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Estoy iniciandome en la guitarra rockera y estoy trabajando algunos temas de led zeppelin (Rock and roll y whole a lotta love, los más raros eh?). El caso es que me gustaría saber qué pedales utilizaba Jimmy Page, me da igual los modelos, con el tipo de efecto me conformo.

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Según la web de GuitarZone:

1958 Fender Telecaster: A gift from Jeff Beck. Jimmy's primary guitar used in the 1968-69 tours. Painted psychadelic colors.
1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard (No. 1): The most used guitar which Jimmy Page has relied on since the early days of Led Zeppelin. It's finish has faded through the years. The serial number has been lost during neck repairs and the replacement bridge pickup has long been without a cover. The original white Kluson tuners have been replace by gold-plated Grovers.
1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard (No. 2): A gift from Joe Walsh. The tuners have been replaced. The neck has been shaved to resemble No. 1. The bridge has been rounded over for easier access to individual strings in use with the violin bow. Most famously, this guitar features a pair of spring-loaded buttons under the scratch plate offering new pickup configurations. One of the buttons puts the pickup into series or parallel and the other offers regular or out-of-phase tones. In addition, the tone and volume pots have been replaced by two pairs of push/pulls giving coil-tapping on either pickup or the possibility of employing all four coils in parallel. Serial number is 91703
Danelectro: Put together from the best bits of two Danelectros and fitted with a Badass bridge. The holes for the original bridge are still evident. Used for live performances of Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, White Summer/Black Mountainside, In My Time Of Dying and in later performances of Kashmir.
Vox 12-String: Used in the studio in Led Zeppelin II on Thank You.
Gibson "Black Beauty" Les Paul Custom: Used extensively when Jimmy Page was with the Yardbirds. It was custom wired with a Bigsby 06130 tremelo arm. It was stolen while they were travelling to Canada in April 1970. Jimmy issued an add offering a reward for it in Rolling Stone magazine. He never got the guitar back. Pic 2
Rickenbacker: This twelve-string model was used on stage in 1971.
Gibson Doubleneck EDS-1275: This particular guitar is a twelve/six string doubleneck which are both fitted with two humbucker pickups and Les Paul system control assemblies. Used on stage from 1971-80 and in the studio on Carouselambra. Serial number 911117.
1973 Gibson Les Paul Standard: Resprayed Cherry Red. Seen in The Song Remains The Same movie. This guitar was reworked by Steve Hoyland and fitted with a Parsons/White B-String Bender.
60s Lake Placid Blue Fender Stratocaster: This guitar was first used on tour in 1979. Was used specifically on stage for In The Evening.
1966 Cream Fender Stratocaster: Used by Jimmy on Led Zeppelin's 1980 European tour in for All My Love.
1959 Fender Telecaster: Botswana brown model with a Rosewood neck and fit with the Parsons/White B-String Bender. It first appeared on stage in 1977. On the final tour in 1980, this guitar was used on Hot Dog and All My Love.
Fender 12-String: Used in the Untitled album.
Gibson RD Artist: Used at Knebworth for Misty Mountain Hop.
Gibson SG: Taken to the 1980 tour, but was hardly ever used.
Gibson J-200 Acoustic: Used in recording the acoustic songs in Led Zeppelin.
Martin D28 Acoustic: This acoustic was played in the studio and on tour after 1970.
Giannini 12-String Acoustic: Used on tour in Summer 1970.
Harmony Acoustic: Used in the studio on Led Zeppelin III and on tour in 1970.
Fender 10-String 800 Pedal Steel: Used in the studio on Led Zeppelin and Led Zeppelin III.

Amps & Cabinets
Fender Super Reverb: Used in the first gigs in 1968 and 1969, 1x12 combo amp with 2x12 cabinet.
Supro: Jimmy's "secret" 1x12 combo amp used for recording.
Vox AC-30: Used in recording. 36 watts output. Features 2 - 12" Celestion Greenback speakers.
Univox UX: UX-1501 Amplifier - 8 tubes, 140 Watts, 2 guitar, bass and mixer inputs, 2 Volume and Gain controls, Treble, Middle, Bass & Presence controls and Standby & Power switches. Four speaker outputs and a feature that allowed bleding of channels, plus Hi-Boost switch. Bundled with UX-1516 6x12 Guitar Celestion Speaker cabinet for $1400. Pic 2
Hiwatt 50: Amps seen in the 1970 tour.
Marshall SLP-1959: 100 watt amp that Jimmy had rewired to 200 watts.
Marshall: 4x12 Straight and Angled cabinets.
Orange: Jimmy used two 200-watt MatAmps and two cabinets with the theremin.

Effects Units
Vox Crybaby Wah Wah: Used from the Yardbirds days through today
Sola Sound Tone Bender MkII: Used by Jimmy since his Yardbirds days.
Univox UD-50 Uni-Drive: Used by Jimmy to drive the treble end of the Marshall amps to the original Metal crunch. Seen on stage after 1971.
Maestro Echoplex: Jimmy's exclusive onstage echo machine.
Eventide H949 Harmonizer: Used on stage for Jimmy's guitar solo in 1977-79
MXR Phase 90: This provides the tremolo-like waving sound you hear on The Wanton Song and Achilles Last Stand.
MXR Blue Box This is what Jimmy used to provide the bass octaving in Fool In The Rain.
Roland GR-300 Guitar Synth: Jimmy used this in the soundtrack to "Death Wish" with Charles Bronson and Kenneth Anger's "Lucifer Rising".
Theremin unit: Can be heard live on Whole Lotta Love and No Quarter.
Gizmotron: The Gizmotron was a hexaphonic mechanical string bowing device invented by Lol Creme and Kevin Godley of 10CC. It never took off and was some kind of financial disaster. It has been described by Jimmy as a 'hurdy gurdy type of thing'. It existed in two versions: 4 or 6 strings (bass or guitar). The Gizmotron works by having a rubber wheel for each string and a key for each wheel, such that pressing down on the key engages the wheel with a rotating shaft and the guitar string. The shaft rotates the wheel which then excites the string. Jimmy may have used it on Carouselambra and In The Evening to produce the drone sound.

Picks: Dunlop Herco Flex 75
Strings: Ernie Ball Super Slinky (Electric), Ernie Ball Earthwoods (Acoustic)
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