Richie Hawtin se queda sin macbook y sin ipad.

#1 por SuRdO el 28/06/2010
Sacado del facebook de Laurent Garnier:

Laurent Garnier (official page) HEllo everyone -- MINUS & RICHIE needs your help ---- if you heard anything (especialy in FRANCE) please help , this is really baaaad shit .

PART 1 ---We need your help! Rich's Plastikman Live Show Macbook and his two iPad he's using for the Live Show were stolen from a hotel room in Paris. It was definetely on purpose - they remember the room service guy coming in and looking surprised at all the technology. Some hours later a security-type looking guy cam...e into the hotel, went straight to their room, opened it with a room card and took everything.

PART 2 ---They have everything on security camera - the guy wasn't from the hotel. With the postings we hope that someone heard about the theft and/or and points us in the right direction. Maybe also the thief notices that people are talking about it and rather takes the money we offer.

PART 3 ---Because if you steal something, you WILL tell your friends! It would be really great if you guys could support us by posting this on your website!

Thanks and all the best,

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