Neve VX 36

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  • Miguel Lameiro
    Opinión de Miguel Lameiro el 17/10/2019

    Lo mejor: Maybe One of the soul pop Hiphop Desks, Super Warm with a fantastic punch, Preamps are amazing

    Lo peor: one of the rarest consoles of neve, but has a good integration because you can use V series Channels VR Legend also in it.

    The best console and clean from V Series, this is the last and best developed console of V series, and you can have a clean 88 r and a Warm V series in one....

    Maybe the best analogue electronic music console, specially for HipHop, House music, and techno. This console can outstand in any Genre with input and output transformers, inline configuration, 5 modes to work, and all recall built with flying faders is a beast.

    Maybe the best underrated console neve has, because of the transition time, Neve doesn´t talk much about it, i think only 12 come out between VXS (surround version and VX). A Bargain console if you can catch with an amazing sound and custom capabilities.