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#1 por texvo el 23/04/2008
REAPER v2.202 - April 22 2008
Download: 3.2 MB installer

* Actions to set/move markers 1-10, mapped to Ctrl+0-9
* Actions: Record: start new files during recording, add recorded media, remove recorded media
* Actions: Stop recording saving all media, deleting all media
* Recording mode where files are added at each loop now does not gap playback
* better playback behavior when editing/undoing edits of master playspeed envelope
* ReaPitch: option to autocorrect master playrate pitch
* ReaVocode: increased max bands, optimizations
* made Transport: Apply play rate to current BPM reset play rate to 1.0 by default (old version is deprecated for macro use)
* Right click on playrate controls allows you to configure "preserve pitch on playrate change" for items, fader range
* FX windows, routing, undo history now numpad 0-9, and F1-F12 through to main window when active
* VST: new nifty routing-matrix-ish plug-in I/O selector
* VST: better support for some plugins that send MIDI
* API fixes for track I_RECINPUT/P_NAME updates refreshing track panels
* peak files on network drives and removeable media will automatically not be memory mapped
* disk read code now allows files to be written while open (to allow other apps to update opened media)
* better support for files on network shares that become unavailable
* fixed peak display errors for mp3 files
* project directory cleanup now shows path, explore button (to browse the project media directory)
#2 por --64668-- el 23/04/2008

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