Nuevos cdj's reloop RMP1/RMP2

#1 por joluis el 01/12/2006

• MP3-compatible single front loader CD player
• DSP effect unit (filter, skid, echo, flanger, rrans, phase, pan, break plus hold) with ratio and time parameters
• Automatic and manual beat counter
• Effect link with BPM counter
• Effect modulation via jog wheel
• Touch-sensitive 2-part jog dial
• High-end scratch simulator with return-to-cue function
• 4 independent 5-second sample banks (pitchable)
• 4 independent cue point banks
• ID3-TAG support & CD text
• Track and folder search
• Extra-bright dot matrix VFD display for all functions
• Extra-long pitch fader (on/off option)
• Pitch range +/- 4/8/16/100% (with pitch lock and master speed)
• Pitch bend up to +/- 100%
• Auto cue
• Seamless loop function / re-loop function
• Frame search
• Instant start via 1-bit technology (8-fold)
• Playing address
• 10-second anti-shock memory
• Elapsed/remain time display
• Sleep switch
• Slot-in loading mechanism with light display
• Instant playback as of cue point
• Relay play
• Fader start play
• Digital output
• Headphones OUT
#2 por Koitz_roller el 01/12/2006
Jajajaja, se me parecen a unos, pero no recuerdo a cuales :P:P:P. Con lo bonitos que eran los anteriores, con su borde de goma y tal.

Salu2 a to2
#3 por elpilato el 01/12/2006
plagio??? :S
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