VST que convierta notas en acordes?

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#16 por texvo el 16/08/2004

estos son plugins midi, el sdonar los admite, perono se si estan en formato sonar... si valen para cubase.


Arpimedes is a funky little VST arpeggiator
plugin with adjustable pattern rhythm and
speed. You can define the number of octaves
it should use and the step length of the
current pattern. Of course several different
arp modes are included. And you can even
sync the arpeggiator to your host
sequencer's tempo!


CC-Control consists of two X-Y control pads
that can send user-defined MIDI CCs based
on your mouse actions


Chordator turns incoming notes into full
chords of up to 6 notes. Now you can play
bombastic power chords and complex
harmonies with just one key press :-)


Harmonisator is a plugin that "harmonizes"
an audio stream according to MIDI notes.
You feed audio into the plugin, hold down a
chord on your keyboard and the audio data
is duplicated and pitched according to the

It is definitely not a high-class harmonizing
algorithm, but useful for creating choirs
quickly or for manipulating drum loops
in strange ways.


Humanisator is a really great little plugin!
It works as some kind of "anti-quantizer",
bringing more human feel into sequenced

You can define how much and in what
range Humanisator should alter the timing,
velocity, pitch and modulation of the MIDI
stream, allowing very natural sounding and
interesting phrases to be created easily!


MicroTuner is yet another revolutionary
plugin: It adds microtuning capabilities to
every VSTi and external synthesizer module,
as long as the target synth supports
receiving pitchbend on all MIDI channels.
I am not talking about changing a note
some cents up or down in pitch, no, you can
completely redefine the whole tuning scale,
allowing you to set an arbitrary frequency
separately for each MIDI note!
And it gets even better, it already has a
loader built in (with drag and drop GUI)
that can load the widely used Scala, VAZ
and Anamark tuning files directly!

teneis mas en http://www.tobybear.de/p_midibag.html

se pueden utilizar pero si donais unos euros le dariamos aire para que nos siguiese ofreciendo todos estos inventos... ;)
#17 por neomad el 16/08/2004
Alguien escribió:

yo preferiria aprender la teoria de acordes jajjajajaja.

eso da mucho trabajo :mrgreen: pero yo aun disfruto tocando los arpeggios con mis dedos mochos y haciendo acordes con mi pie izquierdo.
#18 por jmonroy el 16/08/2004
claro hombre por que eso es muy basico y si quieres hacermusica pueshombre... que sea tuya y no dela maquina.
#19 por neomad el 16/08/2004
y si la maquina es mia ?
#20 por texvo el 16/08/2004
MIDI tools
Wednesday, May 12, 2004, 11:12
I intended to provide a set of midi tools to help composition and music generation. I've used the "MIDI gain" example that can be downloaded at musicdsp as a base for the controler mapper. These plugins register themselves as midi sources. With Cubase SX, the Midi tracks have to be set to monitor so that you can receive MIDI.

A MIDI plugin intended to generate random spaced notes according to a specified random distribution (now exponential only). You can set the maximum duration between 2 notes until 1 second but avoid values around 0 because it will overload your CPU. For now it is monophonic only and never stops outputting MIDI. In the future it should be polyphonic and act as a pseudo arpeggiator. Please give me feedback if you find it useful or if you want me to add new features.

This plugin analyses the incoming audio signal to extract its envelope which is converted into MIDI continuous controler. I should add parameters to change the size of the analysis window and the type of enveloppe detection.

This could help people using plugins who doesn't support MIDI learn and/or hardware controlers that haven't presets. Only one controler can be mapped for now.

midi tools vst win32

http://mdsp.smartelectronix.com/blog/st ... 512-111203

free tambien...
#21 por jmonroy el 16/08/2004
noimporta hablo de la maquina kelas cosas las hagala maquinaporti, esto es bueno pero creo que ya el abuso hace que todo salga igual y nohaya originalidad, claro que eso eslo que hace valioso a un musico.
#22 por neomad el 16/08/2004
jmonroy escribió:
noimporta hablo de la maquina kelas cosas las hagala maquinaporti, esto es bueno pero creo que ya el abuso hace que todo salga igual y nohaya originalidad, claro que eso eslo que hace valioso a un musico.

Tal cual... mis respetos.
#23 por texvo el 16/08/2004
siguiendo con el tema y sabiendo que que no es lo que se pide me permito poner unos enlaces mas a programas "similares" al enunciado del post.

e-Xpressor Real MIDI Accompaniment Maker is designed for people who want to compose songs and play accompaniments by ear with a computer and sound card, as well as for all people who love music and wish to educate of ear to music.
The main features of the program:

* No knowledge of notate, chord names, keys etc. are required.
* Parses structure of melody and automatically recognizes its key and harmony.
* Generates chords for each bar of the tune and writes its in separate MIDI channel.
* Creates also several chords which can be used as replacements in each bar of composiotion.
* Offers convenient accompaniment edit interface permitting to change the chord progression by ear.
* Offers accompaniment styles for guitar or piano depending on the musical characteristics of the tune.
* Auto-arranger mode.
* Supports MIDI and XPR files.
* Supports General MIDI Set.

#24 por Casa2 el 16/08/2004
Decíamos que no existía un programa que convirtiera notas en acordes???....
Pues si llega a existir....
#25 por texvo el 16/08/2004
ESTE es especial para SONAR funciona 14 dias como trial desues........

Imagen no disponible

estos son los tres plugs midi gratuitos de la pagina.

MIDI Connection Center 1.1
Looper 1.03 for Cakewalk
FixedLength 1.0 for Cakewalk

#26 por texvo el 16/08/2004
Imagen no disponible

MIDIoz Arp uses the MIDI system to turn any sound card or synthesizer into a configurable music generator. Its results vary from nice and musically rich arpeggios to any kind of random ambiental texture. It's impossible to describe here all the range of different music and sounds you can make with MIDIoz Arp you should see it yourself.

#27 por SQunf82 el 16/08/2004
que sotware usas? si usas flstudio ( fruity loops ) lo puedes hacer directamente con el , si usas otro sequenciador ,puedes bajarte la demo y usarla como vst , es facil , en el secuenciador por pasos pones un par de notas , luego en ese canal le das al boton derecho y le das a send to piano roll , ahi en el p.roll , en la parte superior izquierda hay una opcion que se llama CHORD , le das al que uqieras y listo.
#28 por Basic el 16/08/2004
si casa2 tendras que especificarle el acorde pero vamos eso va por intervalos no es muy complicado hacerlo tu mismo sobretodo si tienes un teclado midi, y para componer ir probando es un poco coñazo sobretodo si no tienes ni idea, pero weno. suerte
#29 por radio-slab el 09/05/2016
Yo uso el Tonespace que ademas es gratuito y va de fabula. Lo único es el ruteo que deberas hacer en tu DAW y la asignación de los puertos de entrada y salida del plugin para que envíe la información midi al instrumento con el que quieras crear los acordes. Ahí tendrás que romperte un poco la cabeza como hice yo y otros tantos.
#30 por emilieitor el 10/05/2016
¿Te has dado cuenta de que el hilo es del año 2004?
Hilos similares

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