DSound RT Player ExpressFree M-Audio users

#1 por kilometro el 09/04/2004

DSound RT Player Express Free M-Audio users

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18 memory locations for program
Any combination of up to 4 VST instruments and/or FX plug-ins in program - dependant on CPU power
Track Player for simultaneous background sound play with playlist capability
MIDI control of program, VST instrument and plug-in parameters from any MIDI controller, support for more than two midi device inputs
ASIO compatible in/out (2 out channels)
built-in Output Soft Limiter
and more

#2 por XMontour el 09/04/2004
Este mes regalan con la CM el Dsound Guitar Player con la Coleccion de efectos de D sound...La verdad es que suenan muy bien 16..memorias... 1 Track Player...Control MIDI.....De lujo oiga....
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