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Azrhael Baneado
#16 por Azrhael el 04/10/2009
Tengo una pregunta, porque lo poneis en inglés? Es un copy/paste de la web oficial, tened por seguro que si yo pudiera, publicaría aqui una versión traducida de la info de cada actualización...
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#17 por LIMHARDO el 05/10/2009
si solo es cortar y pegar sugiero que se traduzca y colaboresmos en explicar las nuevas funciones que trae cada version igual se agradece un saludo :D
Azrhael Baneado
#18 por Azrhael el 05/10/2009
Solo es cortar y pegar al ponerlo en inglés, que parece que hayas interpretado del revés mi comentario, jejejeje
#19 por LIMHARDO el 06/10/2009
jajaj que tal pues no se creo que no lo interprete mal y bueno no lo puse yo es decir no lo corte y pegue yo y bueno aprobecho para comentar que estoy probando la ultima version repaer x64 en windows 7 64 y bueno en unos dias dire que tal me va lo que puedo decir es que se siente la diferencia en el arranque y en la carga de plug ins es decir mas rapido supongo que por aprobechar la arquitectura del procesador es un amd phenom II 3.0 un saludo :D
#20 por ~OmT~ el 12/10/2009
Buenas, la web de Reaper lleva mucho tiempo off line. ¿Qué les parece la idea de subir a servidores de ficheros (tipo megaupload etc - hay muchas- ) las versiones que vayan saliendo?, para poder tener accesible el Setup oficial, desde luego sin manipular.
#21 por pylorca el 12/10/2009 si, está caida pero me parece que es cosa de hoy, igual tenes en landoleet las versiones previas
#22 por LIMHARDO el 12/10/2009
estoy en la pagina de reaper todo bien esta activa :D saludos
#23 por Mercado_Negro el 21/10/2009
Ya salió la versión 3.13!!!!!! :D

Descargar y leer...
#24 por franelco el 06/11/2009
Y hoy se ha hecho pública la versión 3.14 8)

El mismo enlace del post anterior sirve...
#25 por eamblar el 17/11/2009
REAPER 3.141 - November 16, 2009


* Windows (4.1MB installer)
* Windows x64 (4.7MB installer)
* OS X Intel (6.8MB DMG) beta
* OS X PPC (4.9MB DMG) beta

Changes: Smaller, faster, more productive.

* Action: toggle selected tracks between touch and trim/read modes (for non-motorized control surfaces)
* Anticipative FX is no longer by default disabled during rendering
* Batch converter: added right-click context menu, modeless configuration
* Custom menu: fixed Actions menu occasionally declining to be customized
* Fixed mislabeled undo/redo menu items in certain instances
* Image loading: theme images optimized for faster load (startup) time, and smaller installer
* Installer: reduced installer size on all platforms
* Media explorer: fixed import of multitrack MIDI files when importing to empty project
* MIDI editor: fixed bug when extending a looped item leftwards in the editor
* MIDI editor: avoid skipping over CC data when drawing edits quickly
* MIDI editor: actions to explicitly mute and unmute notes (in addition to existing toggle)
* MIDI editor: middle button hand-scroll
* Peaks: fixed rebuilding peaks for selected items
* Project markers: fixed transport jump-to-marker list not being refreshed
* Preferences: added new Envelopes tab, option for how to handle volume/pan trim when adding envelopes
* ReWire: per-instance options to control whether slaves can change tempo, loop region
* Scrollbars: drawing fixes
* Toolbar: merged toolbar and menu customize interfaces, no limit on custom toolbar buttons
* Toolbar: customizable tabbed floating toolbar (separate from main toolbar)
* Toolbar: added 72 more custom toolbar images
* Toolbar: optional user text over blank toolbar icon
* Toolbar: armed actions can be run by clicking anywhere in the arrange view (not just on a media item)
* Video: added support for video files that contain no video track
* Video: better audio sync on OSX
* Video: dont show video from stopped background projects
* Video: fixed possible hang on Windows multi-monitor setups
* Video: fixed incorrect frame display issues (rounding errors after manually moving the edit cursor)
* Video: added a preference panel to select video colorspaces
* x64: fixed bugs in recording and rendering format selection/configuration windows

OS Requirements:

Windows (32-bit): Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 or WINE (limited support for W98/ME).
Windows (64-bit): Windows XP/Vista/7 x64 (requires x64 compatible drivers for audio/MIDI hardware).
OS X: 10.4 or 10.5, PPC or Intel (Intel recommended).
#26 por franelco el 29/11/2009
Ayer salió un nuevo upgrade, desde luego, estos chicos no paran... :D

REAPER 3.1415 - November 28, 2009

Changes: As good as pumpkin pie.

•Action: invert item selection
•Actions dialog: fixed export of multiple selected actions/shortcuts
•API/ReaScript: actions dialog shows command ID strings for custom/extension actions
•API/ReaScript: added NamedCommandLookup, to get a command ID from a named extension action
•Auto-crossfades: dont initiate auto-crossfade until items overlap by at least one sample
•Automation: ctrl+click on envelope point toggles point selection if no envelope drawing occurred
•Batch converter: prompt before exit if processing/unprocessed items
•Custom toolbars: disabled themed scrollbars on win32 for icon picker
•CD extraction: preliminary support (Windows 2000+, OS X)
•JS: fixed certain plug-ins on x64
•LAME/mp3 support: assorted fixes (multi-encoder, OSX VBR, correct file lengths, etc)
•Master track: clean up envelope lanes properly when hiding master track
•MIDI editor: moving CC with notes replaces rather than merging with existing CC at the new location
•MIDI editor: added action to move to end of selected notes
•MIDI editor: support for mouse cursor as vertical zoom center (respects prefs/editing behavior)
•MIDI input quantize: various bugfixes
•OSX: Audio Unit buggy compatibility mode includes constant blocksize (fixes AUMatrixReverb)
•OSX: builtin FX/JSFX fixes for installation on volumes that are case-sensitive
•PDC: better behavior when unmuting tracks with routing and "do not process muted tracks" disabled
•ReaScript: various bugfixes
•Scrub: autoseek during playback regardless of middle-mouse-button handscroll preference
•Startup: even faster
•Theme: themeable images for tabs (user for docker, project tabs, floating toolbar)
•Track: inserting track via context menu inserts new track in the expected place
•Toolbar: actions to open the floating toolbar at the mouse cursor
•Toolbar: support for more toggle actions staying lit when assigned to buttons
•Toolbar: extensions can register toggle actions
Josue Martinez
#27 por Josue Martinez el 01/12/2009
Yeah!! Esta gente no para....

-Una duda de novato.... ¿Tengo que desinstalar Reaper para instalar la actualización, o la puedo instalar directamente y se actualiza el sólo? :?
#28 por eamblar el 01/12/2009
No hace falta desinstalar.
Doble click en el ejecutable y y está.

Josue Martinez
#29 por Josue Martinez el 01/12/2009
Genial!! Ya lo tengo funcionando....
#30 por pylorca el 05/12/2009
REAPER 3.14159 - December 5, 2009

Changes: Pi: it's not just for thanksgiving anymore

* Automation: adjustable bezier tension for envelope points (alt+drag segment, or edit point value)
* Automation: envelope segments are automatically switched to bezier when editing tension
* Automation: add a point anywhere in envelope lane, or only on the envelope segment, by preference
* Automation: fixed action to insert envelope point in take envelopes
* Automation: FX envelopes are adjusted for PDC (can be overridden per plugin instance)
* Automation: switching from trim to read on simple vol/pan envelopes applies trim setting if pref set
* Automation: lower CPU use when using mute automation in read/write modes and control surfaces
* Batch converter: fixed filelist flickering bug when converting files
* CD import: uses current project settings for output audio format, matching extension
* Crossfades: show special cursor when shift+dragging crossfades
* Dual trim: edit shared media item edges regardless of selection (by preference)
* Dual timestretch: show special cursor when alt+dragging shared edges
* Envelopes: fixes for GUI drawing errors when greatly zoomed in
* Explode by channel: use item size/offset rather than source size
* Installer: Changed "CD Burning" item to "CD Ripping/Burning"
* Installer: changed icon to REAPER icon from generic installer
* Media item properties: option to override auto-crossfades (set automatically when importing REX)
* Media explorer: better display of preview on items without peaks
* Split: when splitting past the end of an unlooped item, create an empty take rather than looping
* VST: chunkless VSTs now get program name saved/restored (FabFilter plug-ins etc)
* VST: update current program name on audioMasterUpdateDisplay
* WAV: fix for reading WAV files larger than 4GB
* Windows: handle more types of keyboard input when set to send all keyboard input to plug-in
* Windows: Fixed cleartype issue on timeline font in default 3.0 theme
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