Tecnica de mezcla ideal para Hats, Shake and high freq.

#1 por Matias Mannelli. el 23/09/2013
Hola foro de hispasonic, vengo aca en busca de ayuda soy productor uso Fl Studio 11 y estoy buscando el mejor sonido posible nesecito consejos para la mezcla de hats, ¿que recomiendan? a demas de lo clasico (EQ Parametrico, Reverb [Si hace falta], Transmodulador {Sonnox en mi caso}) quiero que tengan profundidad darle la magia del techno esa contundencia sin sacarle protagonismo al kick, estuve experimentando con Stereo Imager de Izotope Ozone 5 y saco buen sonido pero si se escucha en un solo parlante es muy pobre noto que las grandes producciones no sufren ese tipo de problemas, me gustaria entender mejor el funcionamiento de las frecuencias altas para sacarle el mejor sonido posible.
#2 por Matias Mannelli. el 24/09/2013
¿Enserio nadie puede aconsejarme respecto a como mezclar los hats de la mejor forma posible para que suenen como a todos nos gusta en el techno?. :S
#3 por --26171-- el 24/09/2013
Can you explain more about this issue?
#4 por Matias Mannelli. el 24/09/2013
I want to learn the BEST WAY for adquire HQ Hats, Shakes etc just that, i cant conform just with a "EQ Parametirq" or "Exciters" and dont like so much the "stereo imager"... how is the trick?
#5 por --26171-- el 24/09/2013
matias.mannelli escribió:
how is the trick?

The trick is a brick:

#6 por Matias Mannelli. el 24/09/2013
#7 por --447838-- el 24/09/2013
:juas: Lo de Hispa de ... :hispasonic: ... What does you better believe it means?

From lost to the river...

Alguien escribió:
I deal with real drums far more than canned ones, so I'm no expert here. But i'm not sure why hi-hats pose a particular challenge?

These techniques are the same as i would use for any instrument that was standing out too much in the mix:

•If they are too bright, roll some high end off.

•If they sound too "up-front" add some small room ambience until they start "moving back" in the mix.

•If there are only occasional hits that jump out of the mix, but the rest of the track is ok, compress the shit out of it using a high threshold, short attack, and a very high ratio.

•If they don't sound like "part of the kit" run the whole kit through into a stereo subgroup and use compression and a bit of room on the whole thing.

•If the HH is being triggered by a midi sequencer, see if limiting the triggering velocity changes the tone in a useful way. Once it's recorded as audio, you can always raise the volume back up.

Perhaps it lies within the compression of your mix.

If you're mixing the rest of the beat with a high release ratio before adding your hi hats, they're bound to stand out from the rest of the mix.

However, if you're compressing your mix with your hi hats added for the first time, having a high attack rate will bring the hats out more forward, whereas having a high release rate will set them back in the mix.

I suggest compressing with a very high release to set your hi hats into the mix comfortably.
#8 por Matias Mannelli. el 24/09/2013
Thanks Dude good trick!
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