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terratec saca un instrumento vst, complexer

Komplexer has eight macro controllers onboard and features three oscillators, two multi-mode filters, four ADSDSR envelopes, three LFOs, and includes the ability to import Waldorf microQ sounds.

Using the macro controllers, presets can be modified to suit every taste using just eight parameters. Of course, this VST instrument also affords users unrestricted access to all of the sophisticated synthesis engine's 400 parameters. Features such as the arpeggiator and LFO 3's synchronizable user-specific waveform serve to create striking soundscapes that adapt automatically to the given song tempo. The integrated vocoder lets conjure compelling vocal effects.

Key features:

* Virtual analog software synthesizer.
* Wavetable synthesis.
* Imports Waldorf microQ sounds.
* Eight macro controllers.
* Up to 256 voices.
* Unrestricted access to the sound synthesis engine.
* Three oscillators featuring sync and ring modulation.
* Two multi-mode filters (8 types including comb filters).
* Flexible modulation matrix.
* Four ADSDSR envelopes.
* Audio input with vocoder.
* Three LFOs (LFO3 with user waveform).
* Arpeggiator.
* Five effect units offering delay, reverb, chorus, phaser, distortion.
* Fully automatable and controllable via MIDI controller.

Priced at EU€199.00 (MSRP), TerraTec Producer's Komplexer is scheduled for release in Q2 2005.


native instruments saca tambien Electronic Instruments 2 XT:

Native Instruments has announced that Electronic Instruments 2 XT is now available in stores worldwide.

Electronic Instruments 2 XT is the extended version of NIs second Reaktor instrument collection. The new version contains all the unique synthesizers, drum machines and effects from the collection as individual self-contained software instruments. Each of the eight instruments in Electronic Instruments 2 XT can be run both standalone as well as in all major plugin formats, without relying on a Reaktor or Reaktor Session installation.

The eight instruments included in Electronic Instruments 2 XT are:

* Photone - hybrid master synthesizer
* Limelite - advanced beat composer
* Metaphysical Function - soundscape synthesizer
* Krypt - granular drum machine
* Akkord - sequenced chord generator
* Fast FX - advanced performance effects
* Resochord - programmable polyphonic resonator
* Cyan - extended vintage chorus

Electronic Instruments 2 XT is available now for a suggested retail price of US$169 / EU€149 from authorized dealers and in the NI Online Shop.


tambien NI saca combos de guitarra

Native Instruments has announced Guitar Combos, a series of three charismatic amp emulations that combine studio-grade sound quality with maximum ease of use. All three combos consist of a classic tube amplifier with a speaker box and several integrated effects, giving musicians and producers straightforward access to a wide range of pure and highly musical guitar tones in software. Guitar Combos are based on the "Dynamic Tube Response" technology from Guitar Rig.

The Guitar Combos series consists of the Twang Combo, the AC Box Combo and the Plexi Combo.

The Twang Combo is modeled after the Fender Twin Reverb and delivers a wide range of clean and crunch tones suitable for Pop, Jazz, Blues and Country styles. It is combined with a 2x12 cabinet emulation and a tube condenser microphone, and includes an overdrive pedal as well as chorus, vibrato, and spring reverb.

The AC Box Combo is modeled after the Vox AC-30 and delivers a wide range of clean and crunch sounds that lend itself to Pop, Rock, and Alternative styles. It is combined with a 2x12 cabinet emulation and a vintage condenser microphone, and includes a treble booster, tremolo, and spring reverb.

The Plexi Combo is modeled after the Marshall JMP50 and delivers a wide range of crunch and overdrive sounds, which makes it the first choice for various flavors of Rock, Metal and Psychedelic. It is combined with a 4x12 cabinet and a dynamic microphone, and includes a fuzz overdrive, distortion pedal, and a reverse delay effect.

Guitar Combos are ready for a wide range of live, studio and practice applications thanks to an integrated high-precision tuner, noise gate and limiter. Also integrated is a Demo Player with a selection of unprocessed guitar loops for convenient tone tweaking. Each combo comes equipped with dozens of carefully chosen presets and offers 64 preset slots that can hold custom tones.

Guitar Combos can be used both standalone and as plug-ins in all major host sequencers. The combos can be controlled via MIDI, which allows for remote preset switching and real-time parameter control using a MIDI foot pedal as well as parameter automation within a sequencer.

Guitar Combos will be available in May 2005 from authorized dealers and in the NI Online Shop. The suggested retail prices are US$79 / EU€69 for each combo, with optional Direct Download versions being offered in the NI Online Shop. Furthermore, a bundle version with all three combos will be available for US$199 / EU€179.


y tambien NI anuncia su Sythetic Drums 2 (la primera es algo acojonante)

NI has announced Synthetic Drums 2, a massive new collection of "cutting-edge" drum and percussion sounds, created in cooperation with more than twenty of the worlds most innovative electronic music producers and sound designers. The latest addition to the NI Soundline range is loaded with 36 drum kits that offer "unique and inspiring" material for all contemporary and upcoming styles of electronic music - including various flavours of techno and house, hip hop, R&B, ambient, two-step, drum&bass, tech funk, IDM, breakbeat, electro, industrial, electronica, big beat, downbeat, experimental and avantgarde.

Contributors to Synthetic Drums 2 include Atom Heart, Chris Liebing, Funkstrung, Junkie XL, Lusine, Plaid, Richard Devine, Speedy J, Sutekh, Telefon Tel Aviv and many others, with every artist bringing his unique sonic signature to the project. The more than 2000 samples in Synthetic Drums 2 have been generated and processed by using and abusing a wide range of analog and digital synthesizers, drum machines, effects and other, more outlandish devices.

All drum kits in Synthetic Drums 2 exist in Battery 2 and Kontakt formats, and make extensive use of the advanced sound shaping, mapping and modulation features of both samplers. For each kit a MIDI file as well as an MP3 file is provided, giving a quick and comprehensive overview about the sonic potential of the library content.


con todas estas novedades estoy mas feliz que Tamariz
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