musical practice and an interdisciplinary technical research pursuit. Through the exploration of topics such as acoustics, psychoacoustics, digital sound, digital signal processing, audio synthesis, spectral analysis, algorithmic composition, and music information retrieval, we will explore the deep relationships between art and science, between theory and practice, and between experimental and popular electronic music.

We will learn about these topics in the context of digital audio workstation (DAW) software, the multi-track editing paradigm that has been dominant in music production since the 1980s. As we learn about the foundations behind such software, we will use this knowledge to more effectively create music with it, and we will also write a series of short software programs that extend the software’s ability to manipulate, transform, and analyze sound.
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Muy bueno!
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Gracias por la info!

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