Nuevo update 9.1.1

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9.1.1 Release Notes

Improvements and feature changes

Live will now automatically repair its database in case it gets corrupt, e.g. due to a fatal write error or a sudden power outage during a database transaction, etc.
Live would always record the last received CC value into a MIDI clip, even if it was received before the actual recording was started. Live now ignores the last value and only records MIDI CC data that are received during the actual clip recording.

Live would allow to trigger changes from notifications via the Python API. This could lead to problems with Live’s Undo history or even to crashes and is no longer allowed. Note that this change might affect compatibility with 3rd party control surface scripts, i.e. scripts that are not natively supported by Ableton. Please contact the manufacturer of the script in case you encounter any problems.
Live would cut off all currently playing notes on a MIDI clip when engaging overdub recording in the Arrangement View.
When recording clips on multiple tracks in Session View by triggering a whole scene, clip recording would sometimes be aborted too early in some slots.
Under certain conditions, the playback of a Session clip would stop when scrubbing outside of the clip’s loop boundaries.
Live would freeze when setting the loop length of an unlinked clip envelope to the minimum value.
Live's MIDI map mode could crash when sending MIDI messages while another chooser or context menu was open.
Fixed a crash that could occur when creating audio feedback routings with drum rack sends, for example when routing a return chain to itself.
Live could crash under certain conditions when flattening clips containing automation envelopes.
Live could crash after using 'Capture and Insert Scene' on the last available Session scene and then undoing that action.
Live could crash under certain conditions when using Japanese text input methods on Mac OS X.
Max for Live devices could be out of sync when exporting audio with multiprocessor support enabled.
When loading a Live set with a MIDI clip that contains modulation for Max for Live parameters of the "live.dial" type, the modulation values would sometimes not be restored correctly.
Changes for Push:

Push's display now indicates if you’re editing a clip that is not the currently playing clip. It also allows to quickly move the focus back to the playing clip by pressing the up/down arrow buttons.
Push's display now indicates if a selected track is frozen and cannot be modified.
Deleting automation for device on/off switches or track activator buttons would not work from Push.
Push’s auto-arm function would not work with certain track routing settings.
The playhead could behave erratically or completely disappear when enabling the loop in Live’s Arrangement View and setting it to an odd loop length.
Push could freeze when browsing user folders, in case a path name contained certain special characters.
Grabbing individual buttons of Push’s button matrix from Max for Live would not work anymore.
Fixed a rounding problem that could sometimes occur with the bar graph that shows up on the display when tweaking an encoder.
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