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#931 por --12424-- el 16/04/2005
Editor de audio gratis y en español:


Acepta numerosos formatos de archivo, incluyendo wav (múltiples codecs), mp3, vox, gsm y más.
Las funciones de edición incluyen Cortar, Copiar, Pegar, Borrar, Insertar, Silenciar, AutoTrim y otras.
Los efectos incluyen Amplificación, Normalización, Equalizador, Envelope, Reverberancia, Eco, Reducción de Ruido, Muestra de la Tasa de Conversión y más.
Acepta muestras desde los 6000 hasta los 96000Hz, estéreo o mono, 8, 16 o 32 bits.
Habilitado para trabajar con múltiples archivos al mismo tiempo.
El ejecutor incluye control de Scrub/Cue para una precisa edición.
El grabador acepta AutoTrim y grabación activada de voz.
#932 por texvo el 18/04/2005
voxengo renueva su tempodelay con otro squin e implemetando sincro con el host.
#933 por Origami el 20/04/2005
Ugo acaba de actualizar su genial String Theory, sinte de modelado físico gratuito, de lo mejor q hay para arpegios de cuerdas, pero no sólo eso, se pueden conseguir unos sonidos realmente originales, muy mujy interesantes. Para el q no haya probado este sinte, lo puede descargar aquí: ...

estas son las novedades y mejoras de la nueva versión 1.5:

new features and changes:

- new tone enhancement switch (ugo logo...yes, i finally put that graphic to use.)
this greatly improves string theory's clarity, depth, and realism. its on by default but you can get the old tone back by switching it off and readjusting the volume and treble as needed.

- more even velocity response
in addition to just being a smoother response, this greatly reduces the chances of you running into volume spikes while playing

- detune slider
detunes delay osc 2 from osc 1. this offers a rather cool metallic detuneing thats somewhat reminiscent of when the upper strings of a 12 string guitar arent quite in tune.

- new amp attack envelope stage
this slider controls the attack of the analog oscillators (feedforms) before they go into the delay oscillators. this gives you a sound thats particularly good for bow and breath attacks, or just cool metallic zings.

- enhanced pitch lfo
not only does the pitch lfo now have the same waveform selection and midi sync as the other lfo's, but it also offers you the option of selecting the pitch that the lfo will peak at (from a 1 octave range.) so for example, by setting it to...

waveform = square
pitch = 5
speed = 4b

...the pitch will jump up 5 notes above what you are currently holding down for the first bar of a 4 bar measure, then go back to normal for the next 3. a setting like this can be especially useful on patches that use the arp. you can also get wacky with it by setting it to stuff like a saw wave thats doing 16th note octave bends. however, you can still do subtle pitch vibrato too by setting the pitch to 1, giving it a slow to moderate speed, and setting the depth lower.

also, all lfos now reset with host play/record. (so those bends will always occur at the same time.)

- new "to filter" volume control
this adjusts how loud of a signal comes in from the oscillators. by balancing this with the main volume slider, you can eliminate any distortion caused by overdriving the filters while still retaining a good output volume.

- improved metal lfo sound
just a minor change here, but its got a slightly more pronounced and interesting sound now.

- midi CC support
every switch and slider in ST (except for the tone enhancement switch) can now be controlled by midi CC's. just hover your mouse over a control and the hint box that pops up will show the CC number its assigned to.

- reduced polyphony to 6
this new version uses up more cpu than the last one did. so to help keep the cpu load more manageable for people with less than stellar computers (like me), i've dropped the max polyphony down to 6 voices. this way, if you hold a some notes with your left hand, and do a fast run with your right, while having a higher amp release time, your cpu is far less likely to choke.

- extra bank of 45 new presets
in the zip you'll find two fxb files. one is for the default bank of 128 patches, the other is for a new bank of 45 patches made by Geeseaplenty (Matthew DeMeritt) and me. many of the new patches show off the new features in ST.

speaking of patches, this version is not backwards compatible with your 1.0 patches. so if you've got patches you made for 1.0, you'll want to keep that version around too. both 1.0 and 1.5 can happily coexist in the same folder. btw, if you ever need it...i've placed a link to 1.0 in the "old versions" page of my site. (accessible from the vst section.)

note to sonar 4 / project5 users
its been brought to my attention that there is a conflict between the standard cakewalk vst wrapper and string theory that causes the first note (or several notes) of a sequence to get dropped. a fix for this is currently being researched, but i've been told that ST works fine with the DirectiXer wrapper from

well...thats all the info. as always, please let me know what you think of
#934 por Origami el 21/04/2005
Un nuevo sinte q suena bastante bastante bien, muy retro. Es de EVM, se llama Ultrasonique y vale la pena bajarselo, es gratuito.
#935 por --12424-- el 21/04/2005
Origami escribió:
Un nuevo sinte q suena bastante bastante bien, muy retro. Es de EVM, se llama Ultrasonique y vale la pena bajarselo, es gratuito.

Acabo de probarlo y me a encantado..sonido cojonudo y free!

se pueden hacer cosas muy guapas con el secuenciador que trae.

hace unos dias queria comprar el synth pack de EVM,pero por lo visto le han borrado la pagina de

este pasa directamente a mi lista de mejores plugins free.
#936 por neomad el 21/04/2005
Alguien escribió:

este pasa directamente a mi lista de mejores plugins free.

Me gustaria conocer esta lista.... hay tantos tantos.... ? gracias...
#937 por --12424-- el 21/04/2005
neomad escribió:
Alguien escribió:

este pasa directamente a mi lista de mejores plugins free.

Me gustaria conocer esta lista.... hay tantos tantos.... ? gracias...

synth 1
sts-17 free
osiris 6
organ one
superwave p8
karma fx synth
invader 1.1....y otros tantos que hay por hay.

y de efectos tambien se puede hacer una buena lista..

un saludo neomad.
#938 por texvo el 21/04/2005
este plug es de lo mejorcito en su estilo que he escuchado.. el presert de las 100 voces, el curioso "percusion loca" etc.. realmete buenos.

#939 por texvo el 21/04/2005 ...

nueva version del maximizador.

Imagen no disponible

BuzMaxi is a "Brickwall Limiter / Transparent Level Maximizer"
for mastering, mixing, and recording.

BuzMaxi3 ver1.2 has a brand-new algorithm,
and more clean processing engines than BuzMaxi ver2.xx and BuzMaxi3 ver1.0x,
and maximizes audio signal level naturally by high-quality processing
with minimum clip noise.

Very low CPU usages and latency (under 1ms/44.1kHz).

(Stereo use only.)

Mode, Aggressive/Smooth.
Make up level, 0~+24dB.
Output Ceiling level, -24~0dB.
Level Meter, -40~0dB scale.
Frequency Spectrum Analyzer, 2.1^(-4~4) scale (50Hz~20kHz).
64bit internal processing.
#940 por maldita el 23/04/2005
Arpy is a free virtual analogue vsti plugin for windows.
Features includes a unison oscillator with selectable number of voices, an arpeggiator, synced LFO's and delay.It is described as a "groove generator with a unique sound".
Included are presets designed by Tim Conrardy, and a user bank designed by Relayer which is excellent as well.

es curioso, es free, suena bien y solo pesa 1mb!
#941 por Origami el 24/04/2005
Acaban de sacar una nueva versión beta del genial sinte modular KARMASYNTH q soluciona muchos de los problemas q tenía la versión anterior, entre ellos el módulo ADSR, problemas de inestabilidad, etc

#942 por neph el 24/04/2005
ya pille el spectral monkyage y algo mas, hay 8 pag de free y shares, entre ellos el spectral..... ... ugin8.html
Jorge Ruiz
#943 por Jorge Ruiz el 24/04/2005
Parece que al fin vuelve TbT después de su "mosqueo", nuevo limitador gratuito: ...
#944 por XMontour el 24/04/2005
Alguien escribió:

Parece que al fin vuelve TbT después de su "mosqueo", nuevo limitador gratuito: ...

Daniel ha vuelto.......Oeoeoeoeoeooeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeo...Antes del mosqueo estaba preparando este y su hermano mayor....De lo mejor de Mondo virtual...Un saludikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
#945 por texvo el 24/04/2005
¿y por que se habia mosquedo? ¿se pued saber? ¿tengo que buscarlo en google?
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