Análisis Ommadawn (Mike Oldfield)

#1 por supertorpe el 17/02/2014
A raíz de otro hilo donde se anunciaba una nueva producción de M.O (*)., he rebuscado entre mis favoritos y he reencontrado un curioso análisis de Ommadawn que enlazo aquí como mera curiosidad:

Towards Ommadawn: A Critical Study of Mike Oldfield's Third Studio Album

Alguien escribió:
I believe that the first four albums by Mike Oldfield (Tubular Bells, Hergest Ridge, Ommadawn, Incantations) all show a great deal of craftsmanship whilst retaining an essentially accessible language. They should be appreciated as more than popular music or entertainment. Had Oldfield continued in this way then he would have undoubtedly composed much more fine music. Sadly, the pressures of record company bosses steered him into different directions, and whilst during his long and illustrious career he has written some incredibly rich and varied music, it is unlikely that any of it will stand the test of time like the first four albums continue to do. Particularly in ‘Ommadawn‘, I hope to have enlightened readers on an album that crosses many cultural and musical boundaries, expressing deep emotions and displaying great sensitivity to instrumental colour and all written by a single person without any formal classical training. I certainly hope that this essay will open up a greater appreciation of contemporary popular music in the future and in the process allow people to discover a wealth of music that may not have been easily found before.

(*) Yo era fan de este tipo, hasta su álbum culmen (en mi opinión) Amarok
zoolansky mod
#2 por zoolansky el 17/02/2014
Magnífico álbum. Me encantaba y me sigue encantando.
#3 por clown el 17/02/2014
Gracias! A leerlo mientras lo escucho

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