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#1 por deetron el 12/12/2016
Hola ne quiero comprar una audient pero me quiero enfocar en los conversores AD/DA

Son igual de calidad los conversores de la versiones id4 id14 y id22 ?

O dependiendo de la version va mejorando... es una duda acerca de este fabricante pero valdría tambien para otras marcas...

#2 por bipwave el 13/12/2016
Buenas tardes! yo me acabo de comprar la id4 y aun la tengo que probar mas a fondo, pero de momento me gusta todo.
Por lo que he leído en foros extranjeros la id4 tiene conversores diferentes a la de la iD14 y iD22. Por aquí lo explican:

exceptional sound quality.

However, the iD4 doesn’t use the same converters as Audient’s other interfaces such as the iD14 and iD22 that feature highly-regarded Burr Brown converters.

There’s a forum post from an Audient rep that explains the converters used on the iD4:

They come from a Japanese company called AKM and are already used in many other high end German and American products which can cost over 5 times the price of the iD4. The chip we use is called a CODEC and essentially means that the A/D and the D/A are both situated on the same chip. This is great for two reasons, component size and power consumption.

However, we always take the audio quality of our products very seriously so a lot of testing, circuit tweaking and listening took place before we chose these particular converters. We didn’t want to compromise the audio quality of the iD4 just because of its smaller form factor and lower cost. Burr-Brown don’t offer a CODEC with the Performance/Price ratio that we would have wanted for iD4, so while we are huge fans of the work Burr Brown does, the AKM converters were much more suitable for the iD4’s Application this time around.

You can even look for yourself on the published specs for both the iD4 and iD14 and see that despite the lower cost and size, from an A/D perspective, the iD4 will still give the iD14 a run for its money. Even improving on the THD figures in some cases.
#4 por deetron el 13/12/2016
Gracias!!!! Hombre me suponia que abria diferencia pero no estaba seguro yo vengo de una apogee duet firewire, y leyendo y demas he visto que de esta se habla muy bien. Asi que bueno, me decidire por la id14 lo mas seguro...
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