¡Me encanta esta mujer! ¡Vive en el paraíso!

#16 por --31852-- el 21/05/2005
¡¡¡Ole cómo suena el OB12!!!
#17 por --31852-- el 21/05/2005
¿Y qué me decís de las medidas de seguridad del estudio?

#18 por --31852-- el 21/05/2005
SYSTEM A -- Project development and production
Studio power

* Equi=Tech ET5W-Q hard-wired balanced AC power distribution system with upgraded transformer
* Furman AR1215 Line Voltage Regulator/Conditioner (2 units)
* Security system

Main Workstation

* Omnirax ProStation workdesk with 4 equipment bays
* Omnirax Pro316 and Pro20 slanted rack systems
* QuikLok 699 triple-tier keyboard stands and various double-tiers
* Alesis RA-100 amplifiers (2 units) with Alesis Monitor Ones and Monitor Twos
* Mackie HR824 active reference monitors
* Power Macintosh beige G3 300MHz serial port minitower
* 4 networked Opcode Studio 4 interfaces for 512 MIDI channels
* Anatek 8-Way StudioMerge and MIDI Solutions QuadraMerges

MIDI input and alternative MIDI controllers

* Hardware MIDI Sequencers
o Latronic Notron MkII
o Manikin Electronics Schrittmacher
o Roland MC-80EX with hard drive and GS sounds
o Sequentix P3, custom built by Modulus Electronics
o Sequentix P3 by Colin Fraser, production version
o Yamaha RM1x
* Alesis SR16 Drum Machine (external sync as necessary)
* Anatek Wind Machine with Yamaha BC2 (2 systems)
* Buchla and Associates Lightning II wand controller
* Buchla Thunder with back-up memory cards
* E-mu Launch Pad
* Interactive Light Dimension Beam (3 units)
o used with Anatek Pocket Transpose & Mappers
* Keyfax Phatboy controller
* Korg KAOSS v.1 and KP2 multi-effects/controller pads
* Kurzweil ExpressionMate ribbon controller
* MidiVox voice-to-MIDI-Converter, used with Anatek Pocket Curve
* Oberheim Cyclone arpeggiator
* Oberheim Drummer pattern/fill generator
* Oberheim Strummer guitar simulator
* Peavey PC-1600x fader box (2 units)
* Roland HPD-15 HandSonic Percussion Pad
* Starr Labs VRX-II black guitar controller with trigger bars
* Starr Labs VRX-III blue guitar controller with string triggers
* Yamaha WX5 Wind Controller
* uberHamster-Pro Kung Fu master MIDI timing source

Synths and modules

* Access Virus Original
* Access Virus B
* Access Virus C Indigo2
* Access Virus C Indigo2 limited edition "Redback"
* Alesis D4 Drum Module
* Alesis A6 Andromeda
* Alesis Ion
* Alesis Micron
* Alesis QuadraSynth Plus (2 units), all Quadra- and Q-Cards
* Alesis QSR
* Alesis SR16 Drum Machine
* Big Briar signed early Etherwave theremin with CV-out and Moog TB-15 amplifier
* Big Briar 91C concert theremin, black finish with gold-plated antennae and smoked plexiglass speaker
* Casio CZ-1 Phase Distortion synth
* Clavia Nord Lead 12-voices, Clavia library cards
* Clavia Nord Lead 2X
* Clavia Nord Lead 3
* Dave Smith Instruments Evolver (2 units)
* Dave Smith Instruments PolyEvolver Keyboard
* Elektron MachineDrum
* Elektron SidStation
* E-mu Procussion
* E-mu Morpheus Z-Plane Synth, all E-mu PCM/library cards
* E-mu MPS Plus Orchestral KB, all E-mu library cards
* E-mu Orbit V2 the Dance Planet
* E-mu Planet Earth
* E-mu Planet Phatt
* E-mu UltraProteus, all E-mu PCM/library cards
* E-mu Vintage Keys Plus
* FutureRetro 777 monophonic analog synth
* Kawai K5000S, memory-expanded with Kawaii sound library
* Korg Electribe-A
* Korg Electribe-R
* Korg MS2000
* Korg 03R/W (2 units), all Korg PCM/library card sets
* Korg Prophecy Solo Synth
* Korg Wavestation A/D (2 units), all Korg PCM/library card sets
* Korg Wavestation EX
* Korg Wavestation SR, all Korg SR-PCM card sets
* Korg X5DR module
* Korg Z1-EX with Korg memory card
* Kurzweil Micro-Piano
* Modulus Electronics Monowave (last of 30 units made)
* Moog Music customized Signature Edition Minimoog Voyager (KB)
* Moog Music Anniversary Edition Minimoog Voyager (KB)
* Novation A-Station
* Novation BassStation Keyboard
* Novation BassStation Rack
* Novation DrumStation v.2
* Novation K-Station
* Novation SuperBassStation
* Oberheim Matrix 1000 (2 units)
* Oberheim Xpander (2 units, latest updates, 1 with external audio input mod)
* Peavey Spectrum Bass, 6-voice expanded
* Peavey Spectrum Synth
* Quasimidi Polymorph morph-sequencing synth
* Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309 rhythm synth with expansions
* Roland D-550 L.A. Synthesizer (2 units) with PG-1000 Programmer
* Roland JD-800 with all 8 Roland PCM/library card sets
* Roland JD-990 with Vintage Synth expansion board
* Roland JP-8000
* Roland JP-8080 with memory card
* Roland MC-505 Groovebox with memory card
* Roland SC-880 rackmount Sound Canvas
* Roland SH-32 Wave Synthesizer
* Roland U-220 with all 15 Roland PCM cards
* Studio Electronics ATC-1 with cartridge selector and 4 filters
* Studio Electronics SE-1x (2 units)
* Viscount "Oberheim" OB12
* Waldorf Pulse Monosynth: 5 Pulse units and 1 Pulse Plus
* Waldorf Q (32 voices): blue with wood ends
* Waldorf MicroWave II
* Waldorf MicroWave XTk
* Yamaha AN1x
* Yamaha FS1R
* Yamaha VL-70m with Patchman TURBO-VL ROM upgrade

Effects and special-purpose processors

* Alesis 3630 Compressor/Limiter/Gate
* Alesis Ineko Desktop Effects Processor
* Alesis Nanoverb
* Alesis Quadraverb 2 (version 2) multi-effects (2 units)
* Alesis Wedge desktop reverb (2 units)
* Antares Systems ATR-1 Auto-Tune Intonation Processor
* ART FX-1 Processor
* Moog Music MoogerFoogers (with custom black-finished wood):
o CP-251 Control Processor
o MF-101 Lowpass Filter
o MF-102 Ring Modulator
o MF-103 Phaser
o MF-104 Analog Delay
o MF-105 MuRF Multiple Resonance Filter Array
o VX-351 Voyager CV Expander
* BBE 882 Sonic Maximizer
* Boss SE-70 multi-effects (2 units)
* Boss SX-700 multi-effects
* Boss VF-1 multi-effects
* dbx 1066 compressor/limiter/gate
* dbx 1086 mic processor with analog and digital I/O
* Digitech Studio Vocalist v.2 with digital I/O
* Electrix FilterFactory analog filter
* Electrix Mo-FX time synchronized effects
* Electrix Repeater loop/phrase Sampler
* Electrix Warp Factory vocoder
* FMR Audio RNC--Really Nice Compressor
* Korg KAOSS KP2 multi-effects pad (also listed as a MIDI controller)
* Lexicon JamMan Digital Delay/Looper with full 32s. memory
* Lexicon LXP-1 and Reflex reverbs
* Lexicon LXP-5 effects
* Lexicon MPX1 Multi-Effects
* Lexicon MRC Controller
* Lexicon Vortex multi-effects with a custom-built desktop controller
* Mutronics Mutator with MIDI board
* Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro with 198s. memory and foot controller
* Roger Linn Designs AdrenaLinn (with version II upgrade)
* Sherman Filterbank 2 analog filter unit
* Sony HR-MP5 multi-effects
* T.C. Electronics Finalizer Plus mastering processor
* T.C. Electronics FireworX multi-effects
* T.C. Electronics M-One dual effects processor
* T.C. Electronics D-Two multitap rhythm delay
* T.C. Electronics Triple-C stereo compressor

Recording equipment

* Audio-Technica AT4050 and AT4033 large-diaphragm condenser mics
* Roland VS-1680 with 2 FX cards and CDRW-II
* Roland VS-1880's (3), 2FX cards each and CDRW-II
* Roland DS-90 Monitors for digital speaker modeling
* Tascam DA-30 and DA-30MkII DAT decks
* Tascam 122mkIII high-performance stereo cassette
* Tascam 202mkII dual cassette dubbing deck
* Tascam PortaStudio 5 for direct-to-mp3 recording
* HHb CDR-800 compact disc recorder
* HHb CDR-830Plus compact disc recorder

SYSTEM B -- Internet use and preliminary composition

* Omnirax ProStation, Jr. workdesk with 3 equipment bays
* Power Macintosh G3: 2nd unit, with external firewall and DSL modem
* Opcode Studio 5LX MIDI interface

SYSTEM C -- The "Composing Corner"

* Macintosh G3 Minitower (3rd unit)
* 3 Macintosh G3 "Wallstreet" Powerbooks
* Roland SK-88 Pro and other SC-series modules
* Original "maxWerk" composing program described below

SYSTEM D -- On-the-go composition and communication

* Macintosh G3 "Pismo" PowerBook with all Apple accessory devices
* Original MIDI composing/arranging software described below
* Roland SC-8820 USB 64-voice Sound Canvas
* Ear Buds, USB reading light, optical mouse, USB CD burner, carry bag

Other studio equipment

* Mackie LM-3204 mixers (3) with 1 Expander
* Mackie MS 1202VLZ sub-mixers (3)
* Behringer RX1602 Euro-Rack sub-mixers (8)
* Boss MX-10 and miscellaneous other sub-mixers
* Mackie CR-1604 mixer fed by line mixers and all playback equipment
* Rane SM26B (mix mode) routing audio to Monitor Two's for room listening
* Roland PMA-5 Personal Music Assistant with power supply
* Open phones: Beyer DT990 Pro, Sennheiser HD580
* Sealed phones: AKG 270S (2 pairs), Audio-Technica ATH-M40, Beyer DT770 Pro, Sony MDR-7506
* Wireless phones: Sennheiser RS-80
* Alesis RA-100 reference amplifier (2nd unit) with Alesis Monitor Two's
* Re-an 48-point balanced patchbays
* Anatek Pocket Products galore, 5 Ensoniq MIDI-bugs

* and Wally the authentic Norwegian rack troll
#19 por --31852-- el 21/05/2005
A todo esto, el polvazo no se lo quita nadie :oops:

#20 por pop el 21/05/2005
Tener tantas opciones me parece que tiene que ser contraproducente a la hora de crear.
¿Como cojones afrontas un tema nuevo con tantas posibilidades? Te lías hombre...
Este estudio estaría bien para un colectivo de artistas... ¿pero para una persona???
¿como decides si a una canción le pegaría más un roland jp 800 o un jp 990?
¿con que voy a procesar este trozo de voz, con la Lexicon LXP-5 o con la MPX1?

anda hombre por dios, para que tantas movidas.
#21 por pop el 21/05/2005
eso si, los macintosh los tiene bien antiguos.
con tres g5 sería suficiente, y no tendría que tener 7 ordenadores...
#22 por loflipas el 21/05/2005
Estará muy buena e incluso puede que haga muy buena música, pero está enferma. Tiene que ir a un psicólogo. Tiene el síndrome de Diógenes pero con los teclados.
#23 por Nixforf el 21/05/2005
Halaaa!!! seguro que luego los temas los hace con VST´s
#24 por superchulo el 21/05/2005
Cuando veis en la tele las buenorras esas sobre los descapotables... de verdad pensais que el carro es suyo? Eso solo pasa con la Mazagatos, chavales! La tipa esta lo que tiene es una maquina de rayos UVA en el salón.
#25 por kosi_lópez el 21/05/2005
Cueder escribió:
kosi_lópez jeje mu bueno!! no te quedarías ninguno al menos? algo si no?...

Me quedaria con la casa. Venderia todos los sintes a mitad de precio y a la tia la echaria a patadas.

Que se vaya a tocar al metro ¡¡¡
#26 por kosi_lópez el 21/05/2005
Veo en la foto un Handsonic.

Daria pelas por verle tocar el Handsonic, de veras.

Sera hortera la tia.
#27 por mrBEAT! el 21/05/2005
Alguien escribió:
La tipa esta lo que tiene es una maquina de rayos UVA en el salón.

#28 por wartrack el 21/05/2005
Jode, no me cabía duda de que era un travesti, pero me he estado fijando en la foto q ha mandado prince, y a pesar de tener sus 45 aún le quedan unos cuantos cartuchos por disparar! :wink:
#29 por mrBEAT! el 21/05/2005
sí, yo tb creo que se guarda un cartucho en algún sitio...
#30 por --13029-- el 22/05/2005
.. tiene Joiystick (o como se escriba) ... seguro
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