Estudio gratuito en tu PC (hilo antiguo)

#361 por texvo el 16/08/2004
esto es como una biblioteca, nos gustaria leer todos los libros pero hay que hacer una seleccion y solo leer lo que nos interesa. ;)

#362 por ::db:: el 16/08/2004
Con los sintes la cosa esta mas jodida ya que para gustos los colores... pero en cuestion de efectos igual si que podemos hacer algo...

Por ejemplo (ahi va mi pequeña aportacion) efectos de guitarra disponibles en el topic:

- Guitar Suite
- Mda combo (dentro del paquete Mda Vst Plugins)
- Tube Baby
- Guitifier
- Little Green Amp II
- Buzz

Todos son increibles (de hecho yo tengo instalados todos) pero si me tengo que quedar con alguno/-s me quedo con lo que he puesto en azul... Con las difentes combinaciones que sacas con estos tres plugins tanto juntos como por separado cubres una gran paleta de tonalidades...

A ver si alguien se atreve con Reverbs, compresores, etc...

#363 por texvo el 16/08/2004
pero no veo el azul... sere daltonico ??? ;)

#364 por texvo el 16/08/2004

parece ser que esta activa de nuevo.. un gran sitio para encontrar el plug que buscas.. tambien DX
#365 por texvo el 16/08/2004


tutoriales sobre midi y alguno sobre audio
#366 por ::db:: el 16/08/2004
Lo ves ahora mejor?
#367 por texvo el 16/08/2004 ... rplayer_us

TRAKTOR DJ Player is a unique MP3 and AUDIO-CD Player designed to actively interact with your music. It
#368 por texvo el 16/08/2004
::db:: escribió:
Lo ves ahora mejor?

posi, gracias, estaba preocupao por mis retinas... ;)

#369 por texvo el 16/08/2004

Digitonix Element(tm) is a self-contained, software based drum machine for Windows. It's a professional product, powerful enough to create beats and rhythm tracks on par with even the most expensive hardware and software based drum machines and samplers.


12 drum sets modeling vintage, modern, and future drum kits
Over 400+ original drum sounds and samples included
16th and 32nd notes
12 channels of audio simultaneously
General MIDI Import/Export
Individual Note and Track Controls for Volume, Panning, and Pitch
DrumSet Editor and Customizable Graphics(Skins)
Hi hat Cut-By
Pattern Sequencer
4/4 and 3/4 time signatures
Humanize, Random Generator, and More...

> Download Digitonix Element Demo for FREE <
#370 por texvo el 16/08/2004

casi todos son ejecutables DOS para modificar midis... el otro dia pedian uno para limpiar midis sin tener que habrirlos en el cubase... es posible que la solucion este aqui...

MIDI Windows utilities
[list]GN1:0 Converts binary midi file format from 1 to 0, including a simple MIDI Karaoke player. Presents information about GNMIDI facilities.
MIDI DOS commandline utilities
Hint You need some DOS knowledge to use following DOS commandline tools inside MS-DOS box. Many of the tools are included in Windows Shareware GNMIDI, which is easier to use.
midi2txt Converts binary midi file into text midi file.
txt2midi Compiles text file into binary midi file.
midi2gm modifies midi file to make it more compatible for GM compatible keyboards
midifix Correcting bad structured midi files
midi2to0 Converts format 2 midi file into several midi format 0 files.
midi1to0 Converts format 1 midi file into format 0 midi file
midi0to1 Converts format 0 midi file into format 1 midi file
midi0to2 Converts format 0 midi file into format 2 midi file (rarely used format).
midifade fades song volume in or out
midipat translates GM programs to Non-GM programs and maps drum instruments according to a .pat definition. Including Mark Robson's iperc2gm.bat which translates Korg i-series percussion track to GM.
miditran Transposes notes, changes volume, note velocities
mididmp Time sorted dump of notes.
dmp2midi Note dump back to midi file.
midi2hex Shows hexadecimal midi commands and their meaning.
midifind Find text in midi files (*,? allowed).
miditrk lists tracks of a midi file. Shows GM,GS,XG program names.
midigrab Extract a midi song from uncompressed archives (e.g. RIFF, RMI, MACINTOSH-MIDI, ...).
mididrum Split midi drum instruments or tracks with more programs into separate tracks.
midisort Sort tracks of midi file
midistat Statistics of a midi file
midifmt Tells midi version (0, 1, 2) and number of tracks of midi files.
midivol Set volume of midi files to a common maximum level.
mididir Midi directory listing, add title to a midi file
miditrim Remove pauses at beginning or end of a midi file.
midimap Map channel numbers.
mapnotes Changes notes by a note translation table.
midicut Cuts a part of a midi file and saves it into a new midi file. Cuts also certain midi channels
midinote Produces a note listing
note2mid converts note listing to a midi file.
midreset sets a reset sysex command (GM, XG, GS).
midicat Concatenates midi files to a medley
midiprog Shows GM,GS,XG program names used in a midi file
midimode Guesses midi mode (GM, GS, XG) midi files were written for.
midimono Change balance of a midi file to center (mono)
miditime Calculate play time of a midi file
rmi2mid Convert RIFF midi file to SMF (.mid)
midicmp Compare notes between midi files
midcopyr Show copyright info of midi files, add a copyright notice
midierr check errors of one or more midi files
em2gm maps drum channel 16 to general midi (GM) drum channel 10
midsplit split a midi file track at a given note into two tracks (left hand, right hand)
karinfo search karaoke files (.kar), show karaoke information, extract lyrics.
syx2midi Convert sysex dump file (.syx) to midi file.
wav2midi Convert .wav file to a 16 channel GM midi file (read wav2midi.doc first).
midicr repairs a corrupt midi file that was saved as a DOS text file by accident.
text2kar Convert a midi file with lyrics into a karaoke midi file (.kar).
kar2midi Convert a karaoke midi file (.kar) to a midi file with lyrics (cakewalk, tune1000, farfisa). If not interested in lyrics then you can simply rename file extension .kar to .mid .
midicopy Copy midi file. Delete tracks. Change resolution.
midires Change midi resolution (DOS batch only).
midictrl Insert control changes (e.g. volume, balance, ...) in rhythmic way.
miditrem Convert longer notes into series of short notes (tremolo). E.g. guitar as a Mandoline .
midvirus Check midi files against midi viruses.
findmidi Search list of note sequences in midi files. Convert a midi file to list of note sequences for searching best matching songs.
midihum Modify midi timing and note velocities slightly by random to humanize a midi song.
midtempo Show or change tempo of a midi song.
midimute Mute selected tracks or channels of a midi song (by setting volume to 0 and disabling all other volume changes).
midipoly Calculate location and number of maximum playing notes
midcompr Compresses standard midi files, results are still standard midi files with same musical content!
midchord Guesses chords of midi songs, results can be a new track in the midi song.
midcntin Inserts a measure at beginning of song to count in the tempo.
midirepl Replace one or more notes and optionally their channel.
chkrange Check note ranges of a midi file according to a table.
midispc Solves Karaoke problem: some players don't display words correctly that begin with a space
mid2rttl MIDI melody to ringing tones text language (handy phone melody format RTTTL).
rttl2mid RTTTL ringing tones text format (mobile phone) to midi file.
midikey Guess or set midi song key.
midihalf half tempo without changing the speed, for cases where tempo is too high (higher than 240 bpm).
midundup delete duplicate notes (notes that are played twice at same or similar time).
DOS MIDI interface utilities
MIDIMACH MIDI Machine DOS/Win95 MIDI player (external Soundblaster or MPU401 interface)
exchsyx send and receive system exclusive commands, dumps and other MIDI (DOS, Windows, MPU or Soundblaster)
midiecho copy MIDI input to MIDI output and display keys on screen, XG, GS life conversion, DOS/Win95, external Soundblaster or MPU401 interface
exchi3 send and receive KORG i2/i3 files through MIDI cable (DOS, Windows, MPU or Soundblaster)
KORG i-series DOS utilities
mergesty DOS batch program to combine two i3 styles into a merged style (requires registered GNIStyle DOS converters: mid2isty, isty2mid)
bsq2_i40 older KORG i-series BSQ to i40 BSQ converter
dmparr Korg i3 arrangement format dump
dmpbsq KORG i3 backing sequence format dump
dmppcg Korg i-series user program format dump
dmpsng Korg i3 song format dump
dmpsty KORG i-series style format dump
findi3 Find names in KORG i3 files
globcopy (batch) program to copy global settings from one .pcg file to many others (i3 compatibles)
i30tosyx Korg i30 files to sysex dump files
i5mtoi3 Korg i5M/i5/i4s/iX300 to i3 converter
mid2isng midi file to Korg i3 song converter
sng2bsq KORG i3 song to backing sequences converter
sng2midi Korg i3 song format to midi files
splitpcg split larger PCG files into smaller ones to access all programs with Korg-i series keyboards
sty9toi Korg format 9 (i2,i3,...) styles to Korg format I styles (i30,...)
sty9tom Korg format 9 (i2,i3,...) styles to Korg format M styles (is40, is50, ...), untested
styito9 Korg format I (i30,...) styles to Korg format 9 (i2, i3, ...)
stymto9 Korg format M (is40, is50,...) styles to Korg format 9 styles (i2,i3,...)
Other DOS commandline utilities
finddbl Find duplicate (midi-) files in directories and directory trees
filedb File duplicate database. Stores knowledge about seen files and identifies already seen duplicates.
zwhere Lists files in subdirectories and compressed archives.
imove Intelligent files moving with automatically renaming if file names already exist.
fmt Recognize format of a file (many file formats including sound formats, image formats, movie formats).
zipblank Replace spaces in .zip archive filenames by underscore _.
zipshort Modify ZIP archives to get DOS compatible filenames.
uex mail/news extraction of binary files (e.g. *.mid, *.zip). Decodes popular formats: UU, BASE64, MIME, BINHEX. Identifies file formats and checks midi and zip files. Use this decoder if your preferred (built-in) decoders fail
Windows programs only for Korg i-series
gnstyfmt style format converter for Windows (i3 -> others, others -> i3)
GNIArr edit some arrangement file parameters not editable by many KORG i-series keyboards [/list]
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#372 por texvo el 16/08/2004

The Live Midi Keyboard for Windows

This is the 'Easy to Use' Duo Timbral Midi Router for Windows.
It has 1 Midi In and 1 Midi Out port which can route your keyboard to 2 seperate sounds of your Multi Timbral Output.

Enlarge view

if you want to see screenshots of the next upcomming
Live Midi Keyboard 2 click here

Options Version 1.02

- Volume, Balance, Reverb and Chorus levels
- Velocity adjustment
- Program Change-, Volume-, Modulation- and Pitchbend Filter
- Midichannel-, Bank- and Program Change
- Octaver with 1 octave up and 1 octave down adding
- Mouse playable keyboard with velocity option
(clicking lower on the key makes the velocity lower)
- Computer keyboard playing
- Keyboard split function
- System wide Midi Routing
- Midi in velocity VU meter
- 8 user presets

And the main thing: IT IS FREEWARE
#374 por ::db:: el 16/08/2004
:arrow: TK CUE-Synth VSTi v1.0 :


- max polyphony : 12 voices
- 3 ocsillators with customizable waveforms kits
- 1 mixer with 3 ringmodulation sources
- 2 advanced filters modules
- 4 advanced envelopes modules
- 3 advanced LFOs modules
- 2 master effects : FX1 chorus/flanger/delay and FX2 overdrive/distortion
- Receive and transmit MIDI controlers to the host
- MIDI implementation can be changed on the flight by loading a MIDI definition file (TXT file)
- pitchbend range can be set to : +/- 3, 6, 12, 24 semitons
- and more ...


The oscillating module is composed of 3 identical oscillators. With a waveforms kit, you have 3 banks containing each one 11 waveforms, that is to say 33 waveforms available per kit. You also have the possibility of creating your own waveforms kits This feature confers to the synth unlimited possibilities in the sound synthesis.

- 33 customizable waveforms shapes
- PWM for square waveform
- FM synthesis
- possibility of synchronizing the oscillators between them - Sync function
- 2 types of drive applied directly to the output of each oscillators for a distortion effect


- accurate adjustment of each oscillator's outputs
- accurate adjustment of the 3 ring modulation sources
- oscillator's outputs level control
- oscillator's outputs balance control to the 2 filters modules
- noise generator with white and pink noise


TK CUE-Synth has 2 identical filters modules which can be routed following different modes (see FILTERS ROUTING below)

- 6 filter types : Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass, Notch, Comb positive filter for producing flanger effect, Comb negative filter for producing phaser effect
- 12/24dB mode for the previous Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass, Notch filters
- cutoff modulated by FM sources, filter envelopes, velocity, pitchbend, modwheel ...
- drive / distortion level control for a fat sound
- panoramic/stereo modulation for ouputs of each filters modules


- the 2 filters can be routed following 3 modes : serial, parallel and twice which is a mixed mode between serial/parallel


TK CUE-Synth has 2 identical envelopes modules : one assigned to volume/amplitude, one assigned to the filter's cutoff and 2 others easily assignable as PWM, FM, Cutoff Modulation, Panoramix sources

- 4 envelope types available : ADSR, ADS1DS2R, Loop S1S2, Loop All
- 2 decays and 2 sustaining points for ADS1DS2R, Loop S1S2, Loop All types
- shape control for each envelope stage using a mixing fader : exponential/linear/logarithmic mixing

FX1 Delay/Chorus/Flanger (Master Effect) :

The FX1 master effect is designed to enhance the sound coming directly from the synth. By its number of controls and its several routing modes, it can behave as delay, chorus or flanger effect.

- 2 tap delays synchronized to the host's tempo with level control and panoramic adjustment
- 2 delay lines tap synchronized to the host's tempo with feedback control
- 1 modulated delay line for chorus and flanger effect
- 1 modulated lowpass filter on feedback
- 7 routing modes including normal delay, pingpong delay ...

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