Como hacer el hack de 16 inputs 16 outputs en reaktor

#1 por -fortune- el 06/05/2008
Hola a todos.

Alguien sabe como hacer el hack en el dll de reaktor para tener 16 inputs y 16 outputs , estoy intentado hacerlo como lo explican en un tema del foro de reaktor pero no encuentro la linea hexadecimal que dicen, alguien lo ha provado? gracias ... st+hack+16
#2 por -fortune- el 06/05/2008
1) Back up all your Reaktor VST dlls.
2) Look at them in explorer. You will notice that the FX, Surround and 2X8 versions are much smaller. I take it these are shells that load up the main dll which is much bigger.
3) Load the FX 2in 2out and Surround 6in 6out versions in a hex editor such as Breakpoint Software's Hex editor. Do a byte wise file comparison, stepping through until you find a difference where the FX reads 2 and the Surround reads 6. If I remember correctly I found this at 1183h.
4) Modify the value in the Surround dll to 16, that is, hex 10. Save the file, renaming it to indicate 16x16. When I loaded this hack in Plogue Bidule and in AudioMulch, 16 ins and outs appeared and I could use the pins successfully.
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