Petición online para que vuelva el Firewire a los MacBook

Johnny G
#16 por Johnny G el 17/10/2008
Joder, que buen ritmo, a ver si sigue subiendo jejejej
#17 por guillermoruiz el 17/10/2008
En Macuarum un usuario ha mandado un email a tal como este:

Yes, another message about Firewire, but in my opinion this is the dumbest thing Apple has done in many years. Actually, I haven't seen Apple doing anyhing dumb at all until this.

I switched to Apple's products 6 years ago, taking into consideration how Apple stands above the competition both in hardware and software design. I'm a network security professional with 15+ years experience (actually I'm in the credits of one of the Mac OS X components, TCP wrapper), and I happen to be the technical director of one of the most important jazz clubs in Spain.

Macintosh computers are certainly amazing because they are perfect for my everydays needs in two very different tasks. Working on network security, and doing audio work.

Wait... Did I say "are"'? Well, unfortunately it turns out I should say "were". I've seen that the new Macbooks don't feature a Firewire port at all, which strongly hints that the next iteration of laptops won't indeed include it.

Firewire is a very valuable port, and cannot be replaced by USB2.0 at all, despite the stupid claims I've read about bit rate (USB's 480 Mbps compared to Firewire's 400 Mbps). Firewire's peer-to-peer protocol works reliably with very different workloads and equipment, not just limited to consumer grade DV camcorders.

Actually Firewire is a very important element in professional audio work. Most of the serious professional audio interfaces use Firewire. USB was briefly tested by some manufacturers, and even though some of them, like MOTU ( considered USB2.0 "the future" (there was a roundtable set up by the British magazine "Sound on Sound" some years ago) the truth is that MOTU has released JUST ONE USB2.0 version of one of its audio interfaces, and all new releases have been Firewire since then. The new upgraded models of their interfaces are still Firewire, and they so far don't seem to be planning USB models. Even Prism Audio's high end "Orpheus" interface (which retails for FOUR THOUSAND EUROS) is Firewire-based, and for very good reason.

Now, strictly from a user's point of view, Firewire is justified just by the convenience of the famous "target-mode" itself. That's a single feature that makes Apple computers stand out above all the competition.

I understand that Apple has the right and the need to strip useless features. I really understood (and even supported) the phasing out of the crappy floppy disks. But, Firewire? Pure an plain stupidity. Come on, visit some pro audio forums, where some of your most faithful customers are now complaining. Don't be stupid, and fix this before it gets out of control. And, moreover, DO reassure your customers in a firm way that you are going to stand behind Firewire.

And no, despite some stupid claims out there, there's no way to "bridge" USB to Firewire, except perhaps for some very specific tasks. Their protocols are too different.

Best regards,

Borja Marcos.

Johnny G
#18 por Johnny G el 17/10/2008

Pasa el link de macuarium, que le voy a dar un aplauso al colega... aunque dudo que ese sea el email de steve no? crees que publican el email asi por la cara? tendra un filtro de la poya imagintae miles y miles de emails en us buzon jajaja...
#19 por guillermoruiz el 17/10/2008
El enlace: ... &p=2178866

Ese email funciona pero no lo va a atender Steve desde luego. Tendrán un equipo de relaciones públicas para contestar a esa dirección, si contestan.
#20 por Rubensdb el 17/10/2008
El autor de la carta, Borja Marcos (manda webs :P ) se permite darle muchos datos y explicarle bien las cosas sobre el puerto firewire al director y máximo accionista de la empresa que precisamente lo inventó...APPLE.

#21 por powerstudios el 17/10/2008
borja marcus =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>
#22 por kizito el 17/10/2008
2304. !
Pablo Arevalo
#23 por Pablo Arevalo el 17/10/2008
La verdad es un poco ``cagada´´lo del fire-wire.

Espero que sirva... en fin...

Un saludo que hacia ya tiempo que no hablaba leñe.

One Love
#24 por rudes el 18/10/2008
no entiendo porque se queja tanto la gente, si necesitáis firewire tenéis el macbook pro, si no tenéis suficiente dinero y necesitáis firewire tenéis el macbook blanco, creo que apple da suficientes opciones. El firewire tiene los días contados y el próximo estandar será el usb 3.0. Ya hace tiempo que gran mayoría de fabricantes de cámaras de video y fotos utilizan conexiones USb 2.0, y la gran mayoría de dispositivos para audio-video pequeños y diseñados para ser transportados utilizan usb ya que disponen de pocas entradas salidas. Quien no esté conforme tiene dos opciones macbook pro o macbook blanco.
Miguel Isaza
#25 por Miguel Isaza el 18/10/2008
#26 por O?Segura el 18/10/2008
Acabo de mandar la petición, ya son 5500 o así...
#27 por --31852-- el 18/10/2008
Soy el 5866.
#28 por mider el 19/10/2008
Bueno, todavía no había podido votar.

6326 y subiendo...
#29 por Andrum el 19/10/2008
Los de MacMusic ya han dedicado una canción a Steve Jobs:

Alguien escribió:
Special message from Apogee...
Saturday October 18, 2008. 11:29 AM, by Nantho

Industry > Apogee Digital
Apogee has just published a special message on its website regarding Ensemble, Duet and FireWire 800 compatibility with Apple's new MacBook Pro :

"With Apple's recent notebook announcements, Apogee would like to reassure its current and future customers of compatibility between new FireWire 800-equipped MacBook Pros and Apogee's Ensemble and Duet FireWire audio interfaces.

Connection between a "late-2008" MacBook Pro and Ensemble or Duet is made with a commonly available FW800 to FW400 adaptor or cable. The connection of Ensemble or Duet to a FW800 port is fully supported and in no way alters the performance of the interface."

Great... if you can afford a MacBook Pro and you don't have the use of any FireWire hard drive.

By the way, here's a little song I wrote for the little Steve J. :

"You are my FireWire, my only FireWire
You make me happy when skies are grey
You'll never know, Dear, how much I need you
Please don't take my FireWire away"
:platano: :bananaguit: :cuernos:
Miguel Isaza
#30 por Miguel Isaza el 19/10/2008
ja!!! :mrgreen:
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