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#1 por Pabtec el 20/03/2012
Pues eso, que Soundtoys esta ofreciendo un plugin gratis hasta el 29 de Marzo.
El codigo de promocion es: 225-8433-286
Y el link:
Little Radiator Official Contest

The Deal
It's a chance to get a free tube saturation plug-in called Little Radiator™, and to win more cool stuff by giving the free plug-in to your friends. You might even win the grand prize: PLUGGED FOR LIFE! All SoundToys plug-ins for as long as you live or SoundToys lives. So read the details below to get your free Little Radiator plug-in!

The Details
Free "Little Radiator" codes were handed out to attendees of the 2012 Tape Op SXSW party sponsored by SoundToys.
Sharing "codes" begin popping up on-line. (Check popular social media sites and audio or software forums)
Each person who registers one of SoundToys "Sharing Codes" gets a free copy of Little Radiator.
Each registered user is issued their own unique "Sharing Code" and each person who registers with your code (then downloads the iLok authorization) counts toward your score for winning more prizes. See list of prizes below.
The Rules
You have to have an iLok USB key and active account. - What's An iLok?
You have to have or create a SoundToys User account at our webpage.
You have to have a valid "Sharing Code" to get the software.
You can email your code, tweet it, text it, make a YouTube video, call, write, or yell out a window. Be creative. And yes, we know it's tempting, but please respect forum rules and don't spam.
Only codes redeemed and iLoks authorized before March 29th EST will be accepted.
Deadline is March 29th. After that, contest over, all evidence disappears like it never happened. We'll announce the winners so they can gloat, and we'll have some special deals for those who, uh, didn't do so HOT. Get it? Pun on Radiator??

Contest rankings will be updated once daily and are calculated using a VERY complex 2-variable algorithm that we can't even begin to explain. To check your contest stats, login to your account. You will see # of shares, # of downloads and your overall ranking. Keep in mind that downloads are the most important aspect of your score. No downloads, no score. So you might want to drive your "sharing" friends and put some real HEAT on them. That's a play on Radiator... oh, never mind.
#2 por musiconacento el 27/03/2012
La única pega es que hay que ser cliente. Te piden una llave USB por la que hay que pagar.A lo mejor probando su "regalo" me hubieran convencido de sus bondades.
Si estoy equivocado aclararmelo.
#3 por rvperez el 20/03/2013
A mi este el que has puesto tu no me ha funcionado os paso este que es mi share


Hay que tener iLok
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