Dbx 262 project 1

#1 por deo el 03/03/2015
Hola, alguien tiene alguna opinión sobre este compresor, lo desarmé y encontré los siguientes IC: ne5532, fairchild:ka324 y ka339, dbx 9717b y dbx9713a, es útil para grabar?
#2 por deo el 04/03/2015
El Ne5532 es de texas instruments. Revisé los esquemas de otros compresores de dbx y ninguno se le parece.Lo único que me queda es hacer pruebas.
#3 por deo el 05/03/2015
Afortunadamente encontré esta opinión:
I have one of these and it has worked out quite well for me. Good luck finding a manual - i never did. But if you can find a manual for a similar-feature dbx, it'll do the trick.

The "stereo" button allows you to run both channels in parallel as opposed to running them in series. I run mine in series using the settings posted many times by finger blister on this board. Do a search for "compressor settings" and you will find them. I play a lot of slap and fingerstyle and those settings work perfectly for me.

The "output" setting is simply a gain increase that, if set too high, will result in distortion, so be careful.

You got a great unit, man - those things are durable, reliable, and easy to use.

Basicamente dice que los presets incluídos en el manual le funcionan muy bien.
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