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#1 por zaratero el 27/07/2016
Digital Performer 9.1 now available!
DP 9.1 is a free update for DP 9 users and includes new plug-ins, significant performance optimizations and dozens of workflow enhancements.

Full details: http://motu.com/products/software/dp
DP 9.1 download: http://motu.com/download


New features introduced in version 9.1
Version 9.1 introduces the following new features.

Reduced latency for audio I/O and VIs under OS X — Host buffer latency under
CoreAudio has been cut in half. As an example, if you choose a buffer setting of 128
samples, version 9.1 yields 256 samples of total host latency (one buffer on input and
one on output), plus any hardware latency. This will improve audio I/O latency and
virtual instrument performance.

Enhanced WASAPI driver performance under Windows — The latency of the
WASAPI (Windows Audio) driver has been significantly reduced. This will improve audio
I/O latency and virtual instrument performance. The CPU load of the sample rate
conversion used in the Windows Audio driver has also been substantially reduced.
MAS engine optimization for small buffer settings — DP's MOTU Audio System
(MAS) engine processing has been optimized to better support operation at smaller
buffer sizes (for both Mac and Windows).

Next-gen Pre-gen™ engine — DP's Next-generation Pre-gen engine transparently
pre-renders audio output from virtual instruments and plug-ins to dramatically reduce
their CPU load. In version 9.1, this feature has been highly optimized for greatly
enhanced CPU performance. DP seamlessly manages transitions between pregenerated
audio and live audio as needed (such as when you record a virtual
instrument live). In addition, virtual instruments are always available for preview
activities, such as editing notes in the MIDI Graphic Editor or using a VI’s on-screen
keyboard (previously they were only active when playback was underway). To fine-tune
the responsiveness of plug-ins and virtual instruments, go to Setup menu > Configure
Audio System > Configure Studio Settings and adjust the Prime Milliseconds setting.

SMPTE-Z plug-in — The SMPTE-Z plug-in generates Longitudinal Time Code (LTC)
while locked to DP’s timeline or while running independently in Freewheel mode. The
Stillframe option causes time code to continue to be generated even when DP’s
transport is stopped (parked on one frame). Time code can be routed anywhere via the
audio track’s output assignment, allowing for accurate time code sync in a wide variety
of situations.

Hardware Insert plug-in — The Hardware Insert plug-in functions just like other DP
effects plug-ins, but loops the channel’s audio signal to a piece of outboard hardware for
external processing by the hardware. It can be instantiated in line with other software
plug-ins and even saved as part of an effect chain clipping. The plug-in includes a
button that pings the external hardware, measures the resulting latency and
automatically compensates for it. The hardware insert plug-in allows you to easily
incorporate outboard gear into your DP effects chains.

In addition to the new features outlined above, version 9.1 also introduces the following
• Track level meters now display the track's level post-fader and pre-pan.
• Fixed a problem where plugging or unplugging headphones while using built-in audio
could cause MAS to stop and report a hardware change.
• Fixed a latency compensation bug with side-chain outputs of VIs running in pre-gen
• Fixed a bug with latency compensation, where using voice tracks as a "recordable aux
track" would not correctly align the source material.
• Fixed assigning midi inputs in the Track Assignments dialog.
• Reduced wait-time when switching between chunks with a high track count.
• Fixed a crash when reducing the number of sends.
• Fixed backing window to match effect window when resized.
• Allow maximum value in automation lane to be selected.
• Fixed an issue where a track might not immediately appear when moved from a closed
folder to an open one.
• Simplified the studio setup dialog.
• Fixed a bug where VST or AU wrappers would crash if validation was performed after
MAS had been turned off and back on again.
• Fixed an error message that would be displayed when hitting delete in the waveform
• Fixed a problem where some VSTs would seem to hang during validation.
• Fixed saving as AudioDesk files from DP.
• Fixed DP 9.x file IO compatibility with DP 8.
• Fixed crash when duplicating label in a Console.
• Fixed a crash when double-clicking the MIDI learn button.
• Fixed a bug where removing a mono-to-stereo effect could leave the track playing only
to the left channel.
• Fixed a crash that could occur when switching chunks from the SE mini-menu.
• Fixed an error that would be displayed when opening a project containing a movie with
no audio track.
• Fixed an issue where cut copy paste wasn't working in OS modal dialogs like the Save
As window.
• Fixed a print bug where the Page Setup scale factor wasn't working as expected.
• Updated the English and Japanese PDF manuals (in the Help menu).
• Fixed issues with Avid Artist Mix / EuCon surfaces where track names might not show
up or the control surface might disconnect in sequences with lots of tracks.
• Fixed issues with track layouts not properly duplicating with sequences.
• Fixed an issue where hitting TAB triggered the search filter whether or not the Track
Selector was open.
#2 por countrymetal el 28/07/2016
Gracias Zaratero por la info, mañana mismo actualizo. Muchas de las mejoras me van a venir genial. :-)
#3 por Gonorreo el 28/07/2016
Actializando. Aunque no tengo claro si, como usuario de VEP5, extraeré beneficio de determinadas mejoras.
#4 por buhardilla el 01/08/2016
Pues en una primera revision a la vuelta de vacaciones, la impresión que me esta dando la nueva version 9.1 es, que es mas rápida (bastante mas rápida) en todos los aspectos: interface, mixer, y que efectivamente, las barras de proceso y playback se mantienen en niveles mucho mas bajos. Y eso que habitualmente uso dos dispositivos de audio con plugins de powercore en wrapper 8)
Por ahora seguire con VEP5 por la pereza que me da desmontar las librerias. Pero ire pasando algunas poco a poco e iremos comentando
#5 por buhardilla el 04/08/2016
Excelente el rendimiento de DP9.1 con la nueva version de VEP6. Funciona con baja carga de procesador y efectivamente admite cargarlo de mas efectos sin petar.. un 10 MOTU :hell:
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