Actualización 2.52

#1 por kalaberas_LHDR el 13/10/2008


* Memory use reduction with lots of items/takes in projects
* Render: new optional online realtime rendering mode (allowing easy renders with external synths, reainsert, etc)
* MIDI editor: bank/program select lane, .reabank and .ins import, automatic loading for software instruments
* MIDI editor: humanize notes action
* MIDI editor: action for join selected notes
* MIDI editor: default bindings to switch channel view (shift+0-9, and ~ to show all)
* MIDI editor: fixed scrolling marquee selection issues
* MIDI editor: fixed hang with huge grid sizes
* ReaInsert: fixed dropped MIDI events on playback start in certain instances
* ReaSynth: full ADSR control, second utility oscillator, smoother fast attacks, sustain pedal support
* ReaSynth: pulse width control, big optimizations
* OSX: JS keyboard fixes
* OSX: various scroll related fixes, fixed floating masterTCP bug
* Keyboard: Fix for . vs alt+. keyboard assignments, alt+numpadkeys, etc
* Normalizing items no longer resets take phase reversal
* Fixed mute UI update issue when stopped/paused/etc and not running FX
* MP3 encoder: no longer creates (inaccurate) peak files
* Dynamic split: tweaked reduce split slider centerline
* Fix for ctrl+mousewheel inconsistent fader behavior
* Fixed mp3+pitch shifting+take FX end-of-item bug
* Faster loading of projects with large amounts of media (splash screen updates)
* Action: set project tempo from time selection
* Help/All Actions (dumps full actions list to web page)
* Left and right clicking items now shows more informative cursor
* Fix for not naming imported MIDI items when importing from file to in-project item
* VST: Fix for Zebra automation (special-case messagepump run)
* HUI: track name support

Ale, a bajarlo!!!
Liquid Proj3ct
#2 por Liquid Proj3ct el 13/10/2008
Cada vez que veo MIDI me emociono, pero despues me doy cuenta de lo que es y me doy de chocazos contra la pared!!! Aunque bueno, di tu que el humanize esta bien.
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