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#1 por ArkaNoise el 02/02/2004
Bueno aunq me acabo de enterar ahora, murió x una enfermedad de pulmón en septiembre del pasado año este impresionante virtuoso de la guitarra jazz/fusion. Si soys amantes de la guitarra os lo recomiendo pq era realmente un fuera de serie. Un saludo.

Aqui dejo una breve biografía.
Musician Shawn Lane Dies at Age 40
Guitarist/Musician Shawn Lane has passed away at in a Memphis, TN hospital at the age of 40. Lane died from severe lung complications.

Shawn Lane
21 March 1963, Memphis TN - 26 Sept. 2003

Guitarist Shawn Lane, who progressed from a teenaged hard-rock star to a master of world fusion music, has died after a drastic battle with lung disease. He was forty years old.

Lane began his musical interests very young, studying piano and cello from the age of four. He took up the guitar at eight, and it remained his principal instrument from then on. He quickly became a legend in Memphis' music scene as the feisty young kid began his professional playing and recording career when he was 12. At 14 he was hired into Black Oak Arkansas towards the end of the boogie-rock band's peak of fame. The teen wonder shocked and amazed audiences at stadium shows across the nation. He also performed with the band at Governor Bill Clinton's inauguration.

Four years later Lane quit performing entirely to concentrate on his family and studies. He returned to playing at the age of 20, in the house band of the Peabody Hotel. His growing resume included recordings and gigs with DDT, Joe Walsh, Alex Chilton, Sam & Dave, dc Talk, and country supergroup The Highwaymen. The last association led to his Warner Brothers recording contract and the release of "Powers of Ten" in 1992, along with opportunities for instructional videos and workshops. That year Guitar Player Magazine named Lane their Best New Talent; he also made second place in Keyboard Player Magazine's ranking of keyboard artists.

In 1994 Lane began working with Jonas Hellborg, a phenomenal Swedish bass guitarist who had taken part in the second edition of John McLaughlin's Mahavishnu Orchestra. The two became fast friends and enduring partners, most notably working in trio sessions with various percussionists: Kofi Baker, son of Cream drummer Ginger Baker; Jeff Sipe (Apt. Q-258) from Aquarium Rescue Unit; and the Indian percussion-playing brothers Vinayakram Selvaganesh.

In 1999 Lane released his second album as a leader, "The Tri-Tone Fascination:, on his own Eye Reckon label while keeping up a hectic
schedule with Hellborg. His health problems began in 2001, at which time Lane backed off from performing and folded the label with several sessions unreleased.

In early September 2003 Lane began suffering severe chest pain and underwent various medical tests while preparing for a new album with Hellborg and Ginger Baker. He was expected to remain on oxygen for the remainder of his life, but passed away within a few weeks.

For other information visit the official Shawn
Lane website at:
#2 por Dast el 02/02/2004
bufff si yo entre el otro dia en su web buscando informacion y ponia su fecha de nacimiento y muerte... me quede un poco flaseado, casi no escuche nada de el pero lo que escuche me gusta...
#3 por ArkaNoise el 02/02/2004
Hola Dast, te recomiendo (si es q no lo tienes ya) este disco "MVP - Centrifugal funk" Guitarristas: Shawn Lane, Frank Gambale, TJHeltmerich y al bajo Jimmy Earl. Hubo una segunda parte con Allan Holdsworth a la guitarra junto con estos guitar masters. Ah, MVP significa Mark Varney Project.

Un saludo y a hacer tapping a lo bestia.
#4 por lorudess el 02/02/2004
:shock: :shock: Acabo de entrar y he tenido que mirar 2 veces el hilo para creermelo...otro que se va. Este tio era de otra galaxia, tenía una técnica bestial, algo descomunal y además y más importante es que sonaba muy, muy personal.
Nada más...una lástima y por supuesto seguirá deleitandome con la música que ha dejado.

Un saludo.
#5 por ArkaNoise el 02/02/2004
De estos grandes nunca se sabe cuando se han muerto.. te enteras de casualidad...
#6 por Dast el 03/02/2004
Gracias ArkaNoise tengo la segunda parte de MVP con Allan Holdswort, escuchare la primera a ver que tal...
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