#1 por JensRudess el 15/02/2009
Hola gente, el caso es que he encontrado esta marca en la que se puede encontrar todo tipo tipo de controladores para instalar en hardware o simplmente en el ordenador (usb's...), y por cierto, hay muchas cosas y a muy buen precio creo yo.

He visto que tienen un joystick X-Y tipo KORG. El caso es que me gustaría saber como se podría instalar este joystick ya que no me queda muy claro.

#2 por JensRudess el 23/02/2009
Alguien lo sabe?
#3 por --504-- el 23/02/2009
Con el enlace es más fácil:


Si miras en este pdf:

verás que es para usar con este otro aparato:

...que de momento no fabrican (están con el stock agotado)

Alguien escribió:

Please use the following procedure to assign a Control Change of the modulation to the X-axis of this sensor (the thickest wire):

1° We assume here that your Eobody setup is fully functional and its editor launched and ready to communicate: in case of emergency, please refer to the main tutorial!

2° Plug the jack connector of the sensor to the chosen input of the Eobody.

3° On the first (or second) eight inputs configuration pannel of the editor, appearing on screen when you click on the “1-8” (or “9-16”) button from the main window, depending on the input you want to configure, make sure that the status of the input this sensor is plugged to is turned on.

4° From left to right on the same line, set the bit depth to 7 Bits (sufficient enough for this case), the zoom to off and the offset to 0 (as the sensor signal is fairly useable as is), the type to CC (meaning “Control Change”), the MIDI channel to the one the Eobody is using, the gate to 8 (minimal hiss proof) and the sub sampling (”S Samp”) to 0 (so that the signal is refreshed frequently).

5° Let us control the modulation: assign ”Val 1” to 1 and leave the remaining parameters, here unsignificant, as are.

6° Dump these settings to the Eobody by clicking on the “Dump” button on the main window.
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