Noticia para guitarristas

#1 por texvo el 12/03/2005

nuevas adiciones al programa:

ReWire Support. Allows connecting to ReWire applications such as Live or Reason.

Track Recording. Allows recording of the processed or clean sound. Recorded tracks are automatically added to the current playlist.

VST Plug-In Functionality. GT Player is functional as a VST plugin which can be used in all VST host applications, e.g. Nuendo, Cubase, Live, DSP Quattro, Spark, Metro etc. The plugin shares programs with the GT Player standalone application.

Keyboard Transpose. MIDI notes can be triggered from computer keyboard with transpose possibility.

New fresh modern presets. 80 new presets made by Djordje Eric, famous czech producer, composer, and excelent guitar player.
#2 por zoe_nikotina el 16/03/2005
Lo probare! Gracias por la noticia......
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