Studio One 3.3 novedades y por fin integarción con Notion

#1 por Oscarini el 25/08/2016
En este momento Presonus esta transmitiendo las novedades de la versión 3.3 de studio one, entre ellas la esperada integración con Notion. :plasplas: :yuju: Para mi es una gran noticia, lo malo es que hay que pasar por caja para actualizar la versión 6 de Notion O_o .

#2 por Oscarini el 25/08/2016
Version 3.3 Release Notes (August 25, 2016):
New features and improvements:

• Integration with Notion 6: transfer audio and note data between Studio One and
Notion, anywhere on your network
• One-click global Effects on/off
• Combined On/Off for multiple selected Effects and Instruments

• Disable Tracks, Instruments or Plug-ins
• New Autofill option for multitrack drum quantization in Slice mode
• New video engines replacing QuickTime
(Win: Microsoft Media Foundation; OS X: AV Foundation)
• Transform tool for note velocity
• Performance improvements for Mix Engine FX
• ¼T added to Quantize grid
• Updated MP3 decoder (compatibility improvements)
• Improved tape-style monitoring
• Copy Track now includes automation
• Resizing notes respects initial mouse offset
• Note events no longer jump when clicked
• Note events no longer played when deleting or lassoing
• New crop events and note selection shortcuts in Music Editor
• Navigate between channels from plug-in header
• Multi Instrument sub outputs now listed in stem export
• Mixdown without master effects state now saved
• [Studio 192 / Studio 192 Mobile] Direct control of Mute, Dim, Talk and speaker selection from Studio One mixer (requires UC Surface 1.8.1)
The following issues have been fixed:
• Extract Audio from Video not working (macOS - 64-bit)
• Crash with Console Shaper
• Missing audio in Melodyne when event is trimmed
• Crash when exporting many audio clips via drag&drop to Browser
• Double-click on a negative bar value in Melodyne ruler starts playback from current
play-cursor position
• Automation does not follow when dragging event to Scratch Pad
• Automation bracket tool is jumpy on certain track heights
• Magnifier tool shortcut (shift+alt) shouldn't toggle snapping
• Add ranges via SHIFT should not deactivate snap
• Extra automation point created when copying
• Part automation of layered parts are lost on merge
• [Win| Switched to dynamic Universal C Runtime (increases number of simultaneous
unique plug-ins)
• Crash when entering faulty ISRC code
• Crash after canceling external instrument bounce
• GUI update very slow when lots of events are in a folder
• “Record Takes" for part automation broken
• Crash after canceling external instrument bounce
• Tooltips missing when changing event volume
• Bus channel order changed after mixdown
• Track within a folder changes position after transform
• Time-stretched audio is shifted by 1 sample on each bounce
• Move folder track under another open folder not possible
• [OS X] GUI glitches with Melodyne 4 on Retina Macs
• Crash when disconnecting external storage
• Crash in Presence XT scripting engine
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