¿alguien conoce esto?

#1 por Jaume el 28/03/2007
Parece ser una revista on-line virtual o algo así y son de...las Islas Vírgenes!!!!! :shock:

Me han mandado un email que dice así:

"Hi! St. Croix music magazine is now the #1 site in arts and entertainment
in our islands and we want to list your band in our bands column, or
possibly even feature your band in an article. So if you are interested
please go to our guestbook and tell our readers what you think about our
free on line music magazine (just a few lines will do) and leave your URL,
HOMETOWN, STYLE, AND E MAIL. Then we can list your band. Only one band per
guestbook entry. (Please do not send us mp3s)

Bands that feel they have the quality for an article must give us access
to one mp3 that they feel shows their best qualities. We will make it
available for download in your article.

Our goal is to be a magazine for independent musician?s world wide, and
not just a site to post your band info or enter a contest. We also want to
bring you our music, arts and culture from the Virgin Islands. If you want
to see our back issues just click on the month that you want. So happy
reading and we hope to hear from you soon! Peace from Paradise, - JJ and
Dorothy http://www.stcroixmusic.com

- Link that shows we are #1

- PS: Don?t forget to check out our monthly ?Guitar Challenge?.
It?s fun! "

¿Qué opinión os merece? Guay, ¿no? :D

PD. Mola que te escriban desde el paraiso :mrgreen:
zoolansky mod
#2 por zoolansky el 28/03/2007
Pinta muy bien. A ver si consigues que te inviten a pasar unos días por allá. Debe de ser la reostia.
#3 por Jaume el 28/03/2007
Ufff, ya me iría bien, ya.... :D
#4 por Jaume el 28/03/2007
Vaya, parece que nadie conoce esto :(

Pues pinta bien, ya que aparte de poder tener alojado enlaces a tu música o página web, hacen artículos sobre ti o tu banda.
O todo eso he creido entender, que el inglés no es mi fuerte....
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