Introducción a: "Performance mode" Fl sudio 10.5 beta

#1 por bomber el 16/04/2012
Sin duda la mayor novedad que ofrece esta beta 10.5 (futura versión 11) es el modo performance.

#2 por bomber el 16/04/2012

Fixed wrong song time displayed on Mackie CU.
Fixed harmless glitch in multilink window.
Fixed rare crash when reloading projects.
Fixed bug for slots in 1-shot mode in Gross Beat.
Fixed problem with Fruity Slicer & other hybrid plugins.
Fixed bug in automation of automation clip's speed control.
Fixed little bug in multipoint LFOs in synths, when LFOs have a predelay.
Fixed many bugs related to closing FL or reloading projects.
Fixed crashing bug in Harmless related to legato in some cases.
Fixed minor bug in F2 picking random color in name edits.
Fixed several browser scrolling problems.
Harmor: fixed tiny bug in image menu.
Gross Beat: several fixes, improved resampling & less clicking.
Fixed little handle leak.
Fixed rare crash when pressing ALT on some systems.
Fixed error after recording audio in some cases.
Dashboard: fixed crash loading an instrument file with a reference to an non-existent patch
Dashboard: fixed double items in instrument list
Dashboard: fixed showing & character in instrument combos
DirectWave: fixed importing .sfz files
DrumSynth Live: fixed pitch problem at 96KHz
FPC: fixed freeze when changing midi loop file
FPC: fixed crash dropping sample on a pad that's playing
FPC: fixed cut/cut by valyes in "empty" preset
FPC: pad preset export now sets file extension (when necessary)
FPC: fixed releasing samples when exporting a pad preset
FPC: fixed pad preset default folders
FPC: fixed crash opening "save entire kit as pad presets" window
Synthmaker: various bugfixes (resizing)
Patcher: fixed update of XY control when automated
Patcher: fixed crash loading 2 instances and starting a new song
Patcher: fixed hint message flicker
Patcher: fixed crash deleting Patcher instance
Patcher: fixed freeze when deleting SF Player
Patcher: fixed (re)size of SynthMaker UI
Patcher: fixed use of mouse wheel over plugin UI
ReWired: fixed time calculation
Wrapper: fixed reset of Fruity Compressor settings after saving
Wrapper: fixed saving settings of The Grand 3 x64
Wrapper: various changes/fixes for bridged plugins
Wrapper: various fixes for VST3 plugins
Wrapper: added parameter index check for automation from VST plugins
Wrapper: fixed loading x64 Play from song
Wrapper: fixed some flicker in interfaceless UI
Wrapper: fixed loading shell plugin names from registry
Wrapper: fixed crash when dragging preset over existing wrapper that didn't have a plugin loaded
Wrapper: fixed loading saved bridged VST3 plugin
Wrapper: fixed crash opening and closing bridged plugin editor
Wrapper: got rid of "no disk in drive" error message when opening plugin from saved settings


New performance mode.
Little change in MIDI message delivery engine.
Controllers: enhanced the behavior of jogs in piano roll and browser.
Remote control: can now assign notes/buttons to parameters in several modes.
New graphics for clips in playlist, improved graphics in piano roll.
MIDI inputs now have a port as well, and control surfaces are now linked by port, for feedback.
Plugins can also get & filter direct MIDI input from controllers before FL processes it.
Links are now using MIDI ports, so no more conflict between controllers is possible, especially 2 controllers of the same type.
Added support for APC20/40, Launchpad, Block, MASCHINE / MASCHINE MIKRO, padKONTROL controllers.
Piano roll: brush tool changed behavior to monophonic step mode (shift for old behavior).
Piano roll: click-&-hold resizing on 2 neighbor notes glues them.
Some new graphics for the step sequencer.
Ctrl+mouse wheel on channel button to change its mixer track.
Added visual feedback for free controls on the MCU controller.
Harmor: 2 new distortion modes.
Harmor: tempo-synced envelopes follow tempo changes better.
Fine tempo control merged with tempo selector.
Improved tempo tapping, & implemented tapping for some MIDI controllers.
Added "Chop chords" option to piano roll Strum & Articulate tools.
Can now right click to check several menu items without closing it, in some popup menus.
New simple playlist track folders/groups.
Can type in names (full or partial) in plugin/project picker.
Added type-in editor to parameter popup (formatted as absolute normalized value).
Improved function of Home/Ctrl+Home/Alt+Home in piano roll/playlist (handy for previewing scores).
New auto-refreshing of USB MIDI devices.
PR/PL: hold SHIFT & CTRL to lock horizontally or vertically when moving items.
PR: use mouse wheel while holding notes to change velocity. Also change tools while holding right click.
Articulator tools now available to automation clips (see channel settings menu).
Improved conversion of automation events into automation clip.
New downloader / content library
Dashboard: made midi reset message optional
DirectWave: select program with midi note
Fruity Squeeze: enabled mouse wheel for controls
Patcher: ask confirmation when deactivating a plugin param
Patcher: drop fxp/fxp/other files on plugin to load it
Wrapper: linked voice slides to poly aftertouch
Wrapper: implemented loading plugin presets from various default locations
ZGEViz: new version
#3 por Rafadecai el 21/04/2012
Muchas correciones tiene esta beta 10.5 haber si la hacen mas estable con plugins externos de Image-line
#4 por Zette el 22/04/2012
El perfonmance mode me parece genial, y mas si tiran por ese royo para futuras versiones, a mi por lo menos me vendría de lujo! Me esperare a que saquen la 11 definitiva para dar el salto
#5 por n1tr0 el 25/04/2012
tengo una leve cuestion xD, tengo un mpd de akai y nose como lanzar los clips , o como configurar con q kiero lanzar los clips

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