New free FX wav samples package FX07

#1 por DORUMALAIA el 27/11/2004
New free FX wav samples package or Reason refill version (original effects) - FX07

Here :

can be downloaded the wav samples package version of DoruMALAIA-FX07 (10,9 mb wavs uncompressed , 7,26 mb compressed as .zip archive or 4,67 mb in refill format).
DoruMALAIA-FX07 samples package contains 20 one-shots FX wav samples which can be used by any program which know wav format ! All of those samples were recorded in CoolEdit PRO 2.0 at 44100 hz/24 bit , processed and then dithered down to 16 bit ! All of those are original and produced by myself . Ofcourse , the refill version (for Reason prog) of this package is available at the same location .
All samples are royalty-free. This means that you can use the samples in your own compositions and songs without paying any further royalties (but you are, however, not allowed to resell or redistribute any or all of the samples as a sample pack , refill , sf2, etc, or on a sample CD).

Enjoy my friends !

Doru MALAIA :)
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#2 por Richin el 27/11/2004
Muchas gracias..hay que probar! :wink:
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