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Niet. Error de permiso. Por algún motivo te redirecciona al foro... y es curioso porque algo me dice que ya trae el Bridge...

je je je...


Coñi!! :shock: Entonces es que me han dado algun tipo de permiso, es que me mandaron un mail que dice: Serato would like to invite you to join the Serato Scratch Live 2.1 Invite Only Beta Program. porque si no no me explico vamos, en el foro de la pagina oficial del ScratchLive, he posteado en el Español y al parecer nadie puede bajarlo tampoco, que cosa mas extraña :-k , y digo extraña porque si me meto en el foro normal, esta la parte donde dice que es Public Beta 1, osea que en teoria se deberia de poder bajar, en fin, de todas maneras aun no lo he probado, solo lo he instalado y al parecer por lo que he leido, aun no trae el Bridge, te pego el contenido para que lo veas:

Scratch Live 2.1.0 Public Beta 1 - Release Notes and Downloads

Welcome to Scratch Live 2.1 (21037) Public Beta 1. Scratch Live 2.1 is the latest in the 2.x series, featuring brand new DJ-FX (including Echo Out), plus many more enhancements, refinements and bug fixes.

What's new in 2.1:

New DJ-FX Features

- Added New Ultra Knob Effects. Each FX unit now has two control modes - Ultra Knob Mode and Super Knob mode, both of which can be fully customized. In Ultra Knob mode you can load more advanced effects such as "Echo Out" and "Brake Out" - and just like the Super Knob you can Edit, Create and Save new Ultra Knob Effects yourself.

- Added a "Beats" control to the DJ-FX Panel. This control sets the BPM for the effects unit in Ultra Knob and Super Knob Modes.

- The DJ-FX Knobs now have a new look so you can easily see their position from a distance.

Here is an Ultra Knob Effect Pack to use with Scratch Live 2.1:
(Download and unzip contents into your Music\ScratchLive\Effects\ Folder)

Other DJ-FX Changes

- Added new Auto Fader and Fader effects which can be used to create UltraKnob effects. These can be used to create "Post Fader" Ultra Knob effects.

- Changed the Reverser and Repeater effects. Now they have the max 'beats' value of 8/1 and and count parameters 0 - 7, infinite (∞) and random.

- The Reverser will now play forward for half its beats time and then reverse that audio and play that back 'count' amount of times.

- Optimized effects and effects selection. This should reduce the chance of a dropout when swapping out certain effects.

- Added popup menu categories for the Super Knob DJ-FX.

- Fixed bug when saving effects presets where it was not obvious that entering a name then pressing "Save" instead of "Save As..." would overwrite the current effect preset. The save button is now disabled in this situation to avoid confusion.

- Fixed bug where tapping a tempo could stop the phaser and flanger resyncing its LFO when switched on.

- Fixed bugs with DJ-FX menu selection being empty if the preset XML was deleted while Scratch Live was closed. (It should have defaulted to an effect).

- Improved efficiency of LFO based effects, especially on start up.

- Fixed bug where the Braker, Reverser and Repeater effects were running at half the specified Beats value.

- The DJ-FX panel will now stay open across a USB disconnect/reconnect.

- Fixed bug where repeater would repeat when chance was set to 0.


- The TTM 57SL control assign menus are now categorized to make assigning of controls easier.

- Fixed bug where swapping from the TTM57-SL in Scratch Live to other Rane hardware could result in the Hardware panel staying visible.

SL 3

- You can now use keyboard shortcuts to control the Aux Deck on the SL 3. When using 3 decks, pressing the ~ key on your keyboard will toggle focus between Decks 1+2 and the Aux deck. When the Aux deck has focus, the left deck keyboard shortcuts will apply to the Aux Deck.

MIDI Controllers

- Fixed bug on the Denon HC-1000S where quickly changing groups could result in the LEDs going out.

- Fixed bug where the CDJ-400 could not be set to WIDE pitch slider mode when connected to Scratch Live.

- Fixed Denon HC-4500 bug where pressing the param knob when the crate window had focus would load a track instead of returning focus to the library panel.

- Fixed autolooping on the Numark DMC 2.

- Fixed bug where the INT Mode pitch sliders were reversed if assigned to Relative Control Change MIDI events.

- Fixed bug where switching to the Files of History view using a MIDI controller while on the setup screen could cause incorrect buttons to appear on screen.

- Fixed bug where INT Mode pitch sliders could not reach 0% with absolute MIDI controls.

SP-6 Sample Player

- Fixed bug where the SP-6 mute buttons did not work correctly.

- Fixed bug where SP-6 would not correctly mute low sample rate tracks.

- Fixed bug where SP-6 master mute could never be turned off.

- Fixed SP6 buttons flashing/strobing on mouse down events.


- History for the Sixty-Eight now detects whether a track has been "played" using the mixer fader positions and channel assignments.

- Fixed problems where sometimes Auto BPM would detect half or doubled BPMs.

- Improved the speed of scrolling through the Crates window.

- Improved the speed of Analyzing Files.

- Added the ability to drag a history period or session to an existing crate to add it's contents.

- Fixed bug where when opening the column select menu while Video-SL was open, the column select menu would become unusable.

- Fixed bug where Remixer rules in Smart Crates would be lost after restarting Scratch Live.

- Fixed bug where LiveFeed tracks could be deleted.

- Fixed bug where crate update/eject buttons and edit boxes would not appear in the correct position after horizontally scrolling the crates view.

- Fixed bug where changing selection in the browse container could clear all filtering from the current crate.

- Fixed bug where scanning ID3 tags could empty out non-live updating Smart Crates.

- Fixed issue when reordering tracks by drag and drop while the order is reversed.

- Fixed bug where tracks imported from the Files panel by using the cmd/ctrl + left or right arrow where cleared from the Scratch Live database on exit.

- Fixed bug where GUI did not update after a Move/Copy of files.

- Fixed bug where using keyboard shortcuts to play the next track could lead to a hang, if all tracks in a crate where missing.

- Fixed bug where the history export panel would not display if the Live playlists option was ticked.

- Fixed bug where deleting an inherited track from a crate would cause the creation of a (safe) crate and give a crate reading error on start up.

- Fixed bug where using the "expand library on track scroll" option and opening the column select menu could make the select menu unusable on library collapse.

- Fixed possible rare crash on track load.

Other Changes

- Added a fix for the problem where the SL 1 and TTM 57SL would dropout constantly on new Intel Macs.

- Fixed bug where setting a loop in the 'A' slot would create a loop in the first unlocked slot.

- Fixed bug where sometimes there would be distortion in recordings from the Rane Sixty-Eight.

- Fixed keylock audio glitches on low sample rate tracks (tracks low than 44.1k).

- You can now navigate the DJ-FX and TTM 57SL popup menus with the keyboard.

- Fixed bug where pressing rewind or fast forward with keyboad short cuts would not release on key up.

- Fixed flickering of autoloop selection select controls.

- Fixed hang on Mac when using tooltips and clicking on the color selector.

- The Hi-Fi Resampler is now on by default.

- Fixed bug where decks 3 and 4 did not correctly apply auto gain.

- Fixed bug where playlists progress bars would appear behind History buttons when not in use.

- Fixed issues when changing the selected library panel (e.g. History, Files etc), panels could unexpectedly close leaving GUI artifacts behind (such as buttons, labels etc).

- Fixed bug on Mac when using the Rane Sixty-Eight where out putting audio through a deck could lead to unassigned decks out putting identical audio.

- Fixed bug where horizontal waveforms were off-centre.

- Fixed GUI bug where the red autoloop MIDI assign border would show in offline mode.

Running more than one version of Scratch LIVE:

If you use the same computer you use at gigs with this Beta version, you must keep a known stable version of Scratch LIVE on your computer to use at gigs.

Installing this Beta version will by default overwrite any previous version you had installed, however it is easy to have more than one version of Scratch LIVE installed if you wish.

Here's how to do it:

PC Users - before installing, find the ScratchLIVE executable (by default it is in C:\Program files\Serato\ScratchLIVE, and rename it - for example call it ScratchLIVE 2.0.0.exe. When you install the new version, the old executable will not be deleted, and you can choose which you want to run by going into that folder and double clicking on the executable. You can still do this if you have already installed the 2.1 Beta - just rename the executable to ScratchLIVE 2.1 Beta.exe, and then reinstall the version you were previously running.

Mac users - before installing, rename the existing application file as above (like "Scratch LIVE 2.0.0") - you have to be admin to rename it. (If you aren't admin, you can copy it to another location, and then rename it.) Even though the 2.1 Beta version is already named to indicate which version it is, you need to change the name to stop it being overwritten by the next version you install, for example by changing "Beta_1" to "2.1B1".

Backing up your data:

Before you make any changes to your Scratch Live setup, including installing a new version, as a general rule we highly recommend that you backup your data and your music files, especially with a BETA VERSION. The easiest way to backup your data is to simply copy your Scratch LIVE folder to another location on the drive:

- For the drive that contains "My Documents" (or your Home drive on Mac), just copy the ScratchLIVE folder which is in "My Documents\My Music\" to another location on this drive. Alternatively make a copy of the folder where it already is and rename it by adding the date to the folder name so you know what's in the backup.

- To back up the database and crates from an external drive, copy the _ScratchLIVE_ folder (which is in the root of the drive) into another folder on the same drive.


Remember, this is a pre-release software version, so use it at your own risk!

Ultra Knob Effect Pack: (Unzip contents into your Music\ScratchLive\Effects\ Folder)

Before using the beta, please ensure that you have backed up your data!
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Por otra parte, en el acceso directo del mail que me han enviado, cuando entro me redirecciona a esto: Aun no me he puesto a leermelo detenidamente pero.

Scratch Live 2.1 Invite-Only Beta Guidelines

Welcome to the Scratch LIVE 2.1 Invite-Only beta area - here's what you need to know:

If you are reading this, that means you have been invited to the Scratch Live 2.1 beta.
You have been selected because your feedback during previous beta periods has been helpful and we'd like your input again.

This area will be open for the duration of the invite-only beta. This area will contain the beta downloads, and we will also manage feedback in this area. This area will only be visible if you are logged in and it will only be visible to members of the invite beta.

Please remember, by accepting the agreement to enter this area, you have agreed to restrict discussion of the Scratch Live 2.1 invite beta to this forum area. Do not discuss features or share any information with anyone outside of this area.

There are some very specific requests, guidelines and rules for anyone who participates in the beta, and you will have had to agree to these rules in order to be reading this message.


- The beta should be treated as unstable.
Do not use it at your gig, only test the beta if you can afford to have the system fail on you in some way. Keep a backup of your data - including song files, and Scratch LIVE data. We've been beta testing 2.1 for some time already, but we make no guarantees, it is still a beta. Requests for help with already released versions posted in this area will be ignored. If you have a support issue with any of the versions previous to 2.1, post them in the help area and we'll help you out.

- The beta is feature-complete.
Meaning that we won't be adding anything new to 2.1 once the beta is released. All work will be on fixing bugs. Feature suggestions posted in this area will be ignored ... but that doesn't mean we don't want them, just that we want them in the feature suggestions area. However, if you do have a specific complaint about a new feature in 2.1, please DO post it in the beta area.

- Please be as descriptive as possible.
Every post should describe the scenario under which the bug occurred, what operating system you are using, what type of machine, and any other relevant information. Please try to name the thread in a way that clearly describes the problem. For more detailed guidelines to follow please see the "Tips on providing beta feedback" thread in this forum area.

- Keep to one topic per thread, and stay on topic.
Please don't be offended if we ask you to start a new thread for an issue that you mention in a thread started by someone else, it's not hard to do and it will help keep the Beta process running smoothly.

We will be ruthless in locking threads that veer off topic, and bear in mind that the beta area will be going away when the final version is complete, so if an interesting conversation develops, we will move it to the General Discussion area.

- Where possible, verify reported bugs.
If you see someone else reporting a bug, see if you can reproduce it on your system. This will help us to resolve the bug faster, and it will also differentiate between bugs that occur on any machine given a set of circumstances, or if it is specific to one machine.

- Don't be offended if your question goes unanswered.
The moderators who will be reading the public beta areas will be looking for specific things - namely bugs to fix. In many cases this information will be taken back to the lab, dissected, boiled and distilled, all with the intention of fixing the problem. Not every report will be responded to, for several reasons. We might have a good idea what the problem is, and wait until we have a fix, for example. Or there might be several bug reports which we can see are caused by the same underlying bug. If you have a question that isn't about the beta, and it hasn't been answered, post it again in the relevant thread - Help, Feature suggestions or General.

- Why are we doing an invite beta?

There are several reasons to do an invite beta. The number one reason is speed. More people looking for bugs = finding bugs faster = getting started on the next version sooner = more cool stuff = less waiting.

- Why doesn't it have feature xyz?

There is a balance between implementing lots of improvements, and timely releases. We try to keep the changes between each version small so that they come out more often. If it's not in this version, don't think the feature you are after isn't coming. It may well be the first feature to be added to the next version of Scratch Live!

Thanks to everyone who is helping out with this beta - let us know what you think of version 2.1
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Vale, recien he leido algo y efectivamente me han enviado la invitacion por el hecho de haber participado en las ayudas de las betas anteriores y tal, vamos, como una especie de privilegio, tambien dice que no tengo que discutir este tema fuera de esta area :? , osea que gran cag... me he mandado al anunciarla, pero por otra parte si veo que esta en la parte de Public Beta, no entiendo mas nada, raro raro :-k
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ya me pasarás lo que me tengas que pasar por privado.... [-o
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SuRdO escribió:
ya me pasarás lo que me tengas que pasar por privado.... [-o
#36 por ETG el 18/06/2010
Me apunto a probar la 2.1. :D .
#37 por leotronic™ el 18/06/2010
edwardxque escribió:
Me apunto a probar la 2.1. :D .

MP enviado :P
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Em... y para mi no?


Ademas tengo algo que comentaros...


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Em... y para mi no?


Ademas tengo algo que comentaros...



:hell: :secreto:

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edwardxque escribió:
Me apunto a probar la 2.1. :D .

MP enviado :P

Nunca fallas =D> .
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Uoo podrias pasarmelo ami tambien? yo no hablo mucho pero siempre leeo las conversaciones que teneis jeje!!
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dj saimon mas escribió:
Uoo podrias pasarmelo ami tambien? yo no hablo mucho pero siempre leeo las conversaciones que teneis jeje!!

Tienes un MP :yeah:

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Muchas gracias leotronic
leotronic escribió:
dj saimon mas escribió:
Uoo podrias pasarmelo ami tambien? yo no hablo mucho pero siempre leeo las conversaciones que teneis jeje!!

Tienes un MP :yeah:

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leotronic, podias pasarmelo a mi tambien y asi pruebo haber que tal.

Un Saludo
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leotronic, podias pasarmelo a mi tambien y asi pruebo haber que tal.

Un Saludo

Ya lo tienes :wink:
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