Where can I find singers?

#1 por guitarist123 el 13/02/2013

I´m not from spain, so I write in English.
Are there others forums, like this one(hispasonic.com), where musicians put in ads, for example...."drummer looking for band" ....or... "I´m a singer looking for a band" ....? Can someone give me a link, webbaddress, to a place like that. Hope you know what I mean.

thank you very much/ gracias

#2 por mr_bluejay el 13/02/2013
In Mercasonic you can put a new announcement where you can ask for some singers.

Right here: https://www.hispasonic.com/anuncios/grupos-musicos

In the button where it's written "Nuevo anuncio" you have to click and they will ask you what are you looking for, you have to click in "Busco músicos" and then you can type the conditions and the profile that you need.

Good luck!

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#3 por mickey1099 el 14/02/2013
This is Funny, you said that you're not from Spain; and in your profile your location says Spain. Maybe you live in Spain but are native to a different country. Greetings from Wisconsin USA. temperature here is -15 centigrades.
#4 por guitarist123 el 14/02/2013
#5 por guitarist123 el 14/02/2013
thanks Bluejay , I will check it out!
#6 por guitarist123 el 14/02/2013
hello mickey1099, yeah thats true, just picked something for the registration, I didn´t know what to expect of this forum. I´m swedish and I play the guitar and I´m here to look for a singer who wants to do a collaboration over the internet about a song I´ve made.
Do you know any other forums besides this one?

Yes it´s cold outside :)
#7 por tambourine el 14/02/2013
hello foreigners!

i'm english but i live in pamplona.

#8 por mickey1099 el 15/02/2013
Ok, are you looking to record in english? are you just looking for somebody for a project? maybe if you get more specific you can find somebody. this site is more for instruments and advices on recording, mixing, mastering, acustics, live sound, etc.

Hello tambourine, how is life treating you, :guitarra:

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