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Mr. Nobody
#1 por Mr. Nobody el 12/03/2016

Nos vemos por aqui... Este bicho no podia estar sin hilo.








Mr. Nobody
#2 por Mr. Nobody el 13/03/2016
[Este vídeo ya no está disponible en Youtube]

[Este vídeo ya no está disponible en Youtube]

Mr. Nobody
#3 por Mr. Nobody el 13/03/2016
Y la gente comprandose Moogs...
Mr. Nobody
#4 por Mr. Nobody el 13/03/2016

[Este vídeo ya no está disponible en Youtube]

[Este vídeo ya no está disponible en Youtube]
#5 por estereorradian el 07/07/2016
Me viene de camino. Creo que maña lo tengo por aquí. Le tengo muchas ganas. Me encantan sus sonidos : )
Que raro que este hilo este un poco apagado
#6 por flake02 el 27/09/2016
Los filtros de -12dB y -18dB no auto-oscilan. A mí no me importa mucho siempre y cuando parezcan estar a punto de hacerlo. Con el Waldorf Pulse 2 el filtro -12dB auto-oscila con RES=95 (llega hasta RES=127), sin embargo pienso que el máximo carácter se le saca en RES=80.
Da la sensación de quedarse corta la resonancia en el Xenophone?
Mr. Nobody
#7 por Mr. Nobody el 27/09/2016
Yo creo que no es muy famoso por aquí...
#8 por flake02 el 29/09/2016
El tío de hypersynth me ha contestado en el vídeo de Xenophone demo - Part II Filter (prototype) que:
No, subir la resonancia no causa una caída en el volumen.
Una pena que ajustando la resonancia a 99 y a 94 realce tan poco el pico en el filtro de -12dB
Mr. Nobody
#9 por Mr. Nobody el 11/12/2016
¿Algún usuario del sinte?
Mr. Nobody
#10 por Mr. Nobody el 11/12/2016
Como van las cosas...


- 3 Oscillators with Waveforms: Saw, Square, Triangle, Variable Shape Saw-Sqr, Tri-Sqr, Stepped Sqr
- Oscillator special features: Hard sync, Phase sync, Phase adjustment, Square PW, Shape Modulation, Detune, FM, Analog Drift
- 4 types of noise: White, Pink, Red, C64 (pitched)
- 1 Analog Ring modulator

Paraphonic Playability
- True 2-voice paraphonic (Duophonic) mode with dedicated envelopes per oscillator. (Voice1=Oscillator1, Voice2=Oscillator 2/3)

- 1 Multimode VCF with 6 filter types and 3 selectable slopes: 12,18, 24dB (Lowpass , Highpass, Bandpass, Notch, 18LP>6HP, 12LP>6HP)
- VCF self-oscillation with Sinus, Triangle and Clipped Triangle wave in different modes
- Filter FM via Oscillator1 (audio rate modulation of filter freq)
- Precise filter keytracking including: note pitch, portamento and pitchbend signal

- 3 LFOs with 6 Waveforms (Sin, Tri, Saw, Sqr, S&H, S&Glide)
- LFO Features: Sync, Reset, Freq Range= 0 - 100Hz
- LFO1 and 3 have 6 easy access mod targets independent from mod matrix
- 3 Envelope Generators: Amp, Filter, Mod (6-stage DAHDSR from 1mS to 30S)
- 4 Envelope Styles (Analog RC1, RC2, Exponential, Digital Linear)
- 6 Envelope Trigger modes (Always, Legato, Analog1, Analog2, LFO2 S&H, #FootP)
- Loop option for all envelopes
- 8-Slot Modulation Matrix (up to 33 mod sources and 50 mod targets)
- CV Input as mod source

Effects and Main bus
- 4 Types Analog Distortion (light, dirty, harsh, massive)
- 24-bit Stereo Digital FX (Room, Hall, Cathedral, Gated, Plate, Delay, Delay+Reverb, Ping Pong Delay) with modulatable parameters
- Feedback loop via external audio input
- Stereo output with balance control
- Low noise and high quality VCAs for amplitude and balance

Arpeggiator and Sequencer
- Arpeggiator with gate adjustment, various spans and 15 clock divisions (syncable to MIDI clock)
- 16x4 step sequencer per program
- Sequencer features: Note Slide, Slew Rate (Note, Velocity, AUX Track1, AUX Track2)

Hardware and Controls
- 26 Soft touch knobs + 27 Buttons
- 88 LED indicators
- 2x20 Character OLED display
- 3 buttons for previewing presets
- 2 knobs acting as Mod-wheel and After-touch
- 896 Sound Programs

Ins and Outs
- Stereo audio output: 2x 1/4" TRS jacks (Balanced)
- External audio input: 1x 1/4" TRS jack (Unbalanced)
- Headphone Out: 1x 1/4" TRS stereo jack
- CV/Gate input/output: 1x 1/4" TRS jack
- USB port
- DC Power input

Physical Specs
- Rigid aluminum enclosure + wooden side panels
- Dimensions: 12.9" L x 6.5" W x 1.9" H (32.8 cm x 16.7 cm x 5 cm)
- Weight: ~2.8 lb (1.3 kg)
* Includes universal power supply for 110V – 240V AC operation (12 VDC, 1A)



XEditor is a freeware editor for advanced controlling over the Xenophone synthesizer in your DAW. XEditor offers remote access to all synth engine parameters via MIDI messages (CC and NRPN). The GUI design is based on the hardware layout while keeping all the controls in a single-window system. Most of the knobs are equipped with helpful readout. Using this tool you can edit mod matrix and sequencer without any hassle.

Main Features:
- Full control of the sound engine (212 parameters)
- Support automation for all parameters
- Request patch from Xenophone memory
- Load sysex file into the editor
- Send sysex via editor to Xenophone
- Save Xenophone programs in *.syx format
- Save editor programs in *.syx and *.xnp format
- Rename program remotely via sysex
- Select programs and banks remotely
- True readout for envelope and LFO rates
- Sync to host option for master tempo
- 128 empty presets
- 3 Wheels: Pitch, Mod and Aftertouch
- Run as standalone or VST/AU plugin.


Firmware v2.1 Additions & Fixes:
-Optimized system performance.
-Added option to copy and paste a sequence from one preset to another.
-Added "De-zipper" to remove zipper noise of filter freq knob and modulation wheel.
-Removed: [Freq Enc Ratio] in global menu.
-Now semitone knob changes the oscillator pitch smoothly without any stepping.
-Now the OLED display makes less jumps while two knobs are tweaked at the same time.
-Now "Arp latch" can be set in Arp menu using soft knob [E4].
-Increased preciseness of the numbers that are displayed for LFO rates and ENV parameters.
-Fixed Arp pattern reset issue while changing oscillator's transpose and cent.
-Fixed compare button issue that sent out unwanted MIDI messages.
-Fixed FM level issue that displayed wrong value on the screen after being modulated.
-Fixed soft knob [E2] problem that did not transmit after touch message when "Panel TX MIDI= ON".
-Fixed bug that caused knobs send out of range MIDI messages when "Panel TX MIDI= ON".
-Fixed problem in receiving "bank select" followed by "program change" message via MIDI.
-Minor improvements in updating parameters via MIDI.
-Renamed: SEQ-T1/2/3/4 to "SQ-NOTE", "SQ-VEL ", "SQ-AUX1", "SQ-AUX2" in Mod Matrix source list.
Firmware v2.0 Additions & Fixes:
- Added Duophonic mode.
- Now all parameters with dedicated controls (knob/button) respond to soft knobs.
- Now you can fine-tune Filter Frequecny, Env depth and LFO rates using soft knobs.
- Now for all buttons, first click displays parameter's edit-page without changing the value.
- Now LFO rate LEDs fade up/down according to LFO wave.
- Redesigned envelope display format.
- Now envelope page 2 and 3 are merged to show Delay/Hold/Style/Trigger in one page.
- Now SEQ edit-pages memorize the last edit position.
- Now you can navigate to all Arp/Seq edit-pages using [select] button.
- Now external clock does not trigger notes when Arp/Seq set to off.
- Now [preview] buttons do not trigger Amp envelope when "arp span=off" (Start/Stop mode).
- Now OSC3 does not respond to pitch wheel data when keytrk=off.
- Minor improvements in captions and text location on the screen.
- Fixed OSC3 random pitch change when keytrk=off.
- Fixed CV-Out reversed order in global menu (V-Trig/S-Trig).
- Fixed Amp Envelope malfunction in RC style with long attack and release (Trig=Analog1/2).
- Fixed issue in starting point of Amp Envelope release stage.
- Fixed Amp Envelope style problem that could be set to an out of range value after "EXP".
- Fixed Arp pattern reset issue while changing detune and drift parameters.
- Fixed portamento time problem that was not changed during gate-on time.
- Fixed "LFO3 Target" that was displayed wrongly as "LFO2".
- Fixed issue with "Filter Env Depth" and "LFO1/3 Depth" that could not be set to zero in some circumstances.
- Fixed soft knob E4 malfunction in last page of main section.
- Fixed rare bug that caused soft knobs to be temporarily disabled after updating ENV parameters via MIDI.
- Fixed bug in "UI-Fixed Mode" that caused unwanted jump to OSC3 edit page.

Firmware v1.73 Additions & Fixes:
- Fixed issue in sending/receiving NRPN messages that caused problems in playing back automation from DAW.
- Fixed a sequencer bug that generated stuck notes at MIDI out when Arp/Seq TX=On.
- Now Xenophone starts with the last active patch instead of prg 1 bank 0.

Firmware v1.72 Additions & Fixes:
- Redesigned and optimized MIDI sync function.
- Fixed off beat issue when clock was set to external (MIDI Sync).

Firmware v1.71 Additions & Fixes:
- Added request patch from edit buffer.
- Now the screen does not jump to home page after receiving "request patch" command.

Firmware v1.7 Additions & Fixes:
- Now arpeggiator responds to (chord/multiple notes) with different velocities.
- Now latch mode memorized the last played chord instead of single note.
- Added new Arp Span mode: "ordered".
- Extended Arp range from 3 to 5 octaves.
- Fixed Keytracking issue that did not generate proper values when Arp was enabled.
- Added option to filter MIDI Start/Stop message in global menu.

Firmware v1.62 Additions & Fixes:
- Now sequencer and arpeggiator respond to incoming MIDI Start/Stop/Continue message.
- Fixed bug that caused reloading patch when receiving MIDI "Song Position Pointer" message.

Firmware v1.61 Additions & Fixes:
- Fixed bug that caused UI locking after changing E1(Mod) or E4(Bank).

Firmware v1.6 Additions & Fixes:
- Expanded memory size from 512 to 896 presets (Added banks 4, 5 and 6)
- Added UI-Fixed mode for env edit-pages which temporarily activates Display-Mode=Fixed in Jump Mode.
- Added new Display-Mode: locked, that disables all the panel knobs.
- Added option to disable MIDI aftertouch in global menu.
- Updated LFO1/3 edit pages, now rate and depth can be edited at the same time.
- Fixed issue that did not allow [store] button to function in Display-Mode=Fixed.
- Updated documentation; PDF.

Firmware v1.51 Additions & Fixes:
- Fixed [E2] knob problem that did not change the aftertouch in home page. (produced after v1.5)

Firmware v1.5 Additions & Fixes:
- Added new trigger source for Filter and Mod envelopes: "MIDI Foot Pedal".
- Fixed bug which caused dependency between Mod ENV "Release time" and Filter ENV settings.
- Fixed issue with modulating LFO3 depth in mod matrix.
- Fixed problem that caused displaying unwanted message after "updating edit buffer" from XEditor.
- Fixed problem which caused unwanted ENV trigger in LFO2SH mode when ARP/SEQ is active.
- Now [E2] knob inc/dec mod depth 10 steps.
- Now a progress bar is displayed while receiving sysex bank dump.
- Now renaming is done faster and smoother on display via sysex.

Firmware v1.4 Additions & Fixes:
- Fixed LFO2 Rate knob malfunction.
- Fixed bug that muted sound while editing Amp Env release.
- Fixed bug in loading resonance value for serial filters in some circumstances.
- Fixed envelopes trigger malfunction in "legato" mode.
- Added new trigger mode for envelopes: "Analog2" (It acts like analog1 but only resets the envelope at the first key press).
- Now Amp envelope does not reset when you change presets.
- Now arp-span subpage is also displayed when you press arp/seq select button.

Firmware v1.33 Additions & Fixes:
- Added new Portamento modes: legato Scaled, Always Scaled.
- Fixed rare bug that occurred sometimes in gliding to a stolen note.
- Fixed minor issues with Display Mode = Fixed.
- Now [E1] knob works properly while editing sequencer steps with MIDI keyboard.
- Now LFO select/target buttons do not change LFO wave/target in other menus.
- Now prg/bnk numbers stay at last used numbers in store page.
- Improved [E1-E3] functions in store page.

Firmware v1.32beta1 Additions & Fixes:
- Added "Running Status" Support for incoming MIDI data.
- Added option to edit sequencer steps by MIDI keyboard (after pressing enter in seq-edit page).
- Now "All Notes Off" MIDI message mutes pressed/stuck notes.
- Fixed bug in selecting sub-osc=off.

Firmware v1.31 Additions & Fixes:
- Addded option to limit the brightness of "LFO rates" and "Tempo" LEDs in global menu.
- Fixed issue that caused displaying "Out of range" CC data for some parameters.
- Fixed wrongly displayed octave range in Arp edit-page.
- Fixed two minor bugs produced after v1.3 : Semi1 wrongly edited Semi2 , Enter button did not work in Calibrate VCF page.

Firmware v1.3 Additions & Fixes:
- Fixed ext-clock sync problem with tempo under 120bpm.
- Fixed program numbering error in "store>save to prg" page.
- Fixed sequencer "Velocity mode" that was locked for edit.
- Fixed sequencer Note="off" display error (in octave 10).
- Now the screen does not jump to Home page while receiving MIDI after-touch and Mod-wheel.
- Now the screen does not jump to Arp edit page after pressing latch button.
- Now global menu display tuning settings instead of CV/Gate at first run.
- Now [E2] knob inserts "Space" character in rename menu.
- Now [E4] knob increases/decreases characters in the rename list by 16.
- Now Rename menu acts smoother.
- Enhanced sensitivity of several knobs.
- Added new option in global menu for decreasing all encoders response.
- Added new option in global menu for increasing "Semitone 1/2/3 knobs" accuracy .
- Disabled functionality of Noise Edit, Store and Compare buttons in Global Menu.

Firmware v1.2 Additions & Fixes:
- Fixed bug in decoding (Note-On message with zero velocity) which caused unwanted note trigger.

Firmware v1.1 Additions & Fixes:
- Improved encoder scanning and jitter rejection.
- Fixed issue in linking [E3] knob to Oscillator1 and 2 Phase.
- Fixed problem in editing Mod Matrix slots 2-8.

Firmware v1.0:
- Initial.
#11 por camidelaigua el 09/06/2017
Pues viendo y escuchando el vídeo la verdad me lo estoy pensando...no está nada pero que nada mal...
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