#1 por 4 el 22/03/2012
que es exactamente eso?

que hace?

para que sirve?

parece una aplicacion de mobil, pero alguna ayuda mas?
#2 por 4 el 22/03/2012
ok, me he estado informando, la aplicacion esta bien, pero es de pago y no muy barato..

Alguien escribió:
Give Your Fans the Official Mobile App for Your Band
Now your fans can carry you and your music around in their pocket with your totally customizable mobile app for Android and iPhone. Once fans have your App they've got your music, your show schedule, photos and your news feed with them all the time. You can even send messages and updates to them instantly...all while on the go.

The Mobile App we made for our band on ReverbNation lets fans stream our music and a bunch of other stuff. It's awesome! Now fans can take us with them wherever they go.
— Patrick Phelan, Luego
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