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#1 por seyver el 14/02/2010
Hola gente,he encontrado un foro donde andy sneap (megadeth,killswicch engage,y un largo etc)da consejo sobre produccion,se le puede preguntar y tal:
os pego aqui una serie de consejos generales y a continuancion has hago unas preguntas sobre lo que dice pq io con el ingles no me llevo muy bien:

- "I always say 80% of the tone is in the players hands"
- Records guitars only with mics, doesn't use impulses
- Mics the speaker away from the walls and the floor
- Often mics guitar cabinets with a single SM57 in the center of the cone (followup why he always returns using one SM57). Post-processing usually only a touch of EQ and maybe multiband compressing if it needs it
- Prefers dual or quadtracking for rhythm guitars depending on the band
- Always uses a tubescreamer in front of an amp
- Recording acoustic guitar depends on the guitar, see the reply
- Doesn't blend different amps from the same DI for the rhythm guitars, but sometimes for lead guitars

- Usually tracks just a DI-bass with an amp simulator on and then reamp, sometimes using a multi band compression before the amp to help sit it in. Follow up 1 Follow up 2
- General brooding about bass guitars

- Tunes the drums himself
- Likes to mic a kick near the hole
- Uses triggers in the drums, usually replaces kicks 100% and blends snare sample 50:50 with the original signal
- Drumtuning: On toms batter head slightly tuned lower than resohead, kick tuned as low as possible and snare tuning depends on the snare
- Doesn't usually use parallel compression, maybe on snare
- Likes to use different mics for the kick drum, the week when he answered he liked Shure beta91 + subkick on the kick, sometimes he likes Audix D6 etc
- Question about hihat bleed
- For overheads prefers to use Neumann KM184's in spaced pairs, 2 cymbals per 1 mic. Also mics the china separately. Highpass filter at ~500hz
- Doesn't bus drums, always treats all channels individually
- Pans drums from audience perspective (hihat on the right)
- Answer on question regarding using Deat Detective (follow up)
- Loves Metric Halo channelstrip on snare
- Usually uses Sennheiser MD421's and Shure SM57's for toms
- "Room mics, whatevers around, even 57's sometimes, just really compressed and blended in a touch"
- Uses room and reverb on the drums
- Thinks it is import for a drummer to train to a click

- Uses delay on the chorus/melodic vocals that gets fed into a reverb
- Answer about vocal processing (follow up)
- Doesn't usually use any inserts when tracking, except some compression with vocals
- Has Autotune, Melodyne and Waves Tune that he uses if the vocals need it

- Masterbus insert chain: Waves SSL compressor, Crane song Tape Simulator and TC Electronic Finalizer
- Masterbus compressor with 2:1 ratio and 4-5dB attenuation at max
- Aims to -10 dB RMS when mastering if its not damaging the sound, otherwise a bit lower

Other gear related stuff
- Uses Genelec 1031's + subwoofer for monitoring and Yamaha NS10's as reference. Varies listening volume.
- Favourite preamp: Crane Song Spider (8 channels)
- Usually uses digidesign and echofarm delay plugins
- Uses Pro Tools for all stages (recording, mixing and mastering) and has gone almost completely ITB and uses 24bit/44.1khz samplerate
- Uses controlsurface only for surround stuff, prefers to use a mouse
- Uses Little Labs PIP di-box and Cunniberti Reamp-box
- Likes Crane Song Phoenix for saturation
- Doesn't like Royer ribbon mic on guitars

- Thinks subdrops are GAY
- Doesn't take notes of settings for hardware, but keeps the ProTools sessions
- Doesn't ride preamps hard into distortion
- Uses a lot of automation
- Uses his earlier material as mixing reference
- See his answer to how he deals the situation when you are sick and you have to work
- Doesn't use analog summing
- The most common mistakes new engineers make
- A post what Andy thinks about people using samples he posted for commercial releases
- Random questions Andy already answered years ago
#2 por seyver el 14/02/2010
- Aims to -10 dB RMS when mastering if its not damaging the sound, otherwise a bit lower

esto lo dice en el apartado de masterizacion,¿quiere decir que masteriza a un volumen de -10 dB RMS?¿como se puede medir ha cuanto estamos masterizando?? yo uso cubase,gracias
#3 por ldh el 17/02/2010
Nugen audio visualizer.
Pinguin Audio Meter
Estos son los que mas me gustan a mi, pero hay bastantes mas!
#4 por 2012_or_stfu el 18/02/2010
gracias por el link
voy a leer eso a ver si me inspiro para hacer unas mesclas que no me estan convenciendo mucho
#5 por 2012_or_stfu el 18/02/2010

revisa esa serie de videos estan interesantes aunque no profundizan mucho en el metodo que trabajo que tienen

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