Cambiar valvula del teclado korg sv1

#1 por JOSE PASTOR el 01/10/2012
alguien me puede ayudar?
he intentado cambiar la valvula del korg sv 1 y es complicado, solo quitando el plastico se puede? o hay que desmontar algo mas?
los dedos no caben y es incomodo, hay algun video o instrucciones?
#2 por supertorpe el 01/10/2012
Echa un vistazo a este hilo. Parece ser que tienes que desmontar el teclado. Esto es lo que comenta una persona que trabaja en el servicio técnico para Korg y otras marcas:

YES - the tubes often die/crack/explode - not sure why, bad batching? I've replaced almost 10 in the past year.
NO - The tube cannot be changed from the front!
YES - the valve "window" screws still do need to come out, as they hold the valve-unit (PCB & cradle) in place underneath the front panel.
YES - The keyboard needs to be somewhat dismantled, but not as big a job as previous posts have suggested, Approx 25 screws on the base board gets the keyboard opened and into the valve unit within 10-15 minutes.
YES - Opening the keyboard/changing the valve yourself VOIDS warranty !!!
YES - there is an alignment procedure once the valve is replaced, to match the levels between "regular" and "amp modeler" modes..
NO - It isn't always a broken valve when the "cutout fault" occurs, there can be any assortment of issues with input/output components & connections around the valve drive board for a start.
#3 por JOSE PASTOR el 01/10/2012
Gracias, mirare que dicen.
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