#1 por Granjuan el 14/09/2016
Buenas tardes, familia.
Tenemos nueva actualización.
¿La ha probado alguien ya?
Estoy en el trabajo y no puedo probarla hasta que no llegue esta noche a casa.
Os dejo a continuacion el anuncio oficial:

he following improvements are included in Maschine 2.4.7:

Sampler: new slicer layout, ‘Mono’ apply option, nonblocking sample analysis, snap-to-nearest transient slicer feature.
Scene Linking: Easily make changes to repeated Scenes across your entire Project
Mono Audio Input Support
Audio / MIDI Activity Visual Feedback in Maschine software
When connecting a Maschine controller will always focus on an available Maschine instance instead of MIDI mode / Controller editor.
Anonymous usage data tracking
Bug fixes

Fixed Issues in 2.4.7:

Arpeggiator could pause when restarting playback in Logic X.
Arpeggiator volume could increase when activating Hold.
Fixed a number of scenarios where the Loop behaved inconsistently. DrumSynth: FractalTom sometimes stopped generating audio after fast pad hits.
Loading a Group while on Macro page does not switch the focus to Master any more.
iMaschine 2 import: Effects could sound different in Maschine
In rare situations in the Group list, Drag n Drop could start scrolling uncontrollably.
MASCHINE STUDIO: In rare cases encoder assignment would get stuck to a sound when pressing Browse.
MASCHINE STUDIO: Step mode zooms out to display all octaves after clearing Pattern.
MASCHINE STUDIO: Step mode in Keyboard mode now focusses on the correct octave for empty Patterns.
MASCHINE STUDIO: Controller could become unresponsive when using the Grid page in combination with the Step mode.
Numerous bug fixes
#2 por pimpinelo el 18/09/2016
El manual addendum en español no lo han sacado todavía, no?
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