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#31 por baltardesign el 19/06/2013
me da la sensación de que no tiene "sensibilidad " por el momento, también necesitas abrir el xml de los bancos para reconocer los canales. lo bueno es que parecen general modo, lo malo que son de los que pesan, asi que ojito con la ram xD
#32 por brote el 29/12/2013
Seguro que mas de uno ya lo conoce, es una aplicacion que utilizo bastante como analizador de espectro y espectrograma standalone.
Incluye otras funciones que vale la pena descubrir.

buenas fiestas!
José GDF
#33 por José GDF el 30/12/2013
No conocía este hilo, me suscribo para seguirlo y si encuentro cosas interesantes, me paso por aquí.
#34 por baltardesign el 08/01/2014
Baudline lo probé hace un tiempo... en este artículo hay 3 analizadores más ;)
#35 por baltardesign el 05/03/2014
Bueno, todos lo conoceréis (lleva en activo desde el año 2000), pero yo acabo de conocerlo, por lo que lo pongo aquí:

Psycle. Tracker GPL multiplataforma.

Alguien escribió:
PSYCLE is a Music Creation Studio, using a tracker interface.
It can be used to make any type of music, using either its native plugins (synths and effects), VST2 plugins (synths and effects), internal sampler and effects and .wav files through the sampler.
#36 por baltardesign el 06/03/2014
Publicado DrumGizmo 0.9.4

Su equipo también está preparando una charla para el Linux Audio Conference.
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#37 por vagar el 06/12/2015
Pere Ràfols actualiza su suite de plugins EQ10Q:

Alguien escribió:
I’m proud to announce that EQ10Q has finally reached a release version. After an intensive testing in my own recording studio EQ10Q plugins have obtained a production-ready state. Stability and performance have been proved under various mixing sessions. Furthermore, the features included in the plugin bundle provides the flexibility to overcome most audio dynamics and frequency processing needs.

This release includes the following new features:

Mid/Side matrix plugins
(CS10QM & CS10QM) Added Feedback compression mode (side-chain signal is picked from output instead of input)
Added mid/side modes in EQ10Q stereo versions
GUI optimizations
Improved FFT drawings
Added dry/wet in dynamics plugins (compressor and gate)
Added zoom and scroll for the eq plot window

I strongly recommend to every user to upgrade to EQ10Q 2.0. Start enjoining the new features and the first stable release of these plugins.
#38 por Epiphone el 05/04/2017
polyphone , disponible para Debian Jessie 32 y 64 bit y
Ubuntu Xenial 32 y 64 bit

Enlace para descargar
Wilson Wilson
#39 por Wilson Wilson el 30/04/2017
Drumgizmo han publicado la version 0.93 con Diskstreaming y limite de memoria. Aparte, ayer han publicado un nuevo kit de bateria.

Alguien escribió:
CrocellKit is here!!!
No rest for the wicked at the DrumGizmo camp! We've cooked up an entirely new drumkit for you guys to try out. And it coincides perfectly with the implementation of diskstreaming in the recently released DrumGizmo 0.9.13. Why? Because this kit is a whopper! Taking up no less than 8.4 GB of space, this is by far the most thoroughly sampled kit we've ever created. Just the snare alone consist of almost 100 different hits. 100!!!

You can listen to a sample of the kit here

And, when you've managed to clean up some space on your harddrive, download the kit HERE!

A special thanks goes out to the Danish metal band Crocell who just so happens to celebrate their 10th anniversary today! One of the finest death metal acts on Danish soil. Also thank you to Jacob of JBOSound, who generously let us into the studio one evening, after the guys had wrapped up drum recordings for their upcoming album.
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