Bye bye Lemur

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Liine comunica que ha detenido el desarrollo de la app y que dejara de estar disponible en la app store el 01-09-22, según sus propias palabras era ya insostenible y lo mantenían por cariño, más que por el provecho que obtenían.

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Lemur development has stopped and the app will be removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store on 01 September 2022.

It was a difficult decision to make but one for which the time had come.

Collectively our team have been working with Lemur in its various iterations since as far back as 2005 when the original multitouch hardware version was released, before the birth of the iPhone and when touchscreens could only track a single touch. Bringing the Lemur to iOS and Android and helping to democratise and make affordable this kind of advanced music control via touch was a dream that we were thrilled to accomplish. From watching Daft Punk in the pyramid to witnessing the first ever live jam between Earth and orbit, working with Lemur has been full of inspiring firsts. The list of notable artists and performances featuring Lemur in one of its incarnations is simply too numerous to list here. It's a tool which has facilitated and inspired and we are constantly humbled by the tens of thousands of users who continue to use Lemur in their daily sound design, composition and performance practice.

Unfortunately, the realities of business mean that Lemur was always a labour of love and we’ve reached a point where this is simply no longer sustainable. In recent years the core partners have been focussing on their new journeys and taking care of Lemur became something we did in our spare time. Now we must move on. We wanted to bow out as gracefully as possible so, in this final year, we strove to update Lemur to full compatibility with the latest versions of iOS and MacOS. We hope that this will allow as many of our users as possible a generous margin of time to transition to their next control setup. If you wish to continue using Lemur please be sure to update the app before we take it off the store. Once Lemur is removed from the store, there’s sadly no way we can help you update.

Of course, we would be delighted if Lemur found yet another way to live on and any serious inquiries can be directed to us by email at For now though, It’s been an honour serving this community of musicians and creators and we must bid our marsupial friend of studio and stage farewell.
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El palanganero del bobo
#3 por El palanganero del bobo el 30/07/2022
Recuerdo cuando JazzMutant anunció su revolucionario producto: Lemur un controlador MIDI programable con pantalla táctil; unos adelantados a su época. ¡Quién les iba a dedir que poco después Apple iba a sacar un producto llamado iPad!
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Si, también lo recuerdo. Tenía ún precio bastante elevado. Cuando salió recuerdo tener muchas ganas de uno, después con el tiempo y como tú dices llegaron los iPads y se acabó la exclusividad.

La verdad es que es un entorno muy flexible, pero me desencantó bastante cuando lo probé finalmente, por la experiencia tactil y porque no encontraba la edición demasiado cómoda
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